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'Not Nearly Enough': McDonald's Wage Hike Lambasted as Publicity Stunt


'Not Nearly Enough': McDonald's Wage Hike Lambasted as Publicity Stunt

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

One day after fast-food workers and their supporters called for a nationwide strike to demand higher wages and the right to form a union, McDonald's announced Wednesday that it will raise pay for about 90,000 of its U.S. employees—only those who work at the 1,500 locations owned by the corporation—as of July 1, 2015.


Greed is a sickness. It’s not enough to have more money than one can spend in a lifetime . It’s never enough. Selfishness is a symptom of those who don’t care for others. Their world it all about self. They are the one’s that makes life hard, that weakens and demoralize the world. All the Ill of this world, poverty, climate change, war, famine, pestilence, are the causes of greed. They don’t believe in God. They worship at the alter of the dollar. They believe that their wealth makes them superior. Enabling them to look down on others. Their souls are sick and when they die they will become what they hate. Karma is a bitch. We all reap what we sow.


So in their next lives the McDonald’s owners will come back as McDonald’s employees serving chemical nuggets.


I only use McDonald’s for their clean rest rooms and free internet access. I would never eat the crap they serve as food.


I would hope so…I’m more in favor of a Russian style revolution


50 years ago there was a nation wide boycott of grapes that helped the migrants in California. I know it will hurt the minimum wage workers at Mickey D’s, for a while, but a nationwide boycott of the McDonalds that are franchises, until these people are given a living wage, seems to be their best hope, because the only thing that the CEO’s care about is their bottom line.


There will always be greed,but not to the point where 1% control 80% of the weatlh. If that should happen than its time for a do over… I’m fact I would argue that a do over is the only way to check rampant corruption and greed…


The wage hike covers just 10 percent of 14,350 McDonald’s stores nationwide. The rest, which employ about 750,000 people, are owned by franchisees, who the company claims "operate their individual businesses and make their own decisions on pay and benefits for their employees."

Can these operators continue to fly the Golden Arch’s flag if they stop selling Big Macs, the “famous fries?”

Can franchises only hire people of a particular race, religion, gender or orientation (I suppose they can in Indiana)?

I’d assume they would lose their right to be a franchise.

But franchises can pay their employees what they want and have the final say over pay and benefits?

(I wonder what would happen to a franchisee that decided to pay all their employees a living wage, beyond what McDonald’s has announced, beyond $15? They’d probably cease to be a franchise).


What we will hear again is the cacophony of : They should look for a better job and not expect better at fast food." In fact, we’ve been hearing it since the 1980’s, when the term McJobs arose. Reality: For many people it may be one of the only jobs available in their neighborhood, and other reasons, (they are seniors, etc.) And, the reality is, under the “new economy” all those better jobs don’t exist for a lot of people. This call of “look for better” typically comes from men, often older men, who have not had to exist in the service economy as it is for most people. I think this "move up mentality allows a lot of otherwise moral Americans to justify the wage collapse that continues in the country. And what McDonalds does is anything but moral.


“Brooks, who makes $7.25 an hour, declared:”

According to last years media stories MS. Brooks used to be a McDs manager for the last 10 years and quit because she was forced to cut employee hours. Now it seems she’s back there making minimum wage.


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