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Not One Network Should Have Aired Trump’s Immigration Speech


Not One Network Should Have Aired Trump’s Immigration Speech

Peter Certo

Way back in 2014 — a century ago, it feels like — President Barack Obama requested time on major networks for an Oval Office address on immigration reform.

Fearing the subject was too “political,” the broadcast networks declined, plying viewers instead with The Big Bang Theory and Bones. Few Americans saw the speech. Immigration reform withered on the vines, which were then burned to the ground in the next election.


The answer is obvious. The MSM is a big corporate business, and Trump is a showman, and the profits available to the stations are far far more important than any kind of journalistic integrity.
Sometimes I wonder why anyone even watches mainstream news… oh yeah, entertainment value.


The misogyny of one Donald Trump was displayed when networks played his “I grab them by the Pussy” comment along with a whole lot of other things he has said about women. His Racism is displayed when he gives these types of speeches.

These types of comments will always fuel his base but they will also turn a whole lot of people against him so this raises a question.

Would the Public be better served and better informed as to the nature of this clown if this stuff never reported on and if these speeches never made available to the Public?

The DNC went out of its way to try and keep Hilary Clinton’s speeches to Wall Street out of the public eye. Was this the “right thing” to do?

I am in total disagreement with this article. Post what he says. Record what he says. Broadcast what he says. Reveal him and his supporters for what they are. Do not try and pretend that if these Racist diatribes not broadcast , Racism not an issue in US Politics. INFORM the Public. An informed Public makes a Democracy function a heck of a lot better.

IF as example the Public better informed as to why the USA in a continual state of war (and no it not because of terrorism) maybe people will experience peace in their lifetimes.


Peter it’s not hard, the networks serve their owners, the fascist right, they have for a while now.
Now if you’re headline had read, Not One Person Should Have Watched Trump’s Immigration Speech, I could agree with you.


I don’t trust Trump, but I sure don’t trust Pelosi or Schumer either. But what I really don’t trust is the MSM - bought/owned and controlled by the plutocrats. The MSM covered up the government assassinations of the 60s, has facilitated one lying fraudulent war after another, regularly hides the controlled demolitions of 9-11 (you DO know that George Bush’s brother and cousin were high ups in the security of the Twin Towers, don’t you?). As far as I am concerned, the MSM deserves all the “demonization” they get -THEY are part and parcel of the plutocratic corporatocracy. The issues involved in the border are way bigger and complex than this simplistic Trump-is-a-liar article. Gopherit


i don’t personally believe the networks actively serve “the fascist right” by design. as for-profit entities owned by giant conglomerates, they have an obvious imperative to serve capital – i.e., to run things that make them money, and not run things that attract less viewer interest or challenge their profit model. but when it comes to the far right i think it’s more subtle than that – they have no obvious commercial stake in hate speech except insofar as it gets them an audience. to that end they’ve been easily manipulated and had their own self-styled “impartial” biases weaponized against them.

small difference perhaps, but strangely more disturbing to me than their being “merely” fascist mouthpieces. however, i agree with you entirely that the problem could be avoided by people simply not tuning in! would that they hadn’t.



i agree that the media should report on the things trump does. it’s also appropriate to report on what he says – though i wish they’d do that less breathlessly. when they report every last word and tweet, even critically, it rallies trump’s base around him (and against any possible dissenting view or information) even as it lets trump drive the news cycle that everyone else consumes. so i think it’s important to use discretion.

i also agree with you about the importance of informing the public about racism, fascism, etc. but i think the worst way to do that is to give a racist a free platform (across every single network) to espouse his views at length, and to frame every issue in a way of his choosing. even if you “fact check” what he says, that’s not the same as informing the public, because it’s still letting the racist frame the issue. we don’t see the racist waters we’re swimming in.

perhaps you’re familiar with karl popper’s paradox – that authoritarians use “liberal” norms to dissolve liberal political systems. i feel like this is a textbook case.



While I understand where you coming from , the fact that Trumps racism being there for all to see revealing the man for what he is, the way the media does in fact handle this and as you state breathlessly reports on it reveals what the media all about.

That they out in the open do this helps to demonstrate how the media colludes in helping that facism along. Again this may or may not be deliberate but they are Corporate and they are acting to drive the bottom line which is profits.

The thing that should be going on is the Public coming to understand how the Corporate media really works just as they must understand that Donald Trump really IS a racist. This is why independent media so important and this is why energies should be diverted to supporting independent media. Let the mainstream media cut its own throat.

To your point on informing the Public. As I stated there a base of voters with Donald Trump who will always support him. As it becomes clearer and clearer that Donald Trump an outright Racist it harder for these voters to claim their support as having nothing to do with their own Racism. Some years ago I read on these very boards someone stating that “racism is no longer an issue in the USA”. Now I am a Canadian and get the same stuff up here with people suggesting “There little racism in Canada”. When one of these types of leaders some along and suddenly have millions wearing hats or waving flags it much easier to expose that meme for the falsehood that it is both in Canada, and in the USA.


i get you. i just think we have to find other ways to expose and report on the reality of racism than simply by giving it a platform. because that’s not just exposing racist lies – it’s spreading them. the fact that this exposes the deficiencies of corporate media and the reality of the racist right (in my country and yours) feels wholly secondary to me when more people are going to consume that information than interrogate its source.


Just by way of example and while anecdotal it helps to demonstrate where I come from. I was born in Alberta which is generally “Conservative” and when visiting family during the Trump campaign for President , there a number of relatives and friends I grew up with that liked Donald Trump and thought he would make a good President. I suggested that he was a Racist and they could not agree with me.

Now I visited this last summer and their view of him due to all that exposure has changed. While they might like some of his stands on traditional Conservative issues , the fact he an overt racist has totally changed their view of him. Those racist lies will spread , but it my opinion they only grow where there fertile ground in the first place. When support for a Donald Trump remains even when his racism made crystal clear than a given society has a problem that is greater than Donald Trump.