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'Not Just Dumb—Dangerous': Trump to Force Exit of Nuke Safety Officials


'Not Just Dumb—Dangerous': Trump to Force Exit of Nuke Safety Officials

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

President-elect Donald Trump—whose pending control of America's nuclear arsenal already has many people deeply concerned—has apparently ordered the resignation of two government officials whose role is to ensure that stockpile remains safe and secure.


I'm starting to wonder whether all these Trump actions are designed to make us shout out something that will get us a personal visit from the Secret Service.


And the purge continues. Intelligence, diplomatic corps, Energy, State.

This is the kind of thing usually seen in Third World countries after a military coup.


Our would-be emperor, the village idiot, is trying on his new clothes.


But Hillary would have been the same . . .


You have gorged yourself on the Putin lemonade and the effects show in your vitriolic comments.


T-dump is digging his grave one bulldozer-full at a time. May he never take the oath of office for which he will NEVER be qualified intellectually. His narcissism will bury him and his pal Putin, will relieve himself on his grave.


Only reflecting a stupidly common sentiment I see here. Sometimes normalcy is worth having. It may be something we miss.


To say Hillary would have been the same is just bullshit. I don't like Hillary. I opposed her. I supported Bernie. But she's not as grossly negligent/incompetent as this.

It's not even clear that Trump is really behind this. My guess is that someone in his transition team has a hard-on for these people or an agenda for these posts and is moving to take control. Mostly likely, Trump is clueless about the implications of this and other actions he is taking right now.


No Hillary would have been much worse! The Hillary-Killary-Shillary elites will NEVER allow Trump to be elected anyway. They will certainly rig the election to prevent it! Hillary single-handedly started the Iraq War, the Syrian Civil War, and the Libyan Civil War. She is the "More Effective Evil (TM)". Never Hillary! Don't worry about Trump! Forget arguing for voting for Hillary in states like Pennsylvania (in order to avert catastrophe and give the left a more level terrain to fight) - anyone who argues for this (like Chomsky) are vile Hillary-sucking slimy lampreys who are for a nuclear war with Russia - which is guaranteed if Hillary is elected! Hillary is far, far worse than Trump! Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are traitorous Hillary Shills!!!

And, even if Trump is elected, he will be this totally harmless incompetent lump of flesh at Oval Office desk. Cabinet Secretaries? What are "Cabinet Secretaries"? Advisers? What are "advisers"?

And so on and so forth....


Sorry...I did not catch the sarcasm. With T-dump's ongoing childish tweets, abysmal admin/cabinet choices, and Hitlerian purges of all manner of government officials, our nation and the world will suffer perhaps irreversible harm at the least and an apocalyptic catastrophe at worst. He is either insane or on cocaine/heroin...either way, he is dangerous. He has no brain, just a head full of dung and a cavernous void where a heart should be.


I think KC2669 was engaging in parody of many of the commenters here a few months ago. The most vociferous of them mysteriously disappeared on Nov. 9.


Could be true, in which case I'm wrong. I'm told that's happened in the past. I'd like to think I'm wrong. But the post, as written, isn't clearly parody. If it is, I apologize. If it isn't, I stand by my comment.


They are all out there, serene with clear consciences.


Why are you still referring to Hillary? This is sheer idiocy.


Why continue to pick on Hillary ? She lost remember. Stop sucking your thumb.


He is a sociopath, and has nominated sociopaths.


I think Putin is the least of the problems of this country. How about facsism and corruption brought year years ago, but now cememted in our policies such as rescuing Wall Street, fighting unending wars of "choice", polluting the environment, denigrating disabled people and women,education, unions etc. not to mention poor wages and no benefits.


We ll have a dark side, but money is the root of the evilist of all.


I am expecting a "Reichstag Fire" soon after Trump assumes office. This will allow the rich to control and take advantage of the masses on a much larger scale than now.