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'Not Here, Not Now, Not Ever': Reef Defenders Rise Up in Australia


'Not Here, Not Now, Not Ever': Reef Defenders Rise Up in Australia

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

In what is being called "a powerful escalation" of the global campaign against controversial coal mining projects that endanger the Great Barrier Reef, over 120 people on Monday peacefully protested at the Abbot Point port of Australia.


“Adani wants to dig up the coal reserves of the Galilee Basin and construct a massive new coal export port at Abbot Point in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area…”

The claim is true to a point. However, a significant question remains as to where Adani will sell the coal, seeing as how China is divesting from coal, particularly, while installing solar and wind as replacements. Moreover, even the Indian government does not want to buy Australian coal, as revealed in a recent news item on Australian TV where India’s Energy Minister categorically stated a complete lack of interest in Adani coal - if, indeed, it ever gets going. Which is doubtful, anyway.

Apart from the above, and considering the rising salinity and temperature of the nearby coastal waters, about 40% of the reef is already dead. Seeing as how nothing substantive is being done by Australia now to reduce fossil fuel emissions, the GBR will inevitably continue to die a slow death. And obviously, even a change of government will make no immediate difference to short-term increasing water temperature and salinity.

Hence, the real issue is why Adani wants to dig up coal that fewer governments want to buy, including Australia. And, meanwhile, the price of coal is tanking…


Australia needs the Great Barrier Reef; it’s part of it’s soul. When it goes, civilized Australia
will follow shortly.