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Not 'Freedom Gas' But 'Failure Gas': First-of-Its-Kind Report Details Planetary Perils of US Fracking Infrastructure Boom

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/05/not-freedom-gas-failure-gas-first-its-kind-report-details-planetary-perils-us

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Fracking and tar sands scream of desperation driven by an overpowering greed-centered money/power system. The scream is a veiled call for change that is inevitable. “But wait, there is still profit to be made” cry the avarice-laden and empowered. You can’t eat money you em-effers. You just can’t. And you have no right to exploit the planet and all of her inhabitants to embellish your “legacies”.




Fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, has raised concerns about public health in nearby communities—numerous studies have tied fracking to frequent hospitalizations for genital, skin, and urinary conditions as well as increased rates of asthma, cancer, and motor vehicle fatalities. But the concerns don’t end there.

"These projects aren’t just associated with health and safety risks: if even a fraction of them come to fruition, they will condemn the planet to a future of climate chaos," Food & Water Watch executive director Wenonah Hauter warns in the foreward of the report.

Reflecting on what research on fracking has revealed in recent years, Hauter writes: "Natural gas, touted as a ‘bridge fuel’ to a clean energy future, was actually helping to tip the scales of climate stability past the point of no return. Fracked gas was found to be a climate killer."

The group’s new report—entitled Fracking Endgame: Locked Into Plastics, Pollution, and Climate Chaos (pdf)—focuses on three key industries that are both benefiting from and helping to drive the country’s fracking boom: "the petrochemical and plastics industries that use natural gas liquids as a key feedstock for their manufacturing; gas exporters building liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals to ship gas overseas; and natural gas-fired power plants."

Corporate lies to exploit the earth have brought us to this very beyond dangerous point in
our lives of Global Warming compounding every minute –

and every day corporations expand the threat to the planet, our lives and our health – our
children’s lives – by furthering their exploitations of the earth/nature.

Our representatives in DC have not only been useless in providing protection for citizens,
they’ve betrayed us for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.


Impeach Now! You lie? Goodbye! Vote 'em out! Peace


You don’t need (or want) throwaway sheet plastic to grow tomatoes in January way up north. Nor do you need plastic-fiberglass panels that you will someday throw into the landfill.

The problem is, molecules of freedom inherently want to be free themselves. Whenever the frackers drill a dry well, 100% of the fracked methane gas goes directly up into the atmosphere instead of into a pipe. Pacific Gas and Electric (I believe) was storing an enormous amount of gas down in an old oil well under high pressure, and then the gas found one little leak hole and it all got out. Gas leaks out of major interstate gas lines, out of city mains and out of the pipes in your house too. Gas is theoretically a little better than coal in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, except all those leaks push gas into the “worse than coal” category.

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Some of these are either your originals or are at least underreported so I’ll comment:

90% of plastics are unnecessary. 9% of plastics are modestly useful and 1% of plastics are going to be hard to get rid of, plastic blood bags, for example.

Nuclear power uses more fossil fuel energy than it produces, if the plants are kept to strict safety standards. If the plants aren’t kept to even slightly sane safety standards, they often melt down and then the cleanup eats vast amounts of fossil fuels. Closing all of the nukes now makes sense from a greenhouse gas perspective.

Chernobyl is just plain awful, with plutonium particles everywhere, but at least the European Union is working on a reactor containment vessel. The real work will be burying everything, trees and soil, within a 10 mile radius to start with. Otherwise the surrounding forest is going to catch fire someday and the plutonium particles fly into people’s lungs again.

Fukushima is its own mess. Even the robots fry themselves out in Fukushima’s superhot reactor cores. I have seen schemes to at least keep water from flowing into the reactor cores and then out. It’s at least something.

H-bomb tests in the 1950s indicated that most of the Pacific Ocean can clean itself to some extent. The krill (the shrimp) eat the radioactive cesium, and then the krill die and their shells pull the radioactivity down to the bottom, where the bottom is 2 to 4 miles deep. The immediate area around Fukushima, including the nearby sea bottom, should probably be vaccumed out and buried.

The Japanese government is in full denial that they have a catastrophe. Reporting about casualties has been declared a state secret punishable by jail time. So, the Japanese government is always wanting to cut corners, figuring, who is going to know.

We need to pull millions of pounds of megatrash out of the Pacific before it becomes microplastics floating around and killing the wildlife.

In a good world the U.S. Military is unemployed. Yes, they should be employed for the good and the safety of the earth.

We’re going to need to repurpose the weapons manufacturing companies, not just shut them down. I anticipate building on the order of 1 million wind-powered pumps on the Arctic Ocean.

We will need to transform vast new areas of unnaturally cloudless desert. I expect that large solar-driven water vapor chimneys will run up tall mountains in the Western U.S., creating electricity, also desalinating water, also creating fairly natural water vapor clouds that will transform barren Western desert lands into green carbon-absorbing lands This same strategy would work in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, in Chile, in many other places.


Stepping on the gas

Driving us over the cliff

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How did we get from “freedom fries” to “freedom gas” and “miracle molecules”? We are doomed by our own tiny hands!

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Hi unlikelysource:

That old movie, “Thelma and Louise,’ ended that very way----but then the"cliff” was their agreed upon choice—different than government mandate or maybe just government denying and shutting their eyes to anything negative. : )

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How about…vote RADICAL…??? LIKE…WHY DONT WE JUST STOP EVERYTHING?? NO …i am being serious…sssooo what. …everyone hear wants to push renewable les.??? Do bvn u all realize how polluting theta re.??? How absolutely dependent k fossil fuels they are?? How are u going g to MINE FOR THE RAW MATERIALS… No …I do not want to co tune to use fossil fuels…I want us…to all work together to help each other. .DO EITH OUT ELECTRICITY … IF we use any …it is only for medical purposes, for exampke… serious knes…and. …yeah to make birth contr…
You see …I DO NOT THINK ANY ONE is serious about " do I g something. " everyone still thi js they can have their cake and eat it too…I GET SSSSOOOOO TIRED of people saying g. " We ha e to do something…"… and YES…GET RID OF CAPITALISMM…that goes with out saying… AND SHUT DECOMMISSIKN ALL NUKE PLANTS…

There really is no way…at this point to stop the o slaughter of the greedy, power mongering TYPE of individual…and…those are the ones that end up as C.E.O.'S of companies and…in politics…we have come to a point in our species evolution…where we can look back …and …see…where we went wrong…there are a few points along the way…with the biggest and worst…when we began burning coal on a mass scale…and then …moved to oil, gas and URANIUM… it is too late folks…the pot has already burned and it is ruined…

Freedom gas and molecules of freedom.

I believe the assholes were sucking on the laughing gas when they invented such deceit. How about molecules of farts?

We are wasting precious time trying to impeach DT. We will get rid of him when the American people overwhelmingly reject him. The Progressive visions of a bright and prosperous future for everyone must be heard by everyone. This, and only this, will excite voters and be the cornerstone that brings us all through the crises of global warming.

I would call fracked gas ‘Extinction gas’ because it will lead to the extinction of humanity and most or all biodiversity of the rest of animals and plants on earth, leading to extinction of most life on earth lasting millions of years at least.
Survival of life depends on biodiversity and we are the sixth great extinction right now. How vast this extinction event will become depends on our actions now!
The latest information from climate scientists indicates that we have now less than 12 years to vastly reduce what our green house gases in the atmosphere are projected to be in less than 12 years before we enter the point of no return and activate numerous feed back loops activate that will lead us into earth’s final extinction event.
I am extremely doubtful that we can meet this goal with the number of self-serving sociopaths in the governments now on earth. What we need now is akin to the World War efforts, the space race, and the co-ordination to respond to an all out invasion of aliens to take over earth. I just don’t see that happening.