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Not Just Consumer Fraud, VW Scandal Called 'Crime Against Climate'



They broke the law of course, but there was no "crime against the climate". My understanding is that VW did what they did because, had the engines were tuned to meet NOx and particulate emissions all the time, they would have delivered poor fuel economy and higher CO2 emissions. Fuel economy is and CO2 emissions are practically the only reason anyone would but a diesel car. So the "crime against climate" is a bogus accusation. I really wish the US left was not so phobic on technical matters.


Yes, this is a crime against the climate.
Let those who commit no crimes against the climate, cast the first stone. What's the real story behind this news?


Bad luck and timing for VW. Had they not been caught until after TPP or TTIP, they could sue in corporate court for these regulations and restrictions limiting their profits. Hey, maybe, when it passes, they still can. The Brave New (Corporate) World is upon us I for one am not holding my breath, pun intended, for it to be a better world.


While VW Chief Executive Matthias Müller stressed on Wednesday that "there were no deaths, and our cars were, and are safe," the evidence suggests otherwise.

The boss might have changed but what the hell? The policy is the same. It shows corporate impunity as regards accepting blame. Fire the criminal in charge to make it look like there is some punishment - and then hire a more professional criminal!


Blaming VW is not the solution! I am all for the multibillion penalties unfortunately they will not produce results. Exxon Valdese paid dearly at the time, yet it did not scare BP and they are now facing another huge fine which shows that penalties are soon forgotten and crime is repeated. Solutions must come before the actions; England just enacted 5p per plastic bag law which changed consumer behavior drastically right away. I just came from the supermarket and I saw only very seldom people buying bags – most brought their own. Tax dirty fuels and consumers will switch to the clean ones.


There needs to be some good forensic accounting to discover if there were, who received, and who authorized any bonuses as a result of the fraud.


A crime against Earth is a crime against Humanity.

People like the wallmart family selling slave production, foundations pushing GMOs and charter schools plus the coke brothers confusing the world with strings attached donations to universities are all committing crimes.

The idea of prosecuting corporate crimes against Humanity and Earth is maturing rapidly world-wide. What is legal in a corrupt government will soon have no bearing in court. Just following orders is already not an excuse.


Climate, shmimate; what about the stockholders?
And where will the (estimated) $67,000,000 come from to pay
the former CEO, Martin Winterkorn?
These questions are far more important to The Owners (The 1%).


The notion that VW committed a crime against climate is a logical fallacy called a category mistake (ascribing a property to something that it cannot possibly have). Money is speech and corporations are people are also category mistakes.

If VW committed a crime, then there must be a victim. Climate cannot be victimized because climate is simply a property of nature. Climate change occurs every fall and every spring because the earth's axis is tilted producing longer days in the summer and shorter days in the winter. Longer days mean that more solar energy strikes the earth and the climate is warmer than in the winter when the days are shorter and less solar radiation strikes the earth causing a cooler climate.

You also have a problem if you argue that humans are victimized by climate change. Climate change caused the French Revolution. There were volcanic eruptions in the 18th century. A volcanic eruption ejects gases and particulate matter into the atmosphere that block solar radiation causing the earth to cool. This produced bad harvests that resulted in the peasants rising up and chopping the heads off of the king and aristocrats because they were starving. If you were the king or an aristocrat, you would have thought this was a crime, but if you want the monarchy replaced with a republic, you will thank climate change for making this possible.

It was a catastrophic meteor impact that caused climate change (atmospheric dust and debris caused the earth to cool) that killed off the dinosaurs. This was bad for the dinosaurs, but good for us because when the dinosaurs went extinct this allowed mammals to occupy the vacated niches of the dinosaurs. We are mammals and we probably wouldn't be here if not for climate change.


"Climate change caused the French Revolution."

This is so simplistic as to fall into the category of infantilism. You might consider reading up on the French Revolution before ascribing its causes to climate change.

Equally insupportable is your statement that because of the tilt iof the earth' s axis, the climate changes with the seasons. No, the weather changes. Here, again, a little reading will help you to understand the difference between climate and weather.


You at least gotta give credit for his/her clever attempt to sneakily slither the usual endlessly-debunked denialist argument "climate has always changed" into the topic of this article...


Right. That never gets old.