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'Not One Step Back': Moral Marchers Converge in North Carolina


'Not One Step Back': Moral Marchers Converge in North Carolina

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Rallying around a 14-point "People's Agenda," thousands gathered in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina on Saturday for the annual Moral March calling for livable wages, environmental justice, healthcare for all, an end to racism and inequality, and more.


Are these demonstrators or social change advocates?


If you follow the link under the photo “calling for”, you can read the 14 point agenda and decide for yourself.


Only 22% of North Carolinians are African-American and it would appear that most white voters have no problem sticking it to them. Though traditionally Southern States have always done their best to keep African-Americans in poverty, in North Carolina the corporate fundamentalists have had their way convincing white voters that social programs, high taxes on corporations, too many bleeding heart liberals and of course African Americans are the root of all of their problems. The Federal government, already bought and paid for by special interest groups, won’t come to the aid of the poor in North Carolina or anywhere else. Though democracy has taken a back seat to Wall Street profits, a generally ignorant majority have no concept of why the middle class is disappearing. Instead most people choose to accept the MSM explanation of “lazy welfare queens”, “immigrants” and a “liberal conspiracy” of why they’re struggling. It is a Republican sponsored attempt to force the poor to leave the State or else accept thier position in society as perpetual pseudo-slaves living on subsistent wages with no hope of a better future. The arrests will continue as they feed the Prison Industrial Complex (corporate America’s solution to housing the inconvenient members of society) and the white middle class watch their T.V.'s satisfied that their new government is ‘cracking down on crime’.


Point was the manner in which media labels those in the street for change.


Thanks for the clarification as to the rhetoric behind your question.


these great demonstrators for maximum social change are seeing the light of a very dark picture of our corporatized government. it is a government that has signaled that it is so powerful it can not fail, but is obviously failing in the eyes of more and more americans. it is a criminal government whose operatives are ruining the health and education of our youngest people. they perpetuate unwarranted fear and declare through the major media that war is necessary for at least 30 years. these lies are self evident even to the perpetrators, and that is why the people are considered terrorists and criminals when they question illegitimate authority. the revolution will not be televised.


Depends on where you go in NC. In some towns and cities, blacks outnumber whties.


My sister-in-law lives near Raleigh. Too bad the revolution will not be televised!