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'Not on Our Watch': Tech Employees Vow to Combat Right-Wing Agenda


'Not on Our Watch': Tech Employees Vow to Combat Right-Wing Agenda

Nika Knight, staff writer

In advance of a "tech summit" between Silicon Valley leaders and President-elect Donald Trump at New York's Trump Tower on Wednesday, over 200 tech employees have signed an open letter vowing to fight Trump's campaign promises to build a "Muslim registry" and deport millions of people.

"Now is the time for tech giants to stand up against Trump's hate."
—Heidi Hess, CREDO Action


Russia has to earn a peaceful stance. Forget about appeasement which you seem to be supporting.


It is encouraging to see see people refusing to cooperate on a Muslim registry. I would hope of companies like Facebook and Google do cooperate that they would be boycotted as much as possible. I try to avoid to avoid both of these companies where possible as it because of privacy concerns certainly for those registered with Facebook should end their accounts and those who search using Google should switch to DuckDuckGo or another search engine and for mapping use Mapquest instead of Google, etc. A line should be drawn at a Muslim registry. That has to be stopped.


Putin destroyed the democracy that was taking shape in Russia. It is simply an aggressive dictatorship run by a ruthless former KGB agent. Nobody with any sense should pay any attention to what you are posting.


I wonder where the voices are in the tech industry regarding this development in the UK.

Note as per the Article US Agencies get around laws forbidding mass surveillance of its Citizens by having the Data forwarded to the UK where those agencies can determine the contents and then update the US agencies as to the content.

Voila no laws broken.

This IS happening now and it every bit a symptom of a Fascist state as is a Muslim registry.


You know you can use Google without being logged into a Google account, right? That way you're just another Joe.


"nothing else matters right now. " Say what?
Kind of shot yourself in the foot - oops, both feet.


Nothing else matters except for a whole lot of things Trump will be responsible for. Net neutrality being another item I read about being high on that list today. It'll be interesting to see how sites like CD fair under a regime of double charging and throttling by ISPs.


This is very encouraging! Inspiring and hopeful. The workers are saying they shall not use the boss' tools to do the boss' bidding. This is the crux of the matter. All the tools are in the hands of the working class. When we cease to do the boss' bidding, we expropriate the boss' capital; and with it, build a new world. The tech and communications people are showing us the way.