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'Not Good Enough': Protesters Demand More Action After Officers Who Killed Elijah McClain Taken Off Streets

How is it allowed to inject a drug when the victim is shackled and on the ground surrounded by multiple police. This seems like an execution. And the crime was …??? walking down the street? What has this country become ? Actually this is a reflection of what our mercenaries do around the world. To keep us free?? Preposterous.


How about six months vacation without pay. Plus whatever punishments related to improper behavior.

Okay for minor crimes but when there’s deliberate murder committed by police and the camera footage disappears into the blue (pun intended), there should be an automatic murder charge of highest degree.

The same thing happened to me and in my opinion, I am not black but have dark skin and was pulled over by a policeman for absolutely no reason ( racial profiling?) When I politely said: " officer may I ask why you stopped me and he replied ( AND THIS IS VERBATIM ) " I WILL TELL YOU LATER". Fortunate I was not black! The officer never did give me any reason why he pulled my vehicle and me over.

“Fortunate I was not Black”???

Oh as we know; neither of these 3 cops felt threatened! How could that be? Right, all 3 RACIST MURDERERS Body Cams were knocked off because the struggle was that deep / that heavy with this gentle 140 lb. young kid! THEY MURDERED HIM CLEAR AS IT WAS NIGHT!

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What has this country BECOME? This country has ALWAYS been as it is; people’s eyes were just not seeing it because they don’t read / know history of their murderous rage! There’s an answer to this madness; everyone knows what must take place for change to take place; no one wants to SAY it! As long as we’ve been peacefully marching / demonstrating, NOTHING’S CHANGED. Matter fact, cops and other Caucasian Racist has CONTINUED to KILL us to make a point which is … Demonstrate all you want; we will NOT STOP KILLING You. My thing is, COPS aren’t GHOST neither are the people in powerful positions who let them walk, refuse to prosecute them and or are extremely lenient with them. Their Racist cohorts / co-workers/ … those apart of the PROBLEM and those who protect them!

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I have seen videos of them using that line more then a few times and especially with black people. One video shows a black man pulled over for nothing. The Cop comes up and asks for his ID and the black person rightfully responds “why was I pulled over and why do you need my ID”

The cop says almost the same thing. “I will tell you AFTER you ID yourself”. This was in a no ID state meaning the police can not demand an ID unless the person under arrest.

There another I got a laugh out of. They pulled over a black lady driving a nice car and demanded she ID herself. This was in the State of Florida. As it turned out she was the State Attorney for Florida. You could see the slight smile on her face as the cop back pedals and claims it all a mistake as he tries to claim it make excuses for his actions. “Why did you run my plates again she asks…” it priceless.


The system will always protect racist cops because the system itself is racist. They have to be exposed all of the time in an unrelenting fashion. They only decided to investigate this murder a year later because of those protests. You just can not let up on these guys.

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WELCOME ABOARD! Yeah, who knows what my fate may have been!

That line reminded me of some of my racist, Trump, relatives. When they see an African American driving an expensive new car they assume they must be a drug dealer and I wonder if that attitude also applies to some of the racist police.

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The Stanford “study” has in recent times been totally discredited - read just published Rutger BREGMAN Humankind: A Hopeful History. The students selected to play guards were told to ramp up the ugliness (one chap resigned from the study in fact so unprepared to play the bully) The whole study results as we came to understand them was a fraud!

Cops are looking for a 44 year old white woman. Multiple police officers show up at this home and when an 11 year old girl leaves by the back door to go to the store , the Police pull a gun on her , order her to raise her hands , cuff her and put her in the back seat of the car.

Apparently they were afraid for their lives when they saw this 11 year girl.

Had that girl tried to run (and 11 year olds being faced by cops with guns might very well to do so) these brave Police officers would likely have shot her dead in “self defense”.

These are not anomalies.

Defunding the police has to start with removing their guns.

(by the way watch the video. The girl starts to cry and the Police yell at her to stop crying. An 11 year old)

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Out of Canada just to show how widespread this Police brutality is there this.

They killed the man doing a “wellness check” , using a ladder to kick in his balcony door and then opening fire on a mentally ill man. They claimed that the man “was a danger to himself” so they shot him dead.


Take away their guns.


Hi William _Lawfort1;
AND even worse was to hear the EMTs injected the drug amount that was fit for a 300 pound man. Maybe the government is trying out a new way to murder their suspects----
especially suspects that are not the least bit suspicious.: (

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Well— in a weird way-- the ability to so easily turn a volunteer into a person willing to treat another human being as less than human-----------tells us a lot about how willing people are to follow directions to torture other people. There was another study ( again-- I read of it long ago so i do not know where it ws done. ) But—student volunteers were more than willing to increase the pain level of the volunteer subject, when they were told to do it. Raise the pain level, and many became torturers for no reason—only because someone TOLD them to. How easily torture seems to travel among homo sapiens. Even animals show a level of concern when their owners experience pain----but suggestions to do this to a stranger—that is frighteing to see how easily humans can torture—by word suggestion alone. : (

Stanley Milgram, 1963, just search for the Milgram Experiment.

Hi awebwalk:
Thank you, I am off to search for Stanley. : )

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He was basically murdered for no reason and it’s just another day in Amurika. Taken off the streets sitting behind cushy desk jobs collecting a paycheck while the person they killed in cold blood is fertilizing lawns.

I mean, we also murdered a whole country (Iraq) for no reason and got away with it I guess we are applying the same rationale to our domestic military: the police.

Consistency is everything, see…


Hi awebwalk:
Oh that was scary interesting.

This seems like what happens to kids when the bully shows up on the playground. The kids fear is that the bully will pick them—but maybe by pretending to agree and act like the bully—maybe THEIR selfhood will be left alone.
I’m sure the same things happen in the military or in offices where being a "Team player is the road to success. sigh—depending on the situation, souls can be sold for very little. : (

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