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‘Not One Penny’ of Tax Cuts for The Rich or Service Cuts for the Poor


‘Not One Penny’ of Tax Cuts for The Rich or Service Cuts for the Poor

Isaiah Poole

The surprise deal President Trump struck this week with Democratic congressional leaders is an agreement to continue the status quo on federal government funding through December.

That means three more months to fight against the Republicans’ budget proposal, which would be truly devastating for ordinary families. When combined with their’ plan to overhaul taxes, this plan will literally take away from poor and working-class families and give to the rich.

Not One Penny


The elite are fighting a class war that most people don’t even seem to understand exists.


After Warren Buffett told the world in 2004 that “there is class war fare all right, and its my class, the rich class, that is winning”, there is no excuse for any member of the 99% to not understand that they have been under attack for the past four decades.

Seeing how Saint Ron is more revered today by both Democrats and Republicans than he was when he was sleeping through his two terms, it appears there is an epidemic of terminal denial syndrome in the US.


We shall see in plain view if Trump’s triangulation with Pelosi or Schumer is just more Beltway agitprop. Or, if the Democrats can stop the deadly games of Adelson, Mercer and the Kochs, et al.


I have not heard any reason given to justify a tax cut for corporations or the wealthy. The tax cut for economic boost case is pure fantasy. The Kennedy-Johnson tax cut of the early 1960s is often cited as a good example. But tax rate remained even higher than they are now - still over 50% for the top tax brackets. And corporations and the wealthy don’t put money not paid in taxes back into their businesses like they used to. Now the funds go back into enriching themselves and/or their CEOs and boards.


I agree with not giving the elites a tax cut. Then again, who are these poor people? Are they underemployed? Are they people who got laid off especially at an older age? Are they people who made poor choices like drugs and drinking and gambling for instance and ended up in jail? Are they people with disabilities? Different reasons for being poor.


Any member of the 99% who is not aware of what is happening is probably not paying attention or plain does not care anymore.


This is all part of the police state buildup and crackdown on free speech publicly. The Pentagon won’t be denied their grossly expanding take. The treason will continue. Common people centered change is an illusion that stands little to no chance. The perps would rather kill the overwhelming opposition than to back off a single inch.


Without government programs that reduce poverty, the poverty rate would be above 30%, but it falls to around 14% with the programs. That amounts to 52 million U.S. citizens lifted from the base poverty level, not a small number of us (US) – one in every six. If you take a closer look, the poverty level is really about 140% of the official level, meaning about a third of Americans need help with income to live decently (that is over 100 million citizens). Trump and the Reps will cut these programs by 42% over a 10 year period, and about 2/3rds of all their program cuts come from these safety net programs. It is a war against the poor and low income. You can find studies that confirm this a CBPP.org or look at the USCensus Supplemental Poverty Measure, Table 4a. The real problem is low wage income to low-earning workers, and a boost in minimum wage is needed along with an expansion of the Earned Income Tax Credit. Public direct job creation would also help immensely. The Congressional Progressive Caucus, about 73 House Democrats and one Senator (guess who, his first name is Bernie), support these programs. This is a national tragedy unfolding before our eyes, it must be stopped. I write the blog Economics Without Greed, http://benL8.blogspot.com, and yes there is info there, but talking to your neighbor and getting upset will do more than reading anything. Get angry, vote, write a letter, take a stand.


Pelosi and Schumer got a legitimate win and this is why they are in leadership. They stroked Trump’s ego, got him to go along with a clean funding bill for several more months, and retained their leverage for the future. Republicans recognize that last point and that’s why they are so miffed.

Now, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell aren’t stupid. They did not want to the US to default on its debts. They wanted what happened too, but with a deal that gave them the cuts they needed to make room for tax cuts. They got none of it.

This deal does give Republicans room to try and work on a new budget and tax cuts, but it also gives Democrats time to develop opposition. With storm damage needing financing, it’s not a tough case to make that tax cuts for the 1% aren’t a great idea, if you are supposedly worried about the budget.


Here is the data about safety net lifting 49 million out of poverty: http://www.epi.org/blog/what-to-watch-for-the-in-the-2016-census-data-on-earnings-incomes-and-poverty/


They don’t want to acknowledge it at all. But this war has been fought since man invented wealth, those who have it alway want the rest of everyone else’s wealth.
People did fight for the workers in the late 19th century into the 20th. But then the backlash from the rich and now we have stagnant wages, tax laws for the rich, huge pay increases for the rich, attempts to get rid of overtime, the 40 hr workweek, and pensions, and attempts to privatize SS. Now we don’t fight against such things, we pooh pa a class war by the rich, it is so divisive to call it such, even though it is reality.
After all we know who really fights a class war, the poor stealing from the rest of us, our hard earned wealth. Those lazy good for nothings who sit at home watching tv while the rest of us work. Yes they are the ones to blame, not the poor rich people who get 400% more now than they did in the 80s’ while everyone else’s wages remain stagnant. How dare we blame the rich when we have the poor to blame?


Until people have wage equality by forcing the rich to pay fair salary for work, welfare for the poor will never be enough. When you have corporations making billions in profit while paying the majority of their employees min wage, and that min wage is set from the 70s’, you are not paying workers equal pay for equal work. You are paying them far less. And that is how the rich make their money.
As long as we have an economic system that allows people to work for less pay than their work deserves, that demands that people are underpaid, we will always be fighting over welfare for the poor.
Conservative economic policy demands that people are left unemployed so that wages are depressed. Too many people employed means the demand for higher wages goes up, so unemployment has to be artificially maintained. Now this cycle in spite of unemployment now being as low as they wish to let it go (the official 5%), wages are not going up. Which has surprised people.
To me it means that people are too scared of losing their jobs to fight for more pay. The threat of leaving for a higher paying job when most are min wage jobs anyway discourages people.
So our government ends up subsidizing the rich with welfare, which the rich fight against and blame the poor for their lot. Which gets the rest mad and they blame the poor for their tax dollars being used for welfare. Thus absolving the rich for not paying decent wages and with the poor needing welfare, which everyone fights against.
There is no push for equal right wages. I should say there is no real viable push. Far too many people are not willing to push for higher wages, to them people should just get a job paying better and if they don’t, then they are lazy.


Thought you might be interested in this:


Worker insecurity is otherwise known as “market flexibility,” “labor elasticity” and other fun technical jargon you can hear repeated on CNBC and NPR’s Marketplace. When labor tries to enhance its price in the marketplace, it threatens these hallowed concepts, which ultimately means government should interfere in the labor market on behalf of them. It’s one of those interesting areas where conservatives love government regulation.


Keep it up, you fools! You are building an upside-down pyramid, with all of the money on the top and a teeny amount on the bottom. Just how long do you think such a structure will be stable? It will eventually fall over. Then, maybe, we can reconstruct our economy with a good, solid, wide base and just a fraction of the base’s resources on the top. Incidentally, whenever an unstable structure fails, the ones at the top have farthest to fall. I will wave to them as they go by!


That is what I am referring to. By making workers insecure about jobs, people are forced to stay in jobs they hate at wages they can’t live on. This was stated conservative economic policy back in the 70s’ and earlier. It has been how the rich have controlled workers since capitalism or what I call the extended feudal system began. That is all capitalism really is, the feudal system with a gentler face on the outside and just as cruel inside.
When I 1st heard this back in the 70s’ I didn’t understand why it was good. Then I reheard it back when Clinton was president from Newt and company. So I studied up on it. And was appalled by what I learned. This was the true face of the free market they touted. Instead of the lies they tell their base about how cutting taxes for the rich will help the base economically and all the other shit.
But their base doesn’t really read what the real stated goals are of the conservatives. Instead they only get the spoon fed lies and are happy with that. Quite frankly it is like the prosperity gospel where if you give money to the church (read rich), you will be given riches beyond your dreams. The fraud is the same.
On another thread someone said that we should appeal to that base with sound economic goals and get them on our side. But I said it was never going to be possible. They have been told that sound economic policies are socialism and liberalism, both they have been taught to hate. They have been raised on the shit that they could be rich any day now if only those ‘others’ weren’t stealing their money and jobs.
Since they won’t learn the truth what their masters really say and want, they will remain the lap dog. At least real lap dogs get something in return that is nice. And when their masters say they love them, they really mean it.