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'Not Just Morally Wrong... Against the Law': Keith Ellison Calls Out Elon Musk for Anti-Union Threats


'Not Just Morally Wrong... Against the Law': Keith Ellison Calls Out Elon Musk for Anti-Union Threats

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As billionaire investor Elon Musk continues to face accusations of labor law violations after he tweeted an apparent threat at workers attempting to unionize his California Tesla factory, Rep.


Ellison is trying to deflect for Perez, hey look over there. Yeah Musk has some problems but you should get your own house in order. Who is the last Dem to march for Unions? Didn’t Obama Threaten to put on some comfy shoes.


Against the law for execs to threaten employees for promoting unions? Give me a break. I’ve been there. Managers and execs have all kinds of ways to muzzle union organizers, not to mention execs have a staff of lawyers to protect them and employees do not. If there was ever a law that is essentially nothing more than window dressing, here it is. When was the last time any exec of any large corporation or even a smaller corporation got dragged into court and prosecuted for braking such a law? Hats off to Ellison for the warning and good to know he’s supporting unions, but no one is going prosecute Musk. He and his pals own the government and the courts. It’s called an oligarchy for a reason.


Senator Bernard Sanders (I), Vermont!


Absolutely. Obama and his comfy shoes were nowhere to be found when Walker started busting public unions in Wisconsin. Only got a passing comment from Obama while on his way to lunch with his Wall Street pals. .


Sanders is not a “Dem”.


The only political party to stand with workers and advocate for the repeal of the Taft-Hartley Act and full reinstatement of the 1935 Wagner Act is the Green Party, starting with Ralph Nader in 2000. We stand with workers and common people against the powerful. The Democrats threw labor under the bus 30 years ago and deserve to die for that, and many other offenses against average Americans. Please come and join us and help us replace the totally corrupted and unreformable Democrats.


I want to know why Ellison wrote these as questions. When someone is breaking the law you don’t ask them to stop, you TELL them to stop, then advise them of the consequences if they don’t.


Walker was elected in opposition to Obama, remember? A bunch of union folks voted for him because Obama was a foreign-born socialist—I witnessed it in real-time. And what was your role in helping to keep Obama’s Labor department overtime rule functioning in 2016? Did you vote in a way that would maximize its potential to continue to exist, or in a way to lessen that chance? Oh yeah, and that gawd-awful Obama and his people don’t do anything about Walker:


Clinton was the only modern Democrat to get a majority of the blue collar white vote. Isn’t it possible that racial and ethnic issues loom larger for many Americans than economic ones? That’s how Republicans keep winning elections, after all.


That is a very pivotal issue raised in his comment (headline). Action that is “morally wrong” usually cannot be decided in the law, as opposed to something that is literally against the law. Therein lies the crux of practically every issue.


Who was the last Republican to march for unions? And when has Trump marched with any unions? My Democratic congressman and often my Democratic senator can be found marching with the unions downtown every Labor Day! I’m sure they do in nearby Cleveland and Buffalo too. I mean WTF??? Are you a right-wing troll coming here to divide the opposition to the Republican fascist onslaught, or are you just a useful stooge of one? You are engaging in, or a dupe of, exactly the kind of cointelpro tactic that the FBI so successfully used to destroy the SDS and new left in the 1960s-70s.


Yeah, but unions are soooo low-tech and sooo, like, 1970s!


A fucking men! I get so tired of the herd thinking here sometimes. It’s like the person the other day that said Perez was a horrible Labor Secretary, when he was the best one we’ve had in 40 years. Hell, here’s my comment on that:

Perez was highly effective. He’s a sellout traitor though who deserves unabashed vitriol in spite of his strong record as Secretary—well praised by unions that the Democratic Party totally abandoned—and head of the civil rights division of the DOJ.


Sanders, along with Ellison, Lee, Warren and numerous other less well-known but hard-working members of Congress fighting for the working class and the right to organize are all members of the Democratic Party.

But I can’t think of a single Republican who is anything but fighting for the wealthy bosses.

Deal with it.


U.S. labor law is some of the weakest in the industrially-developed world. It deflects major decisions to the National Labor Relations Board (a bureaucratic and legal morass) that take years and massive resources to resolve. The resulting penalties - if any - are a pittance that achieve almost nothing. Other than that, enforcement is weak to non-existent.

Labor relations - a central part of the nexus of class warfare – have little to do with either law or morality, which centers around power relationships.

Ellison, as others mention, is dutifully covering up for the Dem wing of the Duopoly in it continuing efforts to deflect from the reality of class warfare and irreconcilable differences between workers and capital.


Yes, as an employee of the Dept. of Labor, I can vouch that Perez was the best Labor Secretary since I have bene working here - although Hilda Solis before him was pretty good too.

Under Perez, enforcement and fines for FLSA, OSHA and MSHA violators went way up. Thousands or workers who were victims of these violations got back pay, and reinstatement, and we sent a crooked mine-billionaire boss to prison.

Under our new leadership, that is all gone now - the web pages that provided information on enforcement actions have been taken down, Ronald Reagan (FCOL!) was inducted into the DOL “Labor Hall of Fame” in the DC Headquarters, and our e-mails from HQ are all now just Trumpian propaganda.

And before the DOL, Perez was a fighter for justice for civil rights and workers in every other position he held in the DOJ and in the State of Maryland government.

But I wonder how many commenters here even know what, say, “FLSA” means? Their absurd self-devouring criticism comes from perspective of such ignorance as to how things get done in any kind of organizational setting that I wonder if most of the alt-leftists here are not all trust-fund-babies who never worked a honest day for an honest paycheck in any kind of organization in their lives?


Sanders is not a “Dem”.

I am well aware of that; however, I just thought it would be relevant to the post.

As a matter-of-fact: I hope he remembers that when campaigning for 2020 and goes in with that “I” after his name this time!!!


They may have voted for him but they now regret it ,


Lets check into how the democrat congressclown is helping business instead of standing in the way as they usually do.