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Not Guilty: Flood Wall Street Protesters Vindicated By Manhattan Court


Not Guilty: Flood Wall Street Protesters Vindicated By Manhattan Court

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

In a ruling on Thursday hailed as a vindication, a Manhattan court has ruled ten climate activists "not guilty" on charges related to a thousands-strong climate protest that "flooded Wall Street" in New York City's financial district in September of last year.


Rather than simply having charges dropped, it seems like the NYPD (or any police force involved in a situation like this) should have to pay restitution to the defendants - perhaps compensation for having to take time to go to court. Maybe the police/officials would think twice if there were some additional consequence for rash arrests.


Good point.


"unprecedented ’ and ‘a precedence’ hmmm? An unprecedented precedence by a lower court judge in a single jurisdiction doesn’t usually have a lot of precedence outside that judicial jurisdiction. The word juris/diction itself indicates that there is a limited area in which the judge, or juris, has authority.


It sounds great in theory, but in practice it hasn’t deterred them. Not saying we should not make them pay, but there have been a number of very expensive settlements following mass arrests at protests, but the mass arrests keep happening.

i was party to a suit that won a settlement from Seattle for one of the WTO mass arrests, for violation of our constitutional rights. Other protesters won larger settlements after mass arrests in Miami and DC. The abuse of police power goes on.

Again to note, that doesn’t mean we should not protest! And congratulations to the Flood Wall Street organizers, and to the people who won in court. And props to the judge for speaking the truth!


Exactly. This article is completely misleading, something Lazare should certainly realise. The cops got what they wanted: to shut people down. And only the victims paid anything.


Science has spoken. When it comes to global warming there is no debate, there is no discussion, and there is no opinion. There are those who want to commit mass murder on a global scale with global warming, and those who do not to commit mass murder on a global scale.

If America actually has police, instead of the ruling Oligarchy’s corrupt security forces pretending to be police, these demonstrators would have been deputized and been asked to help arrest those conspiring to commit mass murder on a global scale.