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Not Piracy But 'A Matter of Survival': Refugees Take Control of Ship Headed Back to 'Hell' in Libya


Not Piracy But 'A Matter of Survival': Refugees Take Control of Ship Headed Back to 'Hell' in Libya

Julia Conley, staff writer

Human rights advocates and other critics on Thursday called for empathy and aid for more than 100 refugees who took control of a tanker that had picked them up in the Mediterranean this week.



And so the global refugee migration already runs up against the western wall. The countries most responsible for global warming refusing to accept the refugees they created. What’s next? Ma deuce?



They are here because you were there.



Yes indeed!

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I’m amazed that there is so much criticism of the Italian government but not that of Libya and other African nations that make life hell, and also deny access to birth control for so many women leading to unsustainable population growth that is the main factor driving the refugees. No reason to expect Europe to allow itself to be swamped by this unending tide of people from foreign cultures



There is no Libyan government but rival factions who have assumed control over various parts of the country. And who was it that turned Libya into a failed state?

It is a pity, Barry, that you insist upon blaming the victims for the migration issue rather than point the finger at those who are responsible for the poverty in Africa. For sure, there is corruption rife among African politicians but just where are the banks located that launder their money to tax havens. Just where are the HQs and CEOs of the corporations that are paying the bribes based? Who are the main emitter of greenhouse gases creating climate change impacts on Africa’s agriculture? Who is it that are driving farmers off the land to grow soya and palm oil rather than food?

Overpopulation is not the problem. Poverty is.

And I can read through your veiled xenophobia…“unending tide of people from foreign cultures”…the Europe is made of foreign cultures from Portugal to Lithuania. Within the EU there is free movements of these cultures.

Fortress Europe can accommodate many, many more newcomers as it has proved in the past. In fact with declining birth rates, increased immigration is required to maintain the age demographics.

When Italy appealed for help since they were the first port of call, it was the right-wing Hungarians, the Poles, who rebuffed them.

Are you aware of where the largest refugee camps in the world are? They are in African countries. 1.4 million refugees live in Uganda, itself still a developing country, but yet still capable of a more humanitarian refugee policy than either the US or the EU. Refugees are granted freedom of movement, they have access to medical and educational facilities and have the right to work.

Barry, stop listening to inaccurate soundbites and really learn the facts.



Prior to the imperialist violence Libya had the highest standard of living in Africa. Gaddafi was attempting to set up a pan African bank for the good of all Africans.
This has been destroyed and no longer threatens US Petrodollar hegemony.

What Libya Had Achieved, What has been Destroyed

Ten Reasons Libya Under Gaddafi Was a Great Place to Live

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Really.? Libya was once the richest Country in Africa. It had one of the largest refugee popoplations in the world because of its wealth and generous Social programs. Qaddafi had also built a vast water infrasturcture project which tapped vast aquifiers under the Libyan desert to provide water for irrigation of farmlands.

NATO nations decided to destroy Libya in order to “protect its people”. As per the WIKILeaks information they did this for two main reasons having nothing to do with Humanitarian Concerns. It was all about stealing.

Western based Corporations wanted Control over the Libyan oil. Just as in Venezuela they thought that profits from oil should go to Foreign investors rather then to the people of the Country they are found in.

They wanted to ensure Libya did not implement the Gold Dinar . France Currently extracts some 500 billion a year from its ex colonies in Africa and when a Country decides it ddoes not want to pay this tribute any longer France will send in teams to sponsor a Coup. The USA wanted to ensure all transactions Countries use in trade use the US dollar so as to allow the USA to print dollars at will and get “free stuff”.

Among other NATO targets was that water infrastructure project. There is now a water shortage in Libya thanks to NATO.

The Italians helped topple The Government of Libya in 2011.



What next? It’s this: