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Not Okay: Thousands of Women Share Their Stories of Sexual Assault


Not Okay: Thousands of Women Share Their Stories of Sexual Assault

Amidst the uproar over the latest bile spewing from the blowhole of the Orange Vulgarian, writer Kelly Oxford went online to describe her first sexual assault - out of five - and ask women to recount theirs. In 14 hours, she received almost 10 million short grim narratives, or roughly 50 a minute. Not surprised: Feminist Fight Club, who just wrote a survival manual for sexist workplaces. Now they have a new meme: Pussy Grabs Back Nov. 8.


So now, it seems, that along with Nader, Chomsky, Michael Albert, Henry Giroux, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and great majority of the populations of all the nations of the world except Russia, it seems that Ms. Zimet is just a shill for Hillary too.

All this stuff is just feminist "identity politics" and identity politics is just a tool that Killary-Hilary used to divert our attention from the big banksters, her responsibility for single-handedly starting the Syrian civil war, the Libyan civil war and the 2003 invasion of Iraq and now her plans to start a nuclear war with Russia because Putin is such a hero of the male white rac..err, working class! So anyone who brings up identity politics i.e. BLM, anti-violence against women, are actually just shills for Hillary!

Stein-Trump-Putin 2016!

(Sorry Abby, but the only tool us reality-based poeple have left against the grat majority of commenters here is savage satire.)


Way, way too far to be funny. And way too easy to say from where you apparently sit. Nobody mentioned Secretary of State Clinton.

My first sexual assault that I knew to call it that was when I went with my NJ confirmation class (from church) to Radio City Music Hall in NYC, for the annual Easter Show and, I believe, "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" (a sexist experience in itself). There I sat in the Art Deco cavern. I can't remember if it was during the movie or the stage extravaganza. But some creep at my left started touching my 14yo thigh. Subtly at first, but more or more explicitly, lifting the hem of my skirt (doesn't matter how long or short it was). I pulled to the right, where another member of my group, a young man already stretching big and burly, sat. The creep reached farther into my seat. Finally I turned in the dark and said loudly "Would you please keep your hands to yourself?" And as the creep fled, I quietly asked my friend to trade seats with me, just in case.

The sad thing is that I felt I had to wait so long, to be sure it was what I thought it was, and to worry that I was the one disrupting the show.


Sexual assault is horrific and should not be tolerated.

Trump is vile but so are the Clintons. Why are Democrats and Republicans suddenly shocked by Trump's behavior when the deviant sexual behavior of Bill Clinton was brushed aside by many as "personal" and not a reflection on his qualifications to conduct his duties as president? Which way is it?

By in effect tacitly accepting his behavior, Hillary Clinton is either simply an opportunistic, power-hungry politician or is an insecure enabler - either way, not a good example for young girls/women.

She, if not single-handedly, has contributed to and enabled ALL of the atrocities that take place during wars (regime change, for-profit wars and tactical maneuvers), including the killing of innocent women, children, and men and which at times I'm sure include sexual assault.

Neither Trump nor Clinton deserve the time or attention they will receive in the "debate" tonight let alone the Presidency. Listening to them is pointless anyway since we know by Hillary's own admission she only shares with the public what she thinks they want/need to hear while her private opinions are shared with her Wall Street donors.

Thank goodness Democracy Now! will be allowing Jill Stein to be heard.


That is sad and a sad statement about our society. I'm sorry you experienced that or any other assault.


This is how rape culture gets turned back on women, along with 'how short was her skirt' and, yes, 'don't make a fuss.'

Anyway, there is nothing in the OP about HRC, let alone WJC, and turning the story of DJT's misogyny onto 'yeah, but the Clintons' is changing the subject and missing the point.


I don't think it is missing the point at all. HRC is running for the same office Trump is and they should be held to the same standards. I simply made a comparison that I think is valid. The Clinton's behavior perpetuates the problem of sexual abuse/assault and her decisions as an elected official have affected thousands/millions of women, children and men. I agree with your statement, the quotation above which implies that you agree their behavior is part of the problem.


You totally miss the point, and either your feminine name is a ruse, or you've been fortunate to be one of the rare women to have never faced sexual assault. If you have to twist "in effect" and "tacitly" to make HRC responsible for her husband's betrayal of his vows to her, you have missed the point entirely.

And WJC's infidelity has nothing to do with HRC's performance as Secretary of State, and is no way to compare her and DJT. Sexual assault is the topic here. Get off everything else.


Yes, but if you are going to say that Hillary is partly responsible for US foreign interventions and aid to repugnant regimes (like Israel) than pretty much every politician, including Bernie Sanders, can be considered responsible too.

Engaging in electoral politics should not be confused with antiwar activism, not should be it confused with savior-selection, not should it be confused with an expression of personal catharsis. Its only purpose is to produce a result that is most likely to be marginally more favorable for our organizing and activism. Or in other words, select the enemy we can most effectively fight and keep the most difficult ones out - as part of a tactic that should be part of a longer term strategy.


You shouldn't claim to know what abusive experiences someone you don't know at all has had. My personal history is none of your business and you obviously don't know what you're talking about by coming to that conclusion.

The connection to Trump's sexual behavior and his ability to lead us has been made all over the media. Bill Clinton's sexual behavior has been well-documented; Hillary's response to that is significant. Her decisions as an elected representative have influence on the treatment of men and women throughout the world. I have not deviated from the topic of sexual assault in the least. It is not stretching the discussion to bring up relevant ideas or associations even though they may be unpalatable or not fit what you want to be portrayed.

I don't think this conversation is going anywhere so I will once again say, I'm sorry for the abusive experiences you've had, no one deserves that. Having leaders that set good examples will go a long way in ensuring others won't have to experience similar atrocities, in this country or others.


The unwanted groping (the old term was "make a pass") is vile of course, but isn't "assault" a bit extreme a word? If that is the case, then I was "assaulted" by a gay guy once.


I'm confused by what you are saying. You said initially that Hillary was singled-handedly responsible for multiple wars or invasions. I don't think she is solely responsible for them, that seems beyond exaggeration. She is partly responsible.

I'm not looking for a savior or catharsis and have no expectation of anything remotely close to that with Jill Stein, Bernie or anyone, ever. The article was discussing sexual assault and I simply wanted to point out the duplicity of the media and politicians.


If you don't know the difference between "groping" and "making a pass," it's no surprise you don't know that anything that turns another human being into a sexual object is assault.

I'm sorry for your unpleasant experience, whatever it was.


It's hard to agree with your point without sounding like I'm condoning sexual assault in any form. Of course I don't condone any behavior that leaves anyone feeling demeaned, hurt or losing any of their personal power or self worth.

However, you are correct that all of this printed Political Theater over Trump's sense of entitled crotch grabbing is largely devoid of any mention of Bill Clinton's perverse attraction to younger women (along with his own long list of women he's sexually assaulted).

The bottom line I think is that since the beginning of civilization, men (and a few women) in positions of power and celebrity use sex as a means of maintaining their sense of power over those they feel are beneath them.

Is it wrong? Of course! Does it happen? All the time! Does it need to change? You betcha! Is it going away anytime soon? I like to hope so but probably not.

So what are we left with? This whole article is again about voting for the lesser of two evils by employing identity politics in order to get you to hate one more than you hate the other. How about voting for someone we actually like for a change?

Stein 2016!


No. This article wasn't about any kind of politics. It's about how horrifyingly common the experience of sexual assault is for women in the US. You demean all of our "thousands of" experiences by making it political. It will "go away" only if men start keeping their minds out of our underwear and stop dismissing it as "it happens."


There is no denying this article is about politics and would seem to imply, given the choices being forced upon us, it is also about voting for the lesser of two evils; but, it is also about abuse. Reading some of the tweets in her timeline and the conversation between Trump and Stern makes me feel like vomiting.

The Esquire article is good, showing the canker that the Republican Party is and how a candidate Trump was eventually bound to happen. Unfortunately, the Democrats have debased themselves to the extent that they are now no better - though it could be argued that the Democrats have been less overt in their vocalization of their contempt for the majority of people and the earth thereby deceiving (some) people into thinking they still represent them. Fortunately, more people are realizing they don't.

Vote Stein.


I'm sorry it's always about politics. Whenever one group asserts power over another by any means, it's about politics - especially when the context of the article is about something Trump said.

Please don't get me wrong. As a victim of childhood sexual assault myself, I certainly do empathize with the sense of powerlessness that comes from having one's power taken away from them, especially when the victim is young and lacks the coping mechanisms to deal with it.

Just because "It happens", doesn't make it right.

My point is, however, that people in Power have been using sex as a means of control since the dawn of civilization. From the monarchs to the oligarchs, to fathers, babysitters and priests, sex is used as a political tool to demean and take power (both real and political) from those who would otherwise choose to exercise it.

My son is 8 years old and (thankfully) has never had to deal with anyone trying to sexually assault him. If he's lucky, he'll be the first generation in my family to not have to deal with that. Unfortunately, even if he lives his entire life without ever being sexually assaulted or being a witness to it, he'll be among a very small minority. That's the level of pervasiveness that this rape culture has on us.


Thanks for mansplaining.

I'm sorry for your experience, hope you're right about your son's innocence, and hope it stays that way. But are there no women in your family? This article was, certainly, about women's lived experience. Taking it back to men's experience is another kind of exercise of power.


My first one happened when I was eight and the director of the Boy's department at the local YMCA where I was a member, grabbed my penis when we were alone in the bathroom while telling me this was OK because that's what guys did together and wouldn't I like to take a look at his. (This was 1959) I learned not be caught alone in the bathroom when he was around. After a couple of years of dodging him (sometimes unsuccessfully) one day he was gone and a new, non-molesting director took his place. No explanations...nothing. Everything on the down-low. I suspect he was discovered and transferred to another YMCA to avoid liability. Worse yet, I really liked the man and looked to him as a father figure (mine was dead) who taught me to play chess. I'm surprised nothing has come out about the YMCA. Its not just an inexpensive place to spend the night and lots of children are involved.

The history of rape culture is the history of civilization. There is nothing new under the sun. Children have been treated as sex objects as far back as memory can go. Even amongst the aristocrats, no one was safe. Children who would one day assume political control of a country, were regularly raped by their minders...even the heir to the throne was not safe. English culture looked favorably on fathers molesting their daughters as the little tykes needed the guiding hand (and dick) of a responsible adult to educate them properly as to what was expected of them in the marriage bed. This was the medieval form of sex education. This should shine a little perspective on the bizarre actions many rulers have taken over the centuries. None too surprising when one considers the warped mind set of everyone from the top on down after a childhood of regular forced sex acts. It has only been within the past few decades this has come to public attention and most remain unaware of how hugely pervasive the problem has been. (Mainly because everyone thinks it only happened to them) Oddly, today's concern for the welfare and mental wellbeing of children is historically the exception rather than the rule.


I'm not sure why this was directed as a reply to me, or what I'm supposed to take from it. But just because it happens to a lot of people and has happened for centuries still doesn't make it okay.