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Not Impeaching Trump Is Riskier than Impeaching Him

Not Impeaching Trump Is Riskier than Impeaching Him

Randy Baker

Donald Trump has fully earned impeachment and removal from office. However, the Democratic Party leadership opposes impeachment, because they fear the Senate will not remove Trump, and as a consequence, it will undermine their prospects in 2020.

Once again: Politics more important than doing the lawful, constitutional, “right” thing.

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Randy, this isn’t a legal issue; its politics.
Russia gate hysteria and calls for Trump’s impeachment
just motivate his base–law has long been lost here
on Airstrip One (Nineteen Eighty-Four).


Just a little tassel for the fringes:

and Venezuela - yesterday with Chris Hedges

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“While it is impossible to be sure what impeachment proceedings will bring, based on what we know, impeachment is the Democrats’ best option politically, as well as legally.”

Until those in government are held accountable for illegal actions, such are war crimes, overthrowing foreign government, separation of families seeking asylum at our borders and an plethora of others, there will never be any attempt at justice for ordinary people and our planet. It is beyond time for this government to work for justice.

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The Trump game plan is now laid bare: He would run out the clock, hoping that by stone-walling all information requests from Congress, his crimes may not come into focus before the election in 2020. Democrats reluctant to initiate impeachment proceedings should remember two things:

  1. House committees can sweat buckets to continue ‘hearings’, to squeeze info from Trump in drips and dabs, but this will not persuade Trump’s Fox-viewing supporters to turn against him. Instead, it will create the opposite result, by keeping Trump front and center for a year, playing the victim.

  2. Except for political news junkies, most Americans will tune out news coming out of hearings.

Impeachment proceeding, on the other hand, is a horse of a different color, for the following reason: It is historical high drama like nothing else. It is followed gavel to gavel on TV, with every nuance of the law explained in detail by the most erudite of legal experts with impeccable credentials, every prime time of every day. Fox cannot outspin them, and some viewers might learn something.

While the House hosts daily national TV broadcasts, relentless, riveting coverage - not of Trump, but about his wrong doings - Sanders and Warren are free to sell their progressive programs by traveling around the country talking to real people, away from DC. So, With due respect to Bernie, It is not necessarily true that presentations of progressive programs will have the air sucked out of them by impeachment proceedings. On the contrary, with round the clock DC/Trump, bread and butter issues will be welcomed like a breathe of country fresh air.


Impeach the fucker in the House and make any inaction in the Senate all about support for criminal behavior.

Then, let the cards fall where they may with the voters in 2020.

If the case is made about Senators looking the other way instead of holding a criminal accountable, and it’s shown that the Republican party is not a party of law and order, Trump may never make it to 2020.

There is no arguing with D billionaire puppets (their majority in both US houses as well as our State houses) who remain addicted to their puppetries; after all, the money keeps the fix flowing into their own investment veins. Ditto for the Rs who may well be even more addicted.

To avoid letting this reality reduce us to cynical bewilderment, we all need to befriend our neighbors and take up radical climate change course-correction activities.

By radical, I mean well-rooted in the place where we live - geographic, cultural, social, familial, spiritual, etc. I mean listening far more than we talk, and reading far more than we write. I mean paying closer attention to both the democratic traditions and practices, as well as the republican traditions and practices (both parties have abandoned both traditions as well as the US Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and their own party’s respective well-being).

No, our neighbors mostly do not want to hear the bad news either. After all, if we US citizens loved hearing bad news, we would not even have corporate propaganda factories. Remember, they mostly do all that profiteering both at public expense and at the expense of our overall integrity - as local communities, as counties, regions, as states, as nations, as a living planet.

Empires collapse. Get used to it, because that is what they have done every time one was built since artifacts remain from them - we are still uncovering them. “American exceptionalism” will not save us. Nor will Uncle Sam - he has been in a terminal coma since 1945.


There is no happy ending either way.
Remove Trump and the violent morons that flock to his rallies will probably go on a rampage.
Bolton and the rest of those treasonous psychopaths will still be around pushing their wars.
The VP Pence is every bit as unhinged as Trump, with the added threat of not being borderline retarded.
Leave Trump in office and the current horror show will keep getting worse.


By NOT impeaching Trump, the Democrats reinforce the belief by the majority of voters who no longer bother to vote, that the system is corrupt, a sham and beyond salvaging. When Trump is allowed to go on, day after day, ignoring and flouting the constitution, confidence in the government plummets. The danger in not impeaching is not some Russian boogeyman threat; the danger is low voter turnout and that works in Trump’s favor.

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Eroding people’s faith in Americas utterly corrupt and illegitimate government is probably the only positive thing Trump has ever done.

A good description of our existence today on Airstrip One.

I think you missed the point of the article - it’s not about whether his “base” will be motivated. They are motivated no matter what - the true believers aren’t going to pull away from Trump regardless of what happens with impeachment. By whittling away the edges of his support and forcing the GOP to reckon with their absolution of duty, the narrative becomes one where the rule of law as a basis for the republic is reinforced. Otherwise politics is elevated above the law and we all lose.

Why It’s A Mistake For Progressives To Impeach Trump

Risk loosing a lot more if Democrats lose control of House and do not take Senate or the presidency.

Eroding people’s faith in American government is probably the WORSE thing Trump has ever done. Your comment makes you appear to just want to watch the world burn.

“While nothing in politics is impossible, the likelihood of removing Trump by the vote of the Senate is so very remote that it deserves zero consideration. It is not going to happen – and the Democrats know it.”