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'Not On Our Watch': AOC, In Powerful Floor Speech, Declares House Democrats Will Protect Civil Rights Law From Trump

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/27/not-our-watch-aoc-powerful-floor-speech-declares-house-democrats-will-protect-civil


Corporate banks will never do the right thing–no matter how we right the laws.

Either we detooth corporate banking with a national public bank or with competition from state public banks, or redlining will continue in one form or another. And as AOC says, the gentrification and hollowing out of urban neighborhoods will continue.

For those of us who want to do something until that time comes, we can join urban or black-managed credit unions who actually love and invest in their neighborhoods. Fifty bucks for a membership is a cheap contribution for urban stabilization.

Sure could use another 300 AOC’s.


Brava to AOC - her voice is soo needed in the wasteland of the DP fraud party. The institutionalized weakness and complicity within the Democratic Party is beyond contempt to wholesale betrayals… The servitude by the entrenched Dem leadership to big-money, banker usury, corporate thefts, and war-machine rather than the critical needs and future of the vast majority of public and voters is the MO of Pelosi, Schumer, Perez, et al, - a path paved by the Clintons and especially Obama the great hype who sold us out at every turn - he showed his lack of quality in almost every action or lack of action!

The private political party is a fraud! A tool of big money and other interests, not the people! One might think they would want to actually win elections to secure the future, but they are too corrupt, complicit, and cowardly to see the truth or have a functional Moral Compass!


Yeah well seeing is believing. I believe AOC but not the hundreds of right wing democrats and republicans who would have to join her to make a stand. Anyway people in this country don’t want civil liberties, they are too “impractical”, and a threat to the national security,establishments and any number of sorry excuses that have been made to justify reducing the USA to the point of tyranny.


The Community Reinvestment Act passed in 1977 and Waters’s resolution defending it was introduced last week. Given Democrats have already passed a bill revoking then Supreme Court’s Shelby vs Holder decision gutting the Civil Rights Act and passed the most progressive unemployment insurance payments ever (run out in July, sadly), I don’t know why you’d be negative now. Moreover, it’s the Trump administration that’s the problem, it’s the one undermining the CRA. A House resolution isn’t going to stop the administration from doing that.


The banks understand fully well that keeping people ( the other ) out, is easier to accomplish than keeping them in. ( See The Garrison State, Bantustaning, Et Al ). Using the Police & Security State as their primary enforcement tool, of course ( The Military Model ). Gentrification works to do just that; by sanctioned legal practices; of city, county and state law, again of course, and public/private partnership ( insider deals ) investment practices. Of both public monies ( general taxes, granted waivers and suspension/lessening of fees, etc. ) and private investors using the panoply banks, REITS, hedge funds… the whole smorgasboard of cash ( funny money, too ) and credit. Generated from the accumulated wealth of 1%ers and their many surrogates, pretty much. Who write tax laws, tax policy, etc…SOSDD ( Same old shit, different decade ).
Re-write and change ( again!!! ) tax law to a truly progressive system; from the bottom to the top and incentivize those things which…oh hell, just get A Whole New Congress. Please & Thank You.
Do that by writing, then following and enforcing white collar criminal law, for a change. Please & Thank You.
Oh. Eat The Rich, too. Or, feed them to starving polar bears or packs of feral dogs. I don’t really give a shxt at this point, either way.


And feed the faux Christians (who co-opt the teaching of Christ) to lions.


I believe AOC as well. I trust the House will protect civil rights from Trump but will AOC and her tiny squad have enough power to protect them from Biden?


AOC is the political, progressive that we all need to support in 2024 for POTUS.


… that’s my GIRL!!!

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Unfortunately, in my opinion, the answer to your question IS AN UNEQUIVOCAL NO!

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Watch and learn

Retire corporate GOP congress-members to their final nesting places.

"Swamp Rat Garbage-Out-Piles."


The “Democrats and Republicans are the same” contingent and their endless self-absorbed, self-feeding negativity only get more shrill the more actions in the House like this show that the Democrats are nothing like the lunatic fascist Republicans.


Seriously? The reason is obvious. The “master legislator” always passes meaningful legislation that will never see the light of day so she can continue the charade that Establishment Democrats are liberal. We know this to be true because not a single piece of meaningful liberal legislation was passed in 2009-2010.


Do you have some kind of information indicating that Biden would support this Trump rule change or other weakening of civil rights legislation?

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2009-2010 was more than 10 years, and five congresses ago.

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Don’t bother responding to KC2669. He/she behaves like a paid DNC (Russian? Chinese?) troll. There is no “there” there.

But, as Adam states, none of what we say here matters so long as we have a supermajority of this country that are morons (Ds and Rs).

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That is my opinion.

White America needs to hear this call for justice, fairness, and help the cause of anti bigotry.
Bless those people and coalitions that are standing tall.
That goes for NASCAR and the NFL too.
Colin needs to be recognized too. Perhaps on opening day.

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