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'Not Looking to Keep Pelosi': Why Susan Sarandon Is Endorsing Berniecrat Shahid Buttar for Congress

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/02/26/not-looking-keep-pelosi-why-susan-sarandon-endorsing-berniecrat-shahid-buttar

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Bernie inspires me more than any of the “corporate bought” politicians to support the down ballot Democrats and retain the House and secure the Senate.

The “fake” Liberal/Progressive establishment Democrats like Nancy Pelosi have exactly the opposite effect on me.

They got to go.


Exciting all the best to him. Pelosi is a Republican mole; she is an anachronism that needs to go. She put down the Green New Deal, doesn’t like Medicare for All and sabotaged the impeachment by limiting the charges. She campaigned for a Democrat who voted with Trump 70% of the time against a progressive challenger. Time for a relaxing pasture in your favorite country club Nancy.


Apparently Pelosi is feeling the heat. She just issued a statement saying she would support Bernie if he was the Party’s nomination.


When Pelosi took impeachment “off the table” for Bush II’s crimes, I took her off the my “table”. Period. I supported Cindy Sheahan’s run for her seat then even though I live in Oregon. Hope Buttar gets the job done this time!!!


Pelosi is the Repubs best friend. She protected Bush. She protected Trump till she had to throw some red meat to the crazies in her party, then made sure Trump wouldn’t be deposed by limiting the impeachment process to the weakest silliest shit imaginable – a couple of phone calls! As a multirmillionaire, she is a sworn enemy of Bernie, not to mention the fat cats she cavorts with for big $$$ for the party. She endorsed a Bernie presidency? With one word, “yes”. And on and on and on…


Again, Sarandon backs a loosing candidate.

could not agree more. Pelosi and her ilk in the so-called democratic party should retire after this upc oming election. As a Californian, having watched her do nothing but know how to raise big money, hope she takes the hint that she is so irrelevant in our movement. Her bungling of the impeachment of Trump showed us how poor her knowledge of what was really important in getting the thug out of the house in D.C. GO HOME TO SF NANCY.


Dear Pete:
sigh—you seem lot like Nixon—although you only have the mustache part of the Nixon total criminal look beard.
About the medical… what do you mean, Pete—that Sanders won’t give the health care that people really want…??? LOL, the people want MEDICARE FOR ALL, as everyone is covered, cradle to grave—and with CORVID 19—doesn’t this seem important , Pete?
LOL, what an idiot Pete, because ---- Pete, BERNIE does give a damn, and OMG, you already sold your soul to the corporate ones. -Besides, I do not trust you after YOU announced that YOU won the IOWA vote—when NO VOTES HAD BEEN COMPILED YET? Shame on you, and like Nixon you seem as slimy as a salamander.
BERNIE does not call people names----look in the mirror, PETE! YOU have already sold your soul to the corporate ones, as that’s where you were before. YOU did not beat Bernie–the PEOPLE voted for Bernie—and the sponsor you!

YOU Pete, have no clue as to what Bernie stands for. I also do find that your humanity is missing—that 9 year old little boy, how is he doing? Did you consider how his life might be a nightmare now—now that he was said to come up to speak to you. about being gay? HOW IS HE DOING?
Sadly, you say of Bernie, things that are not true! With your quick growing Nixon like mustache -------you appear to be a Nixon clone and doing anything to win…and by the way, you have that same irritating speech pattern that Obama has, and 8 years of that was enough! YOU may seek Spanish—but sadly you do not speak the TRUTH.
You are using Bernie’s ideas too and yet act as if YOU came up with the ideas----but sadly, please drop the RACE words… you dissed black people for the 8 years you were a mayor. Finally, you aren’t building an America, you are working for the corporate ones----and they have been in power since Reagan.: (


As a person who has voted for Jesse Jackson, Ralph Nader, David Kucinich, and Jill Stein, I find honor in having cast my ballots for “loosers”. Sixty-three million people voted for Hillary Clinton and she couldn’t even beat a racist, carnival barker; talk about a loser. I remember a guy by the name of Joe Crowley, backed by big money, big power players, and the No. 3 in the Democratic Party, losing to a small, Puerto Rican woman who had nothing but a people’s message and the guts to think she could win.


In case you didn’t notice, Chuckles Schumer voted no on NAFTA 2.0 because the deal lacked environmental regulations. No way would he have ever voted that way if he didn’t hear the pitter-patter of size 4, Puerto Rican flats coming up behind him and his 2022 reelection bid. Schumer is spineless enough to be brought on board the progressive agenda while Nancy is a snake in the grass neocon who will fight against the working class every chance she gets while spouting platitudes.


I envision the first Palestinian-American House Speaker in Rashida Tlaib. I live for the day AIPAC comes knocking and is told to FO.


As a great Republican activist once said through his protest sign:

“Get a brain, moran”

You know who else backed losing candidates?
President Clown Wig, who backed 41 of them in 2018.


This is a winning endorsement even if the candidate does not win.

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“There is one infallible test that fixes the status of a political party and its candidates. Who finances them?..Both the Republican and Democratic parties reek with corruption in their servility to the capitalist class…” - Eugene Debs


I’ve listened to Buttar… we should be feeling privileged and honored for this person to represent us and defend the Constitution. Please, Please Please check him out! Yes he looks weird but damn is he the best Constitutional Advocate I have EVER heard… (imo of course)


You are absolutely correct, Buttar is awesome - an intelligent, knowledgeable, and well-spoken progressive! There are several videos on YT that people can checkout; here is a link to one of them.



Buttar should be Bernie’s VP candidate, but he has to beat Pelosi first. He is leading her by a considerable amount now.
If Bernie loses the presidency, Buttar would be an excellent ‘speaker of the house’. If Bernie wins, Buttar should be the next supreme court judge. In either case he should have an excellent career ahead of him. Top notch guy.


Donate to His Campaign–I just did. COME ON-EVERYBODY!!


A salute to all California activists–please help get Bernie and Shaid elected! Love from Vermont.

Please join me and get neighbors, friends, family to donate to his campaign,