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'Not My President's Day': Artists and Performers to Resist Trump with Feb. 20 Events


'Not My President's Day': Artists and Performers to Resist Trump with Feb. 20 Events

Nika Knight, staff writer

"Not My President's Day" performances and shows will be taking to stages nationwide on Monday, using the federal holiday to highlight artistic resistance to the Trump administration.


Artists and performers? Sounds more like a festival.


I didn't vote for that racist xenophob. He is not my president. Never will be.


I did n't vote for him either, but unfortunately he is the POTUS. Besides it's the system of corruption that made it ripe for him to get into office. He does provide a lot of material for SNL and Colbert.


How about we rename it PresiDUNCE Day??


Fester, you the Man!


It's the never-ending corrupt system that makes me so cynical.

Remember the movie 'Independence Day' where the Aliens incinerate the White House, well, I'm hoping we don't have to wait till July 4th for the Aliens to make their debut.


This is what you folks have to say?! I think this is a good idea...the more we protest the better. We need to show solidarity any way we can. Call your senators and tell them NOT to vote on Scott Pruitt for the EPA until the 3000 documents that were just released between him and the fossil fuel industry are read. The vote is scheduled for tomorrow. If you haven't called your senators, now is the time!
Did you read this?: http://www.commondreams.org/news/2017/02/16/undeterred-lawmakers-hiding-resistance-prepares-recess


The problem with all this focus on the person of Trump is that it makes for a kind of reverse cult of personality where the outrage itself remains vague and unfocused. It's all Trump-this, Trump-that, when the crisis of our political system is far far broader than that. I think the protests against Pudzer should serve more as the model than these silly hatefests against a grotesque person who is simply a product of the system. It's specific policies (say, an attack on Iran or the gutting of Medicare, should either of those two things happen, or an expansion of Guantanamo or the military budget, and so on) that should be targeted. Simply saying "Resist Trump", when replacing him with Pence or some other Repug goon would only make things worse, is, to my mind, a red herring, not to mention that it empowers the Deep State that is trying to use popular unrest to its own dark ends.