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Not 'Left-Wing Fantasy' But 'Mainstream and Really Popular': Poll Shows Enormous Public Support for Higher Taxes on Rich

Not 'Left-Wing Fantasy' But 'Mainstream and Really Popular': Poll Shows Enormous Public Support for Higher Taxes on Rich

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Likely 2020 contenders and progressive members of Congress have proposed a variety of plans in recent days to make the rich pay more in taxes and begin reversing soaring inequality—from a wealth tax to a 70 percent top marginal rate to a


Perhaps that big Republican tax give-away approved last year will turn out to be a good thing for the nation, after all. Thank you, AOC, for educating the public about marginal tax rates and not letting these rich bastards get away with their usual abuse of the public’s ignorance to confuse those who are less-educated among us. For far too long Republicans and neoliberal Democrats have used scare tactics that take advantage of the uninformed to reject progressive ideas as “impractical” or “pipe dreams.”


Mainstream Intentions are not and have not been reflected in our governments actions since FDR. To the US fascist and terrorist regime, public will, much less public need, does not enter into consideration, not for one microsecond.


I remember Sen. Diane Feinstein publically saying that giving the general populace 5% of the benefit of any plan was enough. That was in her bancruptcy bill where she took away the ability to declare bancruptcy for overwhelming medical bills. Diane Feinstein is responsibile for a lot of the homelessness in this country.


What’s radical is allowing the Rich Not to pay their fare share and lessen the inequality between us.


One thing that seems to always be glossed over is that tax rates in and of themselves are no panacea. High tax receipts mean nothing if they’re not spent in the public interest. If higher taxes just means more bombs, then all this is for nothing. I realize liberals these days aren’t exactly strategic thinkers anymore, but it would be useful to bear this in mind.


No surprise. Everyone loves when someone else picks up the tab.

As long as CD continues to hold forth on politicians who ask for higher taxes for wealthy individuals, I will continue to demand that there MUST be higher taxes on corporations that are subject to Citizens’ United, PACs, special interests, etc. Corporations’ highest tax rate is only 21%, and many don’t pay any taxes at all because of astronomical corporate deductions, etc. Individuals’ highest tax rate currently is 37%.

The job is NOT done until corporations and special interests pay the same tax rates as individuals, since Citizens’ United made them individuals under the law.


and the rich love it more than anyone else. difference is, they have the power to get it. but you know that already, of course. just protecting your own, right?


You are so right on. Much of the problem is where taxes are going, to endless war and paranoid “homeland” security. Our real security is with a happy society whose real needs are met. Not only do the wealthy not pay their fair share, but the taxes we are all paying mostly go to MIC to benefit the corporate masters.


You’re assuming I’m rich.

Everyone loves someone else to pick up the tab. “Everyone” includes the rich. Where’s the “news” in a poll that says the majority of people would like someone else to pay?

history shows the middle class was much stronger when the rich paid higher tax rates.

Are you neglecting the historical data?


For EVERY dollar the rich and corporations evade or are gifted by “lower taxes”, tax breaks for building their infrastructure to supposedly provide “jobs”, and ordinary loopholes for the rich and powerful by the likes of trump and the other’s that serve wealth above all else,. a dollar is taken from the pockets of the “little people” one way or another!


Yes and it proves the Rich are in no way Job creators. That was all a blatant Lie!


The entrenched DINO “leaders” and “strategists” that dominate the Democratic Party, have failed for decades to build and/or represent the Democratic/Independent/Progressive base that demand real substantive change and radical reforms! From before the Clinton’s to Obama, the progressive so-called “left” has been sabotaged, marginalized, undermined and underfunded to support the likes of the Manchine’s, Schumers, Pelosis, Cuomo’s, and all the other DINO Quisling, vichy, corporate-whore’s who ran as Dems, but served the same forces as R’Con reich-wing scum, NOT the people’s interest and Common Good!

The so-called “radical issues” are supported by the great majority of American’s to build better lives and those of their children…to protect the planet, Mother Earth, that sustains all life, that is now threatened by greed and criminal ignorance and utter stupidity! ENOUGH!

" Government is instituted for the common good, for the protection, safety, prosperity, and happiness of the people, and not for the profit, honor, or private interest of any one man, family, or class of men; therefore the people alone have an incontestable, unalienable, and indefeasible right to institute government, and to reform, alter, or totally change the same when their protection, safety, prosperity, and happiness require it." - John Adams.


If we succeed, how long would it last considering that the rich make the tax laws through political bribes and their MSM?

What If the public makes the tax laws by yearly online Referendum?

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There’s no cause and effect there. The middle class was much stronger due to a range of factors, including a complete lack of global competition since everyone else was recovering from WWII

I wish!

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IIRC, the highest marginal tax rate was an entirely appropriate 91% during the Eisenhower years,
and with today’s higher GNP, YUGE Korporate profits and obscene salaries & bonuses for top exec­utives, there’s no reason it should be any less today.  There’s also no reason that the “cap” on FICA taxes (Medicare & Social Security) shouldn’t be removed.  And – since Korporations are now “people”
– there’s no reason that they too shouldn’t at least be paying FICA taxes as an absolute minimum.

Exactly.  Teddy Roosevelt did a fairly good job of busting up the biggest monopolies in the early 1900’s and his cousin FDR instituted some excellent programs in the mid- and late 1930’s.  Most of these re­forms survived into the Kennedy years, but Reagan and his henchmen began nibbling away at them
so that little is left today but Social Security – and even that is under constant attack and threats of “privatization”.

In spite of competition, the overall economy is much bigger today than in the Eisenhower years.  IMHO, the two biggest factors hurting the middle class are:  1) Automation, which has significantly reduced the number of jobs for skilled labor, and  2) GROSS overpopulation, which has vastly increased the number of people competing for whatever jobs are available and thereby weakened unions and kept wages low.



also it seems to me that the recovery from the great depression really started to build the middle class DURING WWII …

the war was a massive government jobs program … far and above what FDR could get done without it

this is well known and while the US did benefit after the war from reduced competition it should be noted that the republicans and oligarchs of FDR’s time were accepting of this huge government jobs program because it was for WAR!

there’s nothing stopping us from doing the same thing now in the cause of saving the earth from climate destruction

during a depression the government is the employer of last resort and i believe this country is in a depression

today GM is axing thousands of workers after the government bailed out their asses in 2009. I remember being at work and watching their share price plummet to like $2.00 a share maybe less i can’t remember exactly.

The US GOVT should start to nationalize these industries until they are forced to work on behalf of the citizens of this country