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Not 'Free Stuff,' But Public Goods: Ocasio-Cortez Denounces Neoliberal Talking Points on Publicly-Funded Education and Housing

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/25/not-free-stuff-public-goods-ocasio-cortez-denounces-neoliberal-talking-points


It makes as much sense to label infrastructure, health care and education as “free stuff” as it does to label police and fire protection–not to mention the US military!–as “free stuff.” It sounds like a classic Frank Luntzian head fake.

None of it is free. It all has to be paid for. The critical questions, as put forth by William Greider, are:
A, who pays;
B, who benefits;
C, who must be listened to; and
D, who can be safely ignored.


“Free stuff” is a time tested negative supplanted in our lexicon by right-wing zealots to make people feel cheated out of their money, or tax dollars.
It works well on the ignorant and foolish people who are greedy in heart or spirit.


AND Neo-lib zealots.


Neo-lib is being way overused. People who promote democratic socialism should not be rolled up in the ball of right-wing zealotry. imo.


Calling things like getting an education and having a home “free stuff” is typical of the privilege shown by neo-liberals.


Sorry, gandolf, I’m missing your point if that was meant for me. I think neo-libs and Dem Socialists are 180 degrees different.


Along with the free stuff trope, they also decry the poor as having it good. Why by gosh, they have TV sets and refrigerators and cell phones so they aren’t poor. This is demonization regularly put forth by the press from right wing Koch brothers think tanks and the mind set of the wealthy. They deserve it because they are successful.


There are tens of millions (if not hundreds of millions) of these brain-washed people in the US. they are holding us back from moving forward into a progressive era that will erase most of what has happened in government in the past 40 years.


to be fair… neo-liberals are right wing economically.


neo-liberal is a specific set of policy and political philosophy that is nominally premised on the “liberalization” of finance capital (ie: right wing economic philosophy) with nominally permissive social policy (ie: equality under the letter of the law).

neo-liberalism has always been a right-wing economic philosophy.


I am WELL aware of that. Was I not clear?
Just went back and re-read. Sorry, I wasn’t real clear and I stand corrected. I hear “right wing” and my brain automatically goes to the rethuglican party and I wanted to point out that the damnocrat neo-libs were on the same frequency.

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Yeah…About those Free F-35s and Small Tactical Nukes


“Free Stuff” is the absolute theme of the 1% since 2008 - sociopaths “projecting” their premise on anything and anyone calling their bluff. IN FACT You cannot find out which banks get the baoilouts as provided in Dodd/Frank. You must wait 2 years to find out!!!

Understand the REPO MARKET:


Since the inception of our nation there has always been private property and commonwealth. Where is the problem? There are certain projects that require large enough effort to be called .commonwealth. That is, people working together…


“the real purpose of socialism is precisely to overcome and advance beyond the predatory phase of human development”

― Albert Einstein


How can it be “Free” when we’re all paying for it?

I guess you have to be of the conservative persuasion to think, free, means free. Especially when it’s a politician saying it.


I’m not sure you would call neo-liberalism a conservative economic philosophy in the sense that it wants to throw away all rules and regulations and obviously take reckless risks with the economy. I wonder if “neo-conservatism” might be those that want things regulated and responsible not recklessness and loose laissez-faire policies.

Nice distinction and well put.

You are right. I believe they ARE 180 degrees apart as well. It just seems to me that the term neoliberalism rubs off on the progressives somewhat because the term is used so liberally.