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'Not One More Dollar': Even as Trump Abruptly Postpones Raids, Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, Pressley, and Tlaib Vow to Oppose Any More Funds for 'Hateful Border Agenda'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/22/not-one-more-dollar-even-trump-abruptly-postpones-raids-ocasio-cortez-omar-pressley


Not sure why everyone is so outraged. The deportation orders were against people who have been going thru the process, had their day in court (most of them didn’t show up anyway) and a judge ruled against them. They were most likely sent letters with the court’s decision at their last known address.


These four and Bernie have much more courage than all of the yellow-bellied money chasers that make up the rest of congress.


The remedy for zero-based regulation is zero-based funding. All of the ICE agents should agree to work for free All of the prison landlords should agree that this national emergency is sufficient cause for them to house political refugees for free. All of the court prosecuters who pointedly bungled as many refugee cases as they could should agree to work pro bono.

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Don’t forget the tariff monies.

Hitler had the “Brown Shirts,” the “SS,” and the “Gestapo.”

We have "ICE."

All fascist or fascist leaning countries have at least one.


The push back against Donnie’s Gestapo is great but what I haven’t seen is a comprehensive progressive plan on immigration. We can welcome them or work to eliminate the root cause in the countries of origin but stopping migration, if it even should be stopped, is not an option.


This video is good. it is on YouTube: Anger And Depression Sweeps The Land

And anybody who disagrees and does no comply will be sent to a reeducation camp.

“Papers please.” When the travel police stop you at every state line, consider yourself trapped in a web of our own making. Voting used to be a remedy, if it was fair and honest.
We lost fair and honest along the way and would like to have them back.
Violence is now the default remedy. Let the games begin.

That title alone tells us about why some of the mass murders occur. Certainly why some of the suicides occur.

What is very troubling to me is the future of ICE. Let me ask? How long before ICE comes knocking on our doors asking: " Are you harboring any illegal immigrants, we have been alerted that you were helping illegals."

It is far from amusing living in the age of spin when both sides do it… I guess there is no reason to examine the issue, just heap it up on the Nazi pile.

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In a perfect world that should not normally happen. Any illegal border crossers should be stopped immediately and return to the other side. Unfortunately we have 100k of them entering the country every month.

Plus, i do not think anyone would be harboring them. About half of us can’t afford $500 in an emergency let alone feed, clothe and shelter illegal immigrants.

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When did people on here start using the right-wing language “illegal immigrants?” As opposed to undocumented immigrants. No human being is illegal.

It’s interesting, I never see the right-wing/conservatives use the supposed “left” or “progressive” language, but I do frequently see the supposed “left” and “progressives” using right-wing language. (roll eyes). Maybe that’s why some people refer to the fake-left and fake-progressives.

That is a hard question to answer, it is not a left or right thing. It has a long history.

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Not one more dollar? So deprive these kids in detention centers of any additional funding for their care? How is that even remotely compassionate?

You know who supports open borders? The Koch brothers and exploitative employers that want to keep wages depressed. 1 in 3 working age Americans are unemployed.

You know who most fiercely opposes undocumented immigrants claiming asylum? Legal immigrants. I spent massive amounts of time and money to come to the US legally. It was a long, arduous process, but I am proud to have done it the right way. I have a SSN, health insurance and can care for myself.

AOC and her ilk should go down to the border communities where Democratic mayors have declared states of emergency due to the massive influx of asylum seekers and tell them to their face they get “not one more dollar”.

The level of hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance she and her supporters displays is mind-boggling. Don’t believe the propaganda.

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I think there is a real disconnect for those parts of the country that don’t have several thousand undocumented people standing at their door needing services. Thanks for your story, there is always more than one side to an issue.

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When immigrant detention centers are privatized for-profit entities, there will always be an “immigration” problem because those businesses need immigrants to detain in order to make a profit.

Here you go again, over blowing someone’s statement. Its not Ponyboy who you made look stupid and narrowminded.

What about all those exceptionalist rich white people who ignore their own laws?
And don’t tell me that they do get arrested. rump gave the Hammonds executive clemency but Leonard Peltier still sits in jail.

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