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'Not On Our Watch': Rights Groups Rally to Help Immigrant Communities Ahead of Reported Weekend Raids by ICE

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/21/not-our-watch-rights-groups-rally-help-immigrant-communities-ahead-reported-weekend


Unconscionable. Again, raise hell with MOC AND DHS & ICE.

WETHEPEOPLE OPPOSE NAZISM. Help out where and how you can.


Anyone who opposes this bigoted, unjust, and inhumane action must, at a minimum, speak out. Speak to your family and friends; write or call your municipal, county, state, and federal representation; speak to your faith leaders (if any); speak to your co-workers.

Totalitarian nations as proven by historical evidence have begun by, among other actions, demonization of the “other”. Will the people of the US vigorously oppose this and demand justice (along with comprehensive immigration reform), or will it continue on the path to totalitarianism?

They are ‘undocumented’ because they entered illegally and they are not ‘immigrants’ because there is a process to become an immigrant that they ignored.
Also, ICE is not arresting and deporting ‘families’, they are targeting convicted criminals that have had their day in court and failed to show up for their removal.

Oh please.

ICE has been specifically targeting families for year -and this predates Trump. In past years they’ve gone so far as to use the Christmas Holiday periods for their round ups and detention.

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