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'Not Good Enough': Protesters Demand More Action After Officers Who Killed Elijah McClain Taken Off Streets

It must be assumed that the body camera footage will be so horrific and gruesome that the police fear will implicate them unequivocally. Therefore there should be an automatic severe penalty for not providing body camera footage to dissuade police from hiding it.


Up here in Canada the RCMP are still not mandated to wear bodycams.

This is a MUST. It is always the Police officers word against the victims and the Courts tend never to believe the victim.


Most cops I’ve encountered are ass holes, they talk down at you and assume you’re guilty. It seems they’re selected for their pit bull terrier characteristics.


100% identical to my last encounter. Stuck in a likely speed trap, and or situational pinch.
Young man, military haircut, pushy from word one, gave no quarter (disrespect in my opinion), and presumed guilty without drivers explanation. Minnesota-Wisconsin state line.
He backed off when he confirmed I hadn’t had a ticket or accident in 25 plus years.
Otherwise, who knows.


TPTB are pushing the Black and Brown community to enact their own sense of Street Justice by refusing to prosecute killer cops.

Sacrifice a couple cops in order to get justification for more Law and Order.


To bring about real change it’ll be necessary to de-fund police and the military and transfer those monies to affirmative action highly applicable unbiased and honest free of charge pre-school to PhD level sound education. This nation’s education methods and systems are in need of major overhaul. We need no foreign workers at all, we must produce the highest quality education in the world.


Correct. Then, if (or when) the “black” and/or “brown” communities finally run out of their seemingly endless patience…then they’ll have the pretext to do what they really want to do.

With that in mind, ive been counciling my fellow POC to resist any urge for vigilantism towards police, and instead focus their vengeance on violent citizens like Arbery’s murderers.


This latest national tragedy of a young unarmed African American man being killed by police, this time in rural Colorado calls to mind an artist who started out in the L.A. arts vanguard scene where poets, musicians and experimental theater folk work out their material in low to no cost venues like cafes, repurposed store fronts in struggling neighborhoods where rents are still low and developers are speculating on artist types raising the property values over time. Anybody here ever heard of Stew and the Negro Problem?

Living in PoTown, Ore since 2005 when I followed a job up here from the Bay Area where my day jobs couldn’t keep up with the gutting of rent control and the soaring cost of living I had occasion to hear a live recording of Stew and the Negro Problem, his tight combo headed by his musical collaborator and then main squeeze the bassist co-composer Heidi Roedewald.

The one track I heard was on a compilation issued by just that sort of storefront on just the sort of street (Mississippi Avenue) that was once a booming black neighborhood where housing restrictions for African Americans and red-lining in other parts of the racialist founded state of Oregon forced African Americans to concentrate long enough for some civil rights legislation to kick in.

Paradoxically that also opened the door for gentrification and speculation and pretty soon the spare former African American congregation church in that store front on Missississippi Avenue became the musical incubator across styles known as Mississippi Studios.

Stew and Heidi would tour up from their home base in L.A. sometimes with The Negro Problem as backing band, sometimes doing their own 2-person work-outs of experimental theater projects. Each year that neighborhood along Mississippi Avenue became white and whiter with high-rise condos and Wellness Spas and successful young professionals finding it to be the only neighborhood within briefly booming Portlandia where any middle class person could afford to buy a home. Welcome to Speculationandia…

That is how “BLACK MEN SKI” reached me not long after I moved up here in 2005. Stew and Heidi kept returning to town doing more and more challenging work and pretty soon the Berkeley Repertory Theater in the town I could no longer afford to live in due to gutted rent control was developing a full theatrical rock musical by Stew and Heidi with The Negro Problem taking character roles in the production and working as the onstage accompanying band.

“Black Men Ski” that short quasi spoken word piece that to my ears recalled what radical poet Jayne Cortez (who for a decade or more was creatively and maritally partnered with new jazz innovator Ornette Coleman) was doing bridging spoken word, alt narratives and improvised music onstage.

Remarkably few people I’ve encountered in my own journeys covering some of the creative netherworld of the Pacific NW for alternative culture and music magazines have heard of Stew and the Negro Problem or even of the fact that after the success with the work-shopped production of Stew & Heidi’s full-length musical play PASSING STRANGE further development in the downtown NYC dramatic and music scenes led to a Broadway run, with Spike Lee funding the filming of the closing night using 13 cameras to capture the feel of a live Broadway performance of such a dynamic experimental production attaining success “On Broadway” (apologies to George Benson…and currently ailing Musical Memoir innovator who won a Grammy for writing the liner notes to Benson’s BREEZIN’ the great poet, performer, novelist and teacher currently ailing after being stricken, Al Young. To whom I send healing thoughts and pray for a speedy and complete recovery).

In light of the Elijah McClain tragedy and its setting along with what seems to have prompted the Colorado police who wound up not restraining but killing this apparently autistic young man wearing the ski mask and walking down a road in rural Colorado with ear-buds and likely transported as people are when they are tuning out the world and taking a familiar environment that provides them with a sense of security and well-being around in their mobile personal audio device, think of what writer Stew was and still is trying to communicate with “Black Men Ski” through his most recent recordings and theater productions that have not attained the attention that briefly focused on the more-relevant-than ever sub-text of Stew’s autobiographically composited play PASSING STRANGE.

After tracking down the DVD release of the Spike Lee shoot of closing night on Broadway, that play and the rest of Stew and the Negro Problem’s tracked down discography have changed me profoundly. Even if few friends, counting among them some of the most open-minded and nimbly imaginative creative artists, often like me multi-ethnic, despite their work and play on a number of scenes that clearly moved audiences in similarly profound ways, have ever acknowledged having had anything like this same reaction to Stew or his work. If they were even familiar with the indie band Stew and Heidi led called The Negro Problem on the low-profile L.A. scene throughout the 1990’s and early aughts. So few that I’d met in hipster culture dominated PoTown, Ore had even sought out PASSING STRANGE for viewing and enjoying much less discussing and ruminating over. Even as PoTown, Ore became a kind of center of Alt White Right v. Antifa Conflict:

Stew: “Black Men Ski”

•May 18, 2007

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Code Shifters and Song Chasers
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa
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Excellent counciling.

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Hi nephewsam:
Thank you for the info that it was Stanford! It was very creepy how easi!y that so many people— given a !itt!e power ----can become tyrants so easi!y! I am so g!ad that the test maker was a humane person who quickly realized that the experiment had gone amok—and sad!y —so quick!y too!


How is it allowed to inject a drug when the victim is shackled and on the ground surrounded by multiple police. This seems like an execution. And the crime was …??? walking down the street? What has this country become ? Actually this is a reflection of what our mercenaries do around the world. To keep us free?? Preposterous.


How about six months vacation without pay. Plus whatever punishments related to improper behavior.

Okay for minor crimes but when there’s deliberate murder committed by police and the camera footage disappears into the blue (pun intended), there should be an automatic murder charge of highest degree.

The same thing happened to me and in my opinion, I am not black but have dark skin and was pulled over by a policeman for absolutely no reason ( racial profiling?) When I politely said: " officer may I ask why you stopped me and he replied ( AND THIS IS VERBATIM ) " I WILL TELL YOU LATER". Fortunate I was not black! The officer never did give me any reason why he pulled my vehicle and me over.

“Fortunate I was not Black”???

Oh as we know; neither of these 3 cops felt threatened! How could that be? Right, all 3 RACIST MURDERERS Body Cams were knocked off because the struggle was that deep / that heavy with this gentle 140 lb. young kid! THEY MURDERED HIM CLEAR AS IT WAS NIGHT!

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What has this country BECOME? This country has ALWAYS been as it is; people’s eyes were just not seeing it because they don’t read / know history of their murderous rage! There’s an answer to this madness; everyone knows what must take place for change to take place; no one wants to SAY it! As long as we’ve been peacefully marching / demonstrating, NOTHING’S CHANGED. Matter fact, cops and other Caucasian Racist has CONTINUED to KILL us to make a point which is … Demonstrate all you want; we will NOT STOP KILLING You. My thing is, COPS aren’t GHOST neither are the people in powerful positions who let them walk, refuse to prosecute them and or are extremely lenient with them. Their Racist cohorts / co-workers/ … those apart of the PROBLEM and those who protect them!

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I have seen videos of them using that line more then a few times and especially with black people. One video shows a black man pulled over for nothing. The Cop comes up and asks for his ID and the black person rightfully responds “why was I pulled over and why do you need my ID”

The cop says almost the same thing. “I will tell you AFTER you ID yourself”. This was in a no ID state meaning the police can not demand an ID unless the person under arrest.

There another I got a laugh out of. They pulled over a black lady driving a nice car and demanded she ID herself. This was in the State of Florida. As it turned out she was the State Attorney for Florida. You could see the slight smile on her face as the cop back pedals and claims it all a mistake as he tries to claim it make excuses for his actions. “Why did you run my plates again she asks…” it priceless.


The system will always protect racist cops because the system itself is racist. They have to be exposed all of the time in an unrelenting fashion. They only decided to investigate this murder a year later because of those protests. You just can not let up on these guys.

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WELCOME ABOARD! Yeah, who knows what my fate may have been!