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'Not My President': Anti-Trump Demonstrations Swell Nationwide


'Not My President': Anti-Trump Demonstrations Swell Nationwide

Nika Knight, staff writer

In the wake of Donald Trump's shocking victory, Americans around the country took to the streets Wednesday evening to express their fear, anger, and opposition to what a Trump presidency represents.


That's a lot of energy that the DNC had no use for.


Isn't "Not My President" exactly what the fascist have been saying about Obama?
I am afraid my country elected him, so he is my president.


"Not My President" was exactly what I was planning to say in the event of the widely expected HRC ascendency to the throne. That didn't happen, thank goodness. We would not have seen this immediate pushback against HRC. Pre-emptive public demonstrations against anticipated Presidential flaws is A Good Thing. It sends a message.


The hardliners in the apparatus have already proven that won;t play. Is there no danger of losing everyone else?


while protests are fun, they carry little weight. It will take a lot of hard work, that's not very exciting, to survive the Trump America reality show for the next four years. We will have to demand that the democrats obstruct the rabid right at every turn to protect what we have. We will have to work very hard to elect better progressive democrats, and we will have to get rid of third way democrats who enable republicans. We have entered into a dangerous time, and we must use every tool we have to keep America from becoming a fascist state. I've heard all my life that this kind of thing couldn't happen in America, but it has.
Now we must work very hard to protect and defend our citizens, our constitution and our country from these raving republicans who are out to destroy us.


I have a feeling that the establishment and the MIC are prodding along their agent provocateurs on the streets of New York to put on a phony show. They will not succeed because we know that they have the Zionist billionaires, the wall street banksters and the MIC manipulating. It is one thing to protest for instance Trump's pro oil gas drilling policies and denying global warming but this is nothing but Israeli agents venting anger and trying to agitate and stir up trouble on the US streets which will not get off the ground.


I kind of recall the Democrats were saying this was treasonous when the Republicans weren't supporting Obama. Trump won, so suck it up. Next time, in the primaries vote for someone without an FBI criminal investigation, like Bernie,


Trump will never be my President. Nothing in Congress will help the people. Time to go outside the Congress into the streets. Volunteer to oppose any of the Trump/GOP actions that are truly offensive and often not moral. Create dedicated groups of people over issues that need attention that the GOP will suppress. Work to win the next election. We are now in fascism, not democracy. The GOP now will pack the Supreme Court for their form of false legality.


Democrats created this nightmare. Even though there are some progressives among them, the party as a whole sold out to the right wing long ago. We cannot trust or expect them to act/react in ways that are truly in the interest of most americans. A new party is desperately needed.

And I mean new. The dismal performance of the Green Party (I voted for Jill) should be a very loud wake-up call to progressives. Apparently, it is not enough to have an excellent platform - first you have to get people interested in even reading it. I imagine that the designation "Green" was enough to turn off many people who would have benefited tremendously from their platform. We either have to come up with a credible alternative - one that truly feels inclusive, or we will devolve into civil war.




Finally - we are at that point where finally massive amounts of people are taking to the streets. I know we've been in the streets a lot since 2000, but I think newer and more people are now ready to fight back. I see the next few years of intense struggle in every way for all of us. We have to take the lessons from the Native Americans in ND -- stay non-violent under all circumstances.


From what I can see, these events are presented by move-on. We all know who funds move-on.

Our oligarchs are having the times of their lives right now. Life's never been better for them.


Unfortunately, he is the President of the United Fascist States of Amerika, who elected him!

If Sinclair Lewis was still alive he would have to write a sequel to his book: IT CAN'T HAPPEN HERE...TO IT HAS HAPPENED HERE!


Yes, he is our president. You can blame the Democratic Party establishment and the MSM/NPR for that. Everything we needed to know, we learned in kindergarten; Cheaters Never Win (for long) and Karma rules. I voted Jill Stein.


" Democrats created this nightmare."

I would argue that even though most democrats are the controlled, corrupt, opposition they are corrupted by the plutocratic 1% that control the Democratic party. The totalitarian oligarchy has created this nightmare..and they could not be happier.

I agree that a strong third party is needed. From my perspective, the only way that will ever happen is there has to be a strong coalition from the progressives on the left and the conservatives on the right.


You know that Giuliani manipulated Comey and Chaffetz with the FBI e-mails plus the media who hammered Clinton every day while ignoring the massive crimes of Trump who went to court today for fraud. Seems it worked on you.


Jill Stein endorsed Trump. You voted for Trump.


Firstly, your country did not elect Trump ... the electoral college elected him. Trump did not win the popular vote.

If it's not direct democracy - it's not democracy. Point proven.

Secondly, Trump is "Not My President."

Why? My president wouldn't be a misogynist or a homophobic and xenophobic buffoon with hate being his #1 emotion and characteristic.

The very first step in active dissent is non-cooperation.

I will not cooperate with the hate-filled programs and legislation that will be presented by Trump and the Republican controlled houses of Congress that will legislate and enforce division among the people of our nation and legislate-in poverty and homelessness by eliminating any and all social programs that resemble a humanitarian safety net. And let's not forget, they also plan to privatize all the "commons."

Here is the reality: Millions of our people cannot see the light of day and have no hope whatsoever of a brighter future. These oligarchs (the elite ruling class) are and will be stealing the money from the people to fill their own pockets with the financial spoils. So, you can have fucking Trump for your president.

I repeat ... Trump is "Not My President."

As much as possible, I'll live my life in anarchy by advocating and practicing equality and justice for everyone.


I'd say this street protesting is counterproductive. Hillary lost, and it was mainly her own doing. Just organize and take control of the democratic party from the no-nothing elites. Then try again in four years.