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'Not One Day More': Massive London Rally Says No to Austerity, Privatization


'Not One Day More': Massive London Rally Says No to Austerity, Privatization

- Common Dreams staff

Tens of thousands marched through central London on Saturday to protest privatization and austerity that has led to cuts in spending for education and public services.

Many carried signs reading: "No More Austerity", "Cuts Cost Lives" and "Tories Out."

After holding a minute's silence in honor of the victims of the deadly Grenfell Tower fire in London, which killed at least 80 people, and staging a round of applause for the emergency services.


[quote=“CommonDreams, post:1, topic:42903”]Massive London Rally Says “NO!” to Austerity, Privatization
" . . . Corbyn told the crowd: ‘We are the people, we are united and we are determined, we are not going to be divided or let austerity divide us. We are increasing in support and we are determined to force another election as soon as we can’.” [/quote] Too bad we can’t just throw out Congress, at least, and “force another election here as soon as we can”
like early next month!!


Austerity is the Big Lie that Just Won’t Die.

The 1% arrange to keep 99% of the Wealth while telling us that for things that comprise the Common Good, “The Money Just Isn’t There” and “We’re All Going to Have to Tighten Our Belts.”

It’s good that this is finally coming out into Daylight.

It’s bad that this won’t be featured on the Evening News or on the Front Page of the Morning Paper.


[quote=“HowlingCoyote, post:3, topic:42903”]“The 1% arrange to keep 99% of the Wealth while telling us that for things that comprise the Common Good, ‘The Money Just Isn’t There’ and ‘We’re All Going to Have to Tighten Our Belts’.”[/quote] It’s high time to tighten THEIR belts – like around their necks!!

Return to Eisenhower-Era Pro$perity?   — Return to Eisenhower-Era Tax Rate$!!


Hello UncleFester, I was thinking the same thing after reading the article. If done correctly then there would be quite a few “swinging dicks” when the belts are fastened to horizontal bars!!!


#Same Shit-Different Country!


Because this will not be in the MSM we all must tell our brothers and sisters, our mothers and fathers, our friends and co-workers that what is happening right here at home is also happening in the U.K.

Coyote, I’m sure you already have, and we must all commit to spreading the word. Repressive, corrupt governance will not stand and the People will not stand for it.


Organized crime pays no taxes and follows no laws and keeps their profits in offshore tax havens. They have the competitive advantage. They can offer politicians and police a deal they can’t refuse. Think about all the billions of profits from drug crime laundered through willing banks and invested where? Consider how few stories in the news media on the goings on of organized crime.

How can you have a free market when 10 companies or less control 99% of the food supply for example. And that is in every sector of society. How do you define capitalism when market forces are controlled and demand is engineered?

The bottom line of capitalism is there is no bottom. and we are heading there fast.

We are ruled by criminals.


[quote=“StevenLJones, post:8, topic:42903”]“Think about all the billions of profits from drug crime laundered through willing banks [and foreign lands] and invested where?”[/quote] Invested where?  Why in bankrupt casinos, hotels & golf courses, of course.
Why do you think we aren’t allowed to see Humpty-Trumpty’s tax returns??

An’ from what I’ve heard, it’s pretty hard to build ANYTHING in New York wit’out makin’ da deal y’ couldn’t refuse wit’ dose guys what control da construction unions . . .


The pendulum threatens to swing the other way and the oligarchy will try to stop it. War with Iran?


Thus spoke Zarathustra…


I wish to join the three of you as an honorable lot… Thanks.


These damn austerity crooks should have volunteered to pay higher taxes to compensate for the economic loss and to invest in local economies to create well paying jobs for local communities. Instead they socialize their costs and privatize the profits with little to no taxes paid. No business should be allowed to grow that powerful to corrupt a government.


People. Planet. Peace. Justice. Corporations ARE THE PROBLEM! Trump is a symptomatic pimple on the arses of the bankster-owned Repubs and Dems - the free-loading, check-cashing - willing-to-do-harm to the least of Us. The ne’er-do-well class of low-life, political talking suits. (- 99% Repubs - 51% Dems). We the People, need to rid ourselves (bannish) of the 51% of corporate Dems - by occupying every stinking DNC precinct office, including those of present office-holders!

Bernie and Jill. “Can We just get along?” - so said Rodney King, R.I.P. - In the wake of a riot caused by the U.S. version of “austerity”, i.e. violent attack on the poor and disabled of, We the People. Ccorporations in Our America are out of control! These so-called persons are such disgusting examples of how low some people can fall to get what “they” “think” “they” “want”. “Austerity” for greed-head banksters means that people die from lack of the basics of life - because We the People, are to “them” - just a bothersome “other”. Who the hell do these corporations think they are? They got another thing comin’ It’s called Love thy neighbor as thy self! BOZOS!


Bernie on DemocracyNow!

Bernie and Jill in 2020!


Thanks for the link.


“Massive London Rally Says No to Austerity, Privatization”, Hah! Look at the massive majority Theresa May and the Tories rolled up in the last election! Oh, they lost a majority and joined with an extreme right wing Scottish party in a coalition government? Well, well … austerity will still live forever (at least until the next election)!