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'Not On Our Watch': AOC, In Powerful Floor Speech, Declares House Democrats Will Protect Civil Rights Law From Trump

During this entire uprising of people against police brutality and the foundational suppression of civil rights, the democratic leadership, and particularly Nancy Pelosi have met it with a collective meh.
The democrats did a victory lap in 1965 after the Civil Rights act was passed, and then stopped working for them. They treated the civil rights act the same way they treated Roe v Wade, and Medicare and Medicaid, and the same way law enforcement treats PFAs. It’s on paper, so we can take a nap.
Democrats have been napping for fifty years. All the while taking for granted the support of African Americans and the aged. And now we stand in 2020, in a fascist nation where Jim Crow is live and well, and old people are dying dogs because they fear going bankrupt by seeking medical treatment for Covid.
I have heard nothing, NOTHING, from the Democratic leadership, or Joe Biden, that would make me confident that they can handle the coming tribulations of post Covid America. Biden has done nothing to earn my vote. And if he doesn’t promise the New Deal on steroids before November, he won’t get it. I would rather see this nation go down in flames in 2021 than to have a wishy-washy inept Democratic Party slow walk us to apocalypse in 2025.


A positive article about positive thinking and proposals from democrats will always get trolled here on CD.
Lots of snide booing from the cheap seats is generally the daily fare.

We need to remember, or learn about the difficulty our first black athletes had to overcome. Thrown into the colosseum with the white lions.


My opinion is that Biden will end the Trump disaster but fall short in a lot of ways (wage and hour and union protections, environmental protection, foreign policy and of course healthcare) but he will not weaken civil rights.

Also, times are changing and the Democratic Party is, slowly, starting to move leftward from the push from younger poeple and primary challenges. Their shift to unanimous support for DC statehood - once considered a “radical” position (I grew up and lived in the DC area most of my first 35 years) is a sign of this. I know my centrist Democratic rep. is taking up positions he formerly wouldn’t. But yes, the test of whether they have changed will be what they do when they have a majority in congress and a Democrat president. The first two years of Obama were not good. I’ll never forget the card-check legislation betrayal.


Just did a google search which says she is now 30 years old.She will not be the required 35 years old.
It will have to be the 2028 election before she can run for president.

It will take most of that eight years to recover from the trump crooks.
AOC in the meantime gets more education on our polarized political scene.
She will be more seasoned, have more support, and have a better chance of winning.


Excellent reply. From my perspective, Biden has always been a corrupt, politician ( an oxymoron? ) but compared to Trump whose corruption is beyond hyperbole and his Republican, Fascist Party… Biden is an Earth Angel!


And therein lies our problem, once again, in 2020 we will be forced to choose between the lesser of two evils.
Lesser of two evil-ism has brought us to the brink we at today. Every president since Ike has been more conservative than his Party’s predecessor. That has led us to a point where we have not had a genuine progressive in office since Ike (with a slight nod to LBJ, although Vietnam and its aftermath more than destroyed his civil rights and Medicare good will)
My comment from above still stands. We need a revolutionary president in post Covid, post Trump America. The one word that definitely doesn’t come to mind when I hear Joe Biden is revolutionary. Quite the opposite. The best that status quo Joe even promises is to stop the bleeding.


I have enjoyed good service from a couple credit unions since some time in the 1980s.

Each stayed solid and in the black through financial crises because they invested conservatively, to serve clients, rather than for the not infrequent casino sorts of speculation, which serve the largesse of people within the business. When I had an identity theft problem, the union that I was with at the time made good on my funds.

The best part, though, is knowing that they are not renting my congresspeople.


Pretty words.

Will she actually do something to pressure the other dems to follow through?


Perhaps BigB, or perhaps he will find “new” ways to bleed us dry.

As long as 95% continue to vote for the Democrat or the Republican, We the People will “never” be given any worthy choices.


Since you’re a fairly young man in your 50’s, you will have the opportunity to see if I am right or wrong.

At least, a lot longer than I.


Mea Culpa…thanks!

Yes, nothing changes, except the names that are selected for us. I think JFK may have been the exception because he was the only POTUS ever selected that turned on his selectors.


Yeah, and that didn’t end well for Jack, did it?


Its the same DNC leadership today, and in fact AOC voted Pelosi as speaker of the house, long after Pelosi declared impeachment was off the table for Bush/Cheney’s abduction without due process campaign, torture spree.and illegal invasion for oil. In fact about 80 percent of the democrats who voted for the Iraq war are still in the house and senate today. The same ones who rushed the patriot act through, and signed off on Obama’s defense authorization act, and even more invasive violation of civil liberties. The same democrats who remained deafeningly silent as Obama made presidential ordered assassinations an everyday fact of life, even on American citizens. The same democrats who eagerly supported invasion of Venzuela only months ago, who initiated the slaughter in Syria, who made McCarthyism look tame in comparison as they went after Snowden and Assange, burying freedom of the press permanently in a ten mile deep grave… These are the same Democrats who resorted to election rigging and innumerable election irregularities to prevent a Sanders candidacy, even at the cost of allowing a Trump victory. But yeah, democrats are different, in name, in appearances. Democrats differ only in that their voting base must be lied to and manipulated if they are to be elected, while republicans seem to enjoy the obvious excesses of their elected NAZI candidates.

As for Biden, big banking never had a stronger advocate in all of history. and Biden aggressively acted to eliminate personal bankruptcy protections for student loans while taking care to protect corporate bankruptcy, and at the same time doing nothing to reduce education costs or increase educational assistance. Today spiraling education costs and the indentured servitude of millions of educated Americans are his lasting legacy, as well as the increased division of wealth…


Glad to see you identify that the Democratic party has also been working for corporate America.

I’m from Canada and cannot believe that your Congress has allowed a predatory health care system to exist for decades, where some Americans profit off the ill health of other Americans, sometimes to the point of bankruptcy and foreclosure. That’s just sick.

But it’s going to be a tough row to hoe to get any changes accomplished unless the Democrats gain control of all of Congress so the evil Mitch McConnell can be made impotent, though hopefully he’ll get the boot on Nov 3 even if voters have to travel long distances and wait in long lines all night to vote in Kentucky.

And change in the US is hamstrung by how brainwashed young Republicans are. I often think the US should divide into two countries. Let the ones who want to control womens’ bodies, open carry guns, blindly follow the rich and keep everyone out who isn’t white have their own rotten country.


Couldn’t agree more on forming two countries. Eastern U.S. of A. and Western U.S. of A. The Senate would go completely away and … Congressional districts would stay the same. Nebraska would start the Western border all the way to the N. Mexico southern border.
The Pacific Coast would have the clout it deserves. And, hanging people from The Dakotas and Wyoming would be legal…on Native American land. It’s a start, anyway. { some snark }

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May was an interesting month for the american experiment. Crowds of people upset with the status quo took to the streets with their frustrations. I expect things will continue along these lines in the future. Also, possibly creating a new form of government, because the current one(the american experiment) is toast.


Is there a copy of this speech available. I’d very much like to read it.

I hear you. How did they come up with 77 year old Joe Biden as the democratic nominee for president? Is this the best they can do? At this juncture, i think even AOC might be a better choice to unseat Trump(maybe). I’m not mentioning Bernie cause i think he was a cut-out candidate all along for Biden. Yea, the democratic party seems to be acting like “were the good guys and the other guys are the bad guys”. Sorry, not good enough They’re both bought and paid-for by the rich thugs who are ruining our country so they can get their slimy hands on more money for their disgusing habits.


Isn’t it strange how the democratic controlled media says nothing about all your stated observations of Biden’s legacy? You see, it’s a losing battle for the electorate when their vote is basically worthless. It’s the powers that are in charge who decide who is the next puppet in chief.