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'Not One More Pandemic Relief Dollar for the Pentagon': 75 Groups Slam GOP Effort to Use Covid-19 Funds for Weapons of War

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/29/not-one-more-pandemic-relief-dollar-pentagon-75-groups-slam-gop-effort-use-covid-19

WWPD. What Will Pelosi Do? My money is on her and her House minions allowing the military more funds to buy weapons to use against the citizens in the USA under the guise of Covid relief. She wants to eat her boutique ice cream without any rabble rousers bothering her pretty little mind.


The fact is that any legislation coming out of Congress that involves COVID-19 relief should only be addressing that issue and its economic impact and nothing else.


“Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.”
–Samuel Johnson

That’s how we got where we are. Ike warned us of the MIC, but there were scoundrels under every corner of the red, white, and blue, nay, thrusting it up our six as the late great George Carlin told us. Until and unless we shame the brass’ families and the contractors’ families we won’t be able to make Progress. They must realize that their profit comes at the expense of the Social Contract. They must realize that their progeny might not want to play a role in the MIC, but rather join a more peaceful path. They must be awakened. Bullhorns at three in the morning at their door. Let them know that the gig is up, the teat is to be dried. Milk and honey are to flow to projects of peace. That is the best defense. Peace.


Virtually every congressional district has some parts supplier that manufactures some piece of the F-35 or some other boondoggle passing itself off as “jobs program.”

That’s why within the huge polling majorities favoring cuts to the military budget, are also huge majorities who don’t want the cuts to happen at a facility near them.

Bigger picture: This HEELs Act is a fuckin’ joke. On The Rising a day or two back, Krystal and Sagar actually considered the possibility that the r-party doesn’t care about losing in November. And frankly, the way the d-party passes r-party legislation on a regular basis, who can blame them – the lobbyists fill their coffers either way.


And the “patriotic” fox watchers will say “they are destroying the military”.
So ?.. it’s time for it.

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When it comes to the government helping its citizens in this crisis and saving lives, it says it has no money and it takes a lot of time. When it comes to creating endless wars and murder the money miraculously is in abundance and is provided instantly.


How many years have I been writing, explaining the function of the “D” and “R” sock puppets in working for their Masters in the Oligarchy? The Oligarchy doesn’t care which “party” wins as they own and control them both. Even having these “two” parties is just Kabuki to make We the People think that we play an important role in choosing the government! In actuality, one of the greatest tasks for both puppets is to see that nobody who runs as a public servant, working for We the People, is successful in their efforts and is removed, if possible, from the government.
** “A Party OF the People, BY the People and FOR the People” shall not perish from the Earth! Such was the prayer of Abraham Lincoln. He was referring to “Government,” but that time has passed. Now, more than ever, it is up to We the People to take our nation back. If we succeed, the whole world will thank us.


Preach, yo.

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I have no doubt that the Dems will match the GOP dollar for dollar on how much to lavish on our goddamn military. You won’t find one establishment Dem who will oppose spending more for the military and anything pertaining to our stupid endless “war on terror.”

How much longer are we going to take this bullshit from our corporate-fascist duopoly? Anybody still clinging to the notion that the Democratuic Party is going to save us, just stop already. Wake the f#ck up and smell the stinking rot that our government – every inch of it, top to bottom – has become. If you’re not a “radical” progressive by now, if you’re not mad as hell, you’re not paying attention.

And you young people, STOP and THINK before you sign your soul over to the war machine of the Military Industrial Complex.You’re not being a hero, you’re being a damn fool. They don’t care whether you live or die. You are nothing but cannon fodder for our chicken-hawk politicians who think they are the ones being patriotic and courageous in always wanting more and more war. But notice that they and their sons and daughters stay home and just get richer and richer.

We are not going to vote ourselves out of this stinking mess. The powers-that-be are never going to give up one tiny sliver of their fascistic control (and I do not use the word ‘fascistic’ lightly – that IS what they are). They are not nice people making bad choices. They are elitist, heartless monsters who think of us, the “unwashed masses,” as losers and therefore deserving of nothing – not health care, not a decent living wage, not easy, affordable access to education, not Social Security, not even a roof over our heads.


I could not help but read the CNN Headline today stating…

“US To withdraw troops from Germany in a move that could costs Billions”

It then goes on to condemn this move suggesting it will lead to Chinese and Russian aggression. The Democrats wand these troops to remain as well. Somehow the person who wrote this is under the impression that US troops in Germany do not have a “cost” associated with their being deployed there.

In other words these statements about unwarranted Military spending by the Republicans are just noise. Democrats and Republicans both are shoveling money the way of the arms merchants. Even if this spending does not go through the USA is still spending 1.2 trillion a year on its war machine and if these groups want credibility they have to go after ALL of that spending. This would start with them calling for the USA to pull all troops in foreign lands home.


If this plays out like a bad movie, eventually one or more of these arms manufacturers will get fragged.
We are beyond being stunned and in disbelief, we are lost in a sea of upside down excrement.

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They need funds for this latest development too:


And right on que, McConnell is out spewing his BS that dems are trying to block the next COVID 19 bill, without saying the dems in the Senate weren’t invited to the discussion. Never mind the gop sat on their a$$ for over 2 months after the House passed their version. To be fair Schumer did provide a rebuttal, but it needs to be stronger and come from many more than just him.


It’s safe say there’s kickbacks going to corrupt lawmakers who are a little too eager to be overly generous to the weapons manufacturing corporations.

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The objective isn’t to reduce the military budget to zero. The goal is to keep them from shoveling unneeded funds to weapons manufacturers when there are other underfunded areas sorely in need.

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Spending 10s of billions of dollars a year on deploying troops overseas keeps just as much funds out of the pockets of areas sorely in need and all of those billions of dollars spent on those overseas operations sees billions of dollars going to arms Companies.

The CEO of one major us Arms firms boasted of this at a shareholders meeting pointing out that escalating conflicts overseas means billions of more in profits for the arms industry.

keeping troops in Germany helps keep Russian aggression down. the CEO was talking about conflicts not troops that prevent conflicts.

What a load of rubbish. What “Russian aggression” ?

The EU spends far more on Arms then Russia. NATO has committed more acts of aggression over the past decades than has Russia. You watch too much Rachel Maddow.

EU Military spending per year 300 Billion. Russia spends 65 billion. This is like the US claiming it needs to spend more to deter Iranian aggression. NATO has pushed their armies ever more eastward towards Moscow since the collapse of the USSR and Russia is the aggressor?


Military money is not at the expense of social money. As you may have noticed almost infinite amounts of money can be created digitally. The Pentagon, Wall Street and Main Street can all be funded at the same time. It is not a zero sum game. It is just played and promoted that way.
The billionaire class and their mercenaries and minions don’t want the 99% to prosper. They are pathological narcissists that only feel real when they are in control of the 99% who are inferior of course.
Let them have their expensive toys but tell them that we want medicare 4 all or better still VA for all. Tell them we want Social Security increased and protected. We want a $30 minimum wage. We want free education to the highest level we can achieve. We want a uniform basic income. We want a 30 hour work week and 6 weeks paid vacation. We want 2 years paid maternity leave and the same for fathers. All that and more can be done and the military can be supported to the excess it is used to. Any politician or citizen who tells you otherwise has not been paying attention.

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