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'Not On Our Watch': Women's Rights Groups Reject Pence Prediction of Ending Abortion 'In Our Time'


'Not On Our Watch': Women's Rights Groups Reject Pence Prediction of Ending Abortion 'In Our Time'

Julia Conley, staff writer

Reproductive rights groups and pro-choice lawmakers strongly rejected Vice President Mike Pence's prediction that legal abortion would end "in our time," and vowed that his declaration, made at a conference in Nashville on Tuesday, would ensure that the pro-choice movement works even harder to ensure that abortion care remains accessible and safe for women.

Pence promises abortion will end in his lifetime. Not if my lifetime has anything to say about it. https://t.co/bTHaSnRhLr


Hey Mike, Mother is going to give you all holy heck for thinking about lady parts again. You have been warned.


No Medicare For All for us citizens, right mike? Oh that is such living the life I can’t stand it. Just like winning so much I can’t stand it, right mikey? Rightside Mike Wrongway Pense.


Well Pence just tipped his hand. Gave us some incite as to his intelligence, 2 points below rock life.
What a total fool.


Hypocrites like Pence who talk about “the sanctity of life” while they promote an agenda of war and abandonment of the poor and working class, destruction of the environment, removal of protections for public lands - and on and on and on - deserve the worse fate imaginable. Does anyone really think Mikey cares about aborted fetuses? Does anyone think he cares about the future of America or Americans. Platitudes and lies. He and his ilk should be breaking rocks behind prison walls; set free those who are there for victimless, non-violent crimes, and let Mikey live to see an end to his crimes “in our time.”


THIS is what you get if Dumbf is impeached! Then, guess what? Paul Asshole Ryan! Geez, do ya think the deck is stacked against “We the People”? But guess who helped stack this dirty deck? IDIOTIC VOTING BY IDIOTIC PEOPLE!!!


Considering this and so much else that can be ascribed to this vice of vice-presidents, what else is to be expected after all from one who may be regarded himself as a most miserable consequence of a neglected abortion? (Thank you, Karl Kraus.)


For the life of me, does anyone understand why evangelicals like Pence and his fellow Bible thumping hypocrites, protect the unborn while they condone murdering the born! They seem to have no problem murdering innocent civilian, men, women, and especially; children in illegal wars?


Thanks for the laughs to start my day with


Watch your blood pressure Fokker.

It wasn’t just those who voted for Trump who must share some shame in the 2016 election.

Until shame for supporting our military intrusion all over the globe in Empire building established and maintained by the parties of the Duopoly, our country will languish as just another purveyor of violence, in a world that has become more violent as a result of our government’s insistence on the spread of weapons for profit, and constant attempts at regime change.


More red meat for the extreme right wing nut cases. All that red meat seems to have given them heart disease, to the point where they have become completely heartless.

Pence has no conception (pun intended) of the misery his thinking would foist on innocent people.


mister pence! you have every right to choose and act according to your beliefs. however, let me make this perfectly clear, you have no right, zero, zilch to foist your views on another human being–especially an adult woman. each and every one of us, whether you like it or not, has the unalienable right to dominion over our own bodies. i knew as a young bride how lucky to be born into a world with access to “the pill.” my mom taught me about the dangers of over-population of the human species. each of us has a responsibility to reproduce cautiously. the reasons a woman may seek to end a pregnancy differ with every case. if you, mr. pence, force an unprepared woman into giving birth, then you, mr. pence, must accept the responsibility for your decision. after all, sir, every newborn babe deserves to feel welcomed and wanted!

simple if you act according to your personal beliefs all you need do is set the example and not to have an abortion. oh wait just a darn minute! you don’t have “womb” to speak on this subject, do you? so, we’ll, have to trust the women who do have “womb” to speak, the women who bear the consequences to make that decision for themselves and their family. sure, some will make a regrettable mistake to learn from, but over all trust women to make the correct choice.

back off, pence! you don’t have a dog in this show.



You imply Pence has the ability to “think” for himself.

His “strings” have been manipulated by others for decades.


Can we make that “EvangeliKKKals”…?


Yes! I think Chris Hedges nailed it when he called these church people a cult of: CHRISTIAN FASCISTS.


I must take the side of Fokker on this. I agree with you up to a point about the Duopoly, but the D side has nothing to compare with lunatics such as Pence. Democrats are capable of change. Theocratic Authoritarians are not!


I think it has to do with “power over women.” The umbrella under which a Christian family is protected from evil is their head–the father. Women are supposed to be beholding to the “male.” If you’re pregnant, a man did it. So one dare not kill the seed of the man. As for war and all the other things you named, “righteousness” takes over there. The “pagan hordes” are looked at as enemies of God. Therefore, they are not deemed worthy of protection. They may be slaughtered–just as the bible says to “kill every one of them lest they contaminate the people of God.” Today’s so called Christians get mixed up with the “law” of the Old Testament, and the “Spirit” of the Word in the New Testament. As I’ve said before, if Jesus was alive today, the Christian Churches would kill him again. They would say he was of Satan! The far right-wing Christian Conservatives are present day Pharisees.


In this country Jesus would be arrested for leaving water for dying immigrants in the desert; or for giving food to homeless people in the park!


True. Thanks for your reply.
Maybe that is why Jesus is delaying his return; he knows he would be crucified again!


This is why we need to get them all out from the bottom up. Let them all fall like a house of cards.