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'Not Just Bad, It's Pathological': While Pushing Big Oil Bailouts, Trump Slaps Wind and Solar Industry With $50 Million in Old Rent Bills

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/18/not-just-bad-its-pathological-while-pushing-big-oil-bailouts-trump-slaps-wind-and

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Republicans are doing everything they can to destroy Everything including our future
This is Nazi Scorched behavior


It’s the “Greedy Old Pricks” party, and they’re akin to spoiled children unwilling to share their toys.

Strike back, and do not purchase anything, or only the smallest amount necessary, of anything within their dominion.


Perhaps 18 months ago, a proposal to have wind energy at east end of Lake Superior. I asked who is going to row out there with me in a canoe in February Ice flow to maintain.
Plus, these come in from Germany.
We need to educate 60,000 new engineers immediately to save our nation.
Off shore manufacturing did not work out very well.


The Republican Party is really the Amerikan, Fascist Party; and you are correct, unless they are non-violently destroyed, you can bet your last $,JUST A MATTER OF TIME UNTIL THEY HIRE A STASI FORCE TO VIOLENTLY DESTROY US!


Now we know that Trump doesn’t just want to be the anti-Obama. Because he could have easily said - “look at what Obama did to the renewable energy industry!, I want to invest in this country and make more energy, I don’t want to stifle development with high rent costs like Obama did to our domestic energy producers!” No - Trump is an eco monster. He can’t even follow his main directive (Obama did, bad) when it conflicts with crushing any environmental legislation or helpful development for clean power.


Trump isn’t managing the country, his actions are deliberately provocative, sticking it to those who regulated and who accommodated the American peoples needs and interests. In other words, Trump is punishing the nation, and its citizens, for ever having embraced at all any form of environmental or corporate regulation. Meanwhile his base stands more strongly for him than for any man in history, and his milquetoast opposition sides with passionately with Biden, which is basically a vote for Trumps policy if not Trump himself.


When something keeps happening on a repeated and predictable basis, when does it stop being news?


And so it has gone - for 3-1/2 years. And so it goes today. And so it will go if he gets a second (and third) term.
Clearly, Congress and the Courts DO NOT give a flying f*ck.


You do realize that you cannot trust these creatures, right? And you cannot negotiate without trust.


As chapdrum wrote, trump and his regime from Hell has from day 1 (and his entire worthless waste of life) been not just bad, but pathological in all he touches and all who influence the dunce of orange put in his terminally stupid head, and it has only gotten worse.

Where are the much vaunted “checks and balances”? Clearly not in the GOP, and not in the complicit, compliant, corrupt DINO fraud leadership - “the opposition” - one a malignant menace to all life on the planet and the other a craven, scheming fraud, too afraid, too in-it-for-themselves, and too corrupt to even consider doing what needs doing.


A — Make American go backward again.


Strange how we live in this alternate reality. The Dems and rThugs perpetuate an alternate reality they want us to believe(and some do). To see things the way they do, to believe things the way they do in the hopes we will be confused. The proposed solutions, the proposed plans everything to dupe us into believing they have the answer. The truth is, they are the problem. My friends, we are being led down a path of destruction.


50 or 100 years from now – if there are any humans around to think about it – they will wonder, not just how did such ridiculously stupid things get done by the “leaders” of the country, but more importantly how did everyone else stand for it without rising up in disgust?


Guess what, the American idiots like a “winner”, Trump is the oil company whore and it’s his job one to protect oil interest, so what’s so surprising. Americans on the whole like leaders like Hitler and Trump because they’re balllzy. American idiots think it’s weak minded to be environmentally conscious and being sensitive is sissy and Nancy boyish. So we’ll all sink to the bottom with all those fucking meatheads only because there are more of them.


The GOP and the corporate democratic elites are on a trajectory to take as much as they can and as fast as they can from the American people. That is because they have zero confidence and they know that vulture capitalism days are numbered. So they are looting, and plundering as much as they can to ensure their futures at any cost to us or our country we call America. Bear in mind that the elites in America have no loyalty to the nation, they can purchase a whole island and have their own nukes and border guards and mercenaries to protect them.


This is a very disturbing article:

"Republicans devote $20m and 50,000 people into efforts to restrict voting"

“The RNC is seeking people in 15 key states to serve as poll watchers and challenge the registration of voters they believe ineligible”

Donald Trump’s campaign and national [Republicans] are pumping millions of dollars into efforts to restrict voting and aggressively fight Democratic efforts to make it easier to cast a ballot during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Republican National Committee has allocated $20m so far to oppose Democratic lawsuits across the country seeking to expand voting. Republicans are also seeking to recruit up to 50,000 people in 15 key states to serve as poll watchers and challenge the registration of voters they believe are ineligible, [according to the New York Times].

The 2020 election will be the first time in nearly three decades that national Republicans will be involved in such a program. After the RNC was sued over intimidating minority voters in New Jersey in the early 1980s, they agreed to a federal court order not to engage in [“ballot security”] efforts. The order expired in 2018.

Ronna McDaniel, the chair of the RNC, accused Democrats of trying to “destroy” the integrity of elections on a conference call with reporters on Monday. Several studies, however, have shown that voter fraud is exceedingly rare.

The new effort is the latest in a high-stakes battle over voting laws that has shaped the last two decades in US politics. Republicans have consistently supported voting restrictions citing voter fraud. Democrats have pushed to make it easier to vote, saying the focus on voter fraud is just an excuse Republicans use to disenfranchise certain Americans, particularly students and minorities.

“It is a sad commentary on the sorry state of the Republican party that, under Trump, its only hope for winning in November is to try to suppress the vote,” said Marc Elias, an attorney who is representing Democrats in many of their suits across the country.

Amid Covid-19, the partisan fight has reached a new level. Republicans have fought Democratic efforts in Wisconsin and other states to make it easier to vote by mail. Democrats have sued to overturn requirements they say will make it difficult to cast a ballot during a pandemic, such as requiring people to give a state-approved excuse for why they want to vote absentee or a witness for their ballots.

“What we have seen over decades is that Republicans pursue incredibly aggressive voter suppression tactics because their agenda is unpopular and part of their strategy is to make it harder for Americans to vote,” said David Bergstein, a spokesman for the Democratic National Committee. “We’re very aware that part of the Republican playbook is voter suppression and we’re fighting back.”

We need to do everything possible to stop the Republicans from doing this. Maybe setting up drive through voting, and donating masks to voters and board of elections employees should be also considered in case mail-in voting gets sabotaged by Republicans.

No matter what we do, we need to start planning and working towards the goal of fair, safe elections now. Since Republicans have their minions in charge in many of the courts and in some state legislatures (like Wisconsin), our right to vote is at risk. We can counter by staying several steps ahead of them.


First – Disagree that "Americans on the whole like leaders like Hitler and Trump
because they’re ballzy."

I don’t see any admiration for Hitler – nor for Trump – among anyone who can think
straight. Nor has there ever been. Those who support dictators are in with them for
the kill because they have something to gain. Those following dictators are there
because they don’t understand – for instance, how they and their freedom is threatened
by Trump’s attacks on a free press – NOT that we actually have one since so much of it
is under Elite control and reports and lies in their interests too often. Ironically, he is using
the truth of a dying free press in order to attack it to move it further to the right.

Today the Elite press is challenged by “social media” – actually not by such BS terms but
by the public’s ability to SPEAK BACK to Elites on the internet. And it is also happening that
many “thinking Americans” are also talking back to Trump followers on the internet.
Basically, at the moment, all communication is a TWO-WAY street which never before existed.

What does it take to be a follower of Trump – I don’t think any of us really knows. I’ve been
trying to donate some time to another website where there are some Trump supporters to
try to find out. But what shall we think when Trump can so easily sell his attacks on the
nation’s “Whistleblowers” as being “a racket”? There is a great temptation there to consider
these people total idiots. We need to find out if that’s true.

Additionally, neither do I see Hitler or Trump as “ballzy” – what I see is their recruitment
by the very wealthy and powerful – and their total trust that they will be supported as
long as they continue to move to the right – no matter how much violence and stonewalling
that will require. And, yes, this is suicidal thinking that has always existed among Elites/
Patriarchy working to enslave women – and a whole lot of people of color – and destroying
nature as they go. And when the time comes to pay the price for it – when they are pushed
to rectify their damage – they continue to ignore and stonewall Americans.

The problem is the lies are too big and the harm too great to hold anyone responsible or
accountable – though many are still alive and many still active right now.

Trump has taken on Hitler’s knock of lying however – as someone from the NY Times
once said – “he simply repeats the lies over and again until they are believed.”

It’s taken Americans too long to understand the very real threat Elites are to our lives
and our families – they are suicidal, they are violent - and there is no turning them around.


Who in the hell wants to live in a country trump ruined?
Not so much as a rebel rally against the administration. I mean regime.

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While we were growing up people insisted there was enough for everyone. Now that the greedy have bled the economy with scams and power moves it is no longer the case.