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Not Just a Personal Problem for Trump Jr.–Now Trouble for the Trump Campaign and Trump Sr


Not Just a Personal Problem for Trump Jr.–Now Trouble for the Trump Campaign and Trump Sr.

Bob Bauer

There is an impression developing in the current reporting that somehow Donald Trump Jr.’s emails and activities may be primarily a personal problem. But he was, of course, an agent of the campaign, acting on its behalf, when he arranged the meeting with the Russian lawyer. He successfully invited to that meeting senior campaign brass, including the campaign manager.


Christopher Steele


What is very troubling is pattern among Trump people of not disclosing that they had met with Russians on forms requiring them to supply such information. In other words, there is a pattern of ignoring the law. In this instance the Russian offer should have immediately been reported to the FBI. They did not and again ignored the law. Donald Trump’s overall view seems to be that ethics and following details of the law is for losers. His view is all about winners and losers. It has nothing to do with good people and bad people. For him, if bad people wind up winners that is all that counts. Of concern is that there were more meetings with Russia that Trump himself attended or knew about and that the Russians are compromising him by threatening to reveal these meetings if he goes against them. This may explain his very friendly policy toward Russia. Trump is probably very afraid of being locked up for years. It is very likely he was informed about this meeting but we do not know that yet. That may be revealed during the investigations.


This is a ridiculous article in the fact that we are all to assume that Russia is somehow an enemy of the U.S. If Donald Jr. had met with officials from Israel, Canada, France or Saudi Arabia, there would be no story. But because he met with “Russians”, this is somehow bad.
Only corporate America despises Russia because they are in direct competition with the American MIC and American Big Oil which covets Russia’s massive oil reserves. Russia is after all a democracy (at least a ‘pseudo democracy’ like its American counterpart), a Christian, European, capitalist country that is far less disruptive that most of America’s ruthless allies in the Middle East or Latin America and a country that has done no harm to the U.S. except by supporting some of the populations of other countries that have fallen victim to American imperialist adventures.


Under Yeltsin Russia probably could have been considered a democracy but now under Putin it is more of a dictatorship. Since the Russians have a long history of having a dictator or czar maybe this should have been expected. After the fall of the USSR there was a free press that formed but Putin has crushed that. During “elections” he controls the media. And of course there are the stores of journalists who did not fall in line being killed. Russia has become a capitalist country to some extent although it still has large state owned enterprises. It seems to have a weak economy which largely depends on sales of oil and natural gas. I would not say Russia is an enemy but it is an adversary. Clearly it is trying to undermine Western democracies. I don’t think Putin thinks democracy works well and believes in authoritarianism. I think most Americans are opposed to authoritarianism (although many Trump supporters may be an exception) and therefore see Russia as a threat. I don’t think it is only corporate America. I think most Americans would rather see Russian adopt Western democratic values but given its history that appears unlikely.


The US did not install Yeltsin. Yeltsin was able to bring down the USSR without a horrendous civil war. He was very brave. He didn’t make a very good president however. It was really Gorbachev was the main person who did the most to end the USSR although he remained a communist and I don’t think he did it intentionally. I think he just wanted a communist country with more openness and freedom. However, that unraveled everything with the all their economic problems. Putin is a dictator. He seems to want to restore Russia to its former glory. The Chinese also would like to restore their country to their former glory and they are getting close. The US is of course the main competitor of China. Russia is economically weak but it has a lot of nuclear weapons. The flash points with Russia are eastern European countries and with China the islands in the South China Sea and Taiwan. It is a competitive world. The goal is to compete peacefully.


::In best impression of Christopher Walken:: Wow. Just Wow.

::back to me:: You really don’t know what happened do you? The point that was being made wasn’t when Yeltsen led the Russians in opposing the attempted coup of hard liners against Gorbachev. It was an election later on when he used tanks to fire on the Russian White House, the Russian Parliament Building, because the Parliament wasn’t cooperating with him.

Yeltsen was a drunk who turned over the wealth of Russia to a few oligarchs, usually at US Neo-Con direction, and destroyed the social infrastructure of the nation.

Putin, while remaining in office for years, undid much of that and has never fired on the parliament.


You got 5 likes so far for defending Trump, a right wing fascist jerk, who is a billionaire, a global capitalist using sweatshop labor, a MIC sock puppet, and who has stoked hate to achieve power, and who’s brains in the closet for his Administration is a White Nationalist. Congratulations.

Have I ever been on the anti-Russia bandwagon? No.


No, Space_cadet did not defend Trump. Space-cadet called crap on the attacks on Russia.

That’s the problem, everyone conflates denying the attacks on Russia with supporting Trump.

Space_cadet is right, if it had been the Saudis or Israel doing this and they’d done it with Clinton, no one in the establishment would blink. But because the narrative is to demonize Russia and assume they are our enemy, everyone in the establishment is going bonkers over this.

Oh, it’s now SIX likes.


Oh poppycock.

Space_cadet makes a defense of Trump, by calling out the MIC, and Big Oil, AS IF Trump didn’t name a former executive of Big Oil Secretary of State with business dealings in Russia, and AS IF Trump isn’t for a big increase in the MIC.

Amazing how someone can make such a defense of Trump, without making a defense of Trump, according to you.

Space_cadet of course will never call Trump out for being a huckster capitalist of the nth degree with decades long business dealings with capitalist jerks in Russia.

And, by the way, find any comments where I have jumped on the anti-Russia bandwagon that comports with the neocon driven attacks on Russia.

If you think, however that Trump isn’t in neck deep in corruption with Russian business interests then you are blind.

But of course, you would defend Trump on this, because after all Clinton was corrupt as well, right?

I of course, have never missed a beat with Clinton either.

And by the way, it’s as if you think Trump’s dealings with the Saudis is better than Clinton’s right?



Weird response.

I didn’t challenge your statement that you weren’t on the anti-Russia bandwagon. So why defend yourself about that. I won’t cite a comment where you jumped on the anti-Russia bandwagon since I’m not arguing you have done that.

But still, the comment was not a defense of Trump, but a attack on the attacks on Russia.

Not at all. Not better than Obama’s either. All of them are tools of the Saudis, the Israelis, and the MIC.

I’m against what Trump did with the Saudis and his xenophobia against Iran.

Again, I’m not defending Trump. I’m standing against the demonization of Russia. The point is that the establishment has no problem with dealings with Israel or the Saudis like this, but think it is horrible to talk to Russians now.


Weird response.

Practically every point of defense of Trump ignores Trump doing the very same thing. It really isn’t all that complicated to keep track of your principles, if you have them.


One can be against the demonization of Russia, as am I, and still recognize the obvious corruption the Trump’s have in regard to their dealings in Russia.

One can recognize that certain neocons and Democrats have driven certain narratives that demonize Russia, and still recognize that Trump has been obviously engaged in an immense deception, corruption, and abuse of power.

I can walk and chew gum at the same time.

Go figure.


“Russian Government Lawyer”? Do a little research on Natalya. She can better be described as a DNC operative.