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Not Quite All Things Considered: Why the Mainstream Media Discounts Bernie Sanders


Not Quite All Things Considered: Why the Mainstream Media Discounts Bernie Sanders

John Atcheson

Recently, on All Things Considered—you know, that bastion of liberal media—Mara Liasson , talking about the prospect of Joe Biden running for President said:

There are many Democrats who think it would be good for Hillary Clinton because she'd have a serious opponent, and it would help her become a better candidate. Right now, she's basically running against herself and her problems. (emphasis added)


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"And the likes of Hillary Clinton and even Joe Biden, are going to get their heads handed to them."

That's where the Electoral College comes in.


If ever there were a candidate tough enough to bump, bump, bump his head into the blades of the windmill, it seems to be the Honorable Senator Sanders. Your message, sir, and your strife have earned my undying respect.


Revisit this article in four to five months in order to appreciate its irrelevance. Meanwhile (before the roll out of the JEB! and Hillary polling propaganda disinformation PR journalism, and advertising blitz, shows us who organized money wants to occupy the largely meaningless office of President of the US, a little political fantasy can be cathartic and theraputic.
So let's all chant, "Go Bernie Go!" and "Dump the Trump" as if it really mattered. School is just getting started, Congress and the Supreme Court are still in recess (a positive development overall) and there is no pro football for the slobbering masses to absorb. What else is there to do?


Sometimes what you read stirs the wonky soul...Lol. This short but delightful piece said it like it is. The wish it were better than it is but what else is there in the MSM even though the BBC is pretty good sometimes and brought to you those patronizing and ever so innocent sounding 'without commercial commercials' that aren't fooling anybody except the regulatory agency watchdogs that let them say 'public broadcasting' - NPR - skewered and desperately in need of refrigeration before spoilage occurs.

Where oh my fellow Americans... where is our public broadcasting radio? Sigh.

Bless me whomever, I have vented! Mea culpa (well not really ...lol)

Dare NPR even speak that dreaded word of apostasy... that word that by its very existence reminds us of the heresy that now haunts even the most sacrosanct of capitalist minded apologetics and solemn devotionals to monetary policy? Dare NPR even say the word oligarchy ... why it might instantly be rendered into a puff of smoke (undoubtably adding a considerable amount of carbon to the atmosphere).

How could they thus even speak of Bernie much less discuss what he has to say without invoking the wrath of the almighty dollar? Oligarchy is such an annoying kind of word. It is so hard to figure out a substitute for it and quite impossible to redefine it as something other than what it is.

If they even mention Bernie, the word oligarchy instantly comes to mind and there is so much that is interesting to write about that word both historically and culturally that they might be accused of a lack of orthodoxy and lose some of that not public public funding and grants from... from... shhh...you know who!

I mean isn't it great? Bernie keeps gaining in popularity week after week without the help of the powers that be. Without the help of the mainstream media and...

...without the help of the ...well you know... shhh!

Go Bernie!!!


Some good points made in Mr. Acheson's piece.

I like this:

"If people’s choices are between a Democrat who seems to have no real convictions, or a Republican who cares passionately about issues grounded in fear, hate, bigotry, jingoism, sexism and/or greed why bother?"

But this is naïve, at best:

"Well, basically they’re in the same position as the hapless Mr. Jones, in Bob Dylan’s Ballad of a Thin Man: ” ‘Cause something is happening here but you don't know what it is. Do you, Mr. Jones?”

Attributing to media mouthpieces the canard that they do not know about the Sanders' phenomenon reminds me of all of the following frames:

  1. The President didn't know that he was receiving "poor Intelligence" in the run-up to war against Iraq (never mind all the exposes citing the administration's "desire" for evidence in support of its already planned wars).
  2. That the policeman didn't know the suspect was unarmed when he shot him 13 times
  3. That no one knew what would happen in Ukraine once the West/NATO/U.S. enacted a coup... so a story was immediately circulated making Putin the central antagonist

The reason why mass media has fallen into the hands of a handful of powerful corporations is that this makes it quite easy to centralize messaging and control what the public knows.

In any Totalitarian or Inverted Totalitarian state control of media is fundamental to its objectives. The same is true when militarists want to spread militarism and thus require boatloads of propaganda. Without a mass media, how does all that propaganda GET catapulted, to quote Bush, the lesser?

Who would have known how extensive the ubiquitous War on Terror spy-net was had it not been for Snowden?
Who would know about the insidious forms of torture overseen by Psychologists at a number of off-shore prison camps were it not for a few whistle blowers?

A LOT is known. But the public is being controlled in what it is allowed to see, hear and know. A perfect example is the way the TPP is being zealously guarded akin to gold at Fort Knox.

As Robert Parry tirelessly points out, the entire media circus goes to work lockstep. It has sounded a virtual consensus in making cases for:

  1. War against Iraq
  2. Bin laden as #1 bad guy
  3. Assad gassing his own people
  4. Putin riling up battle calls in Ukraine
  5. Biotech foods being perfectly safe... since they haven't (arguable) been proven otherwise

So it is HARDLY the matter of not being in the know that generates a "Do not mention Sanders, ever!" meme (likely such a mandate implies an administrative warning... akin to the way State Republican governors BAR any mention of global warming). This is part of making any alternative to the status quo JUST disappear.

Call it irrelevant.
Say, it's never going to be a winner.
And where possible, give it NO mention at all since there still are portions of the population that think only what is real appears on the news and anything else is to be readily discounted.

Disinformation meets mass media meets Goebbels meets Bernays meets Pavlov meets Frank Luntz. There's been decades of research into mass mind control and how to subtly create it in ways that reflect the dark side's favorite defense: Plausible Deniability.

Translation: The status quo holders WANT Mr. Sanders to just disappear and they're using the mass media as their own magic abracadabra device!


And is that what happened to Hilary last time?


The "slobbering masses" (to quote Poet) are showing up at Mr. Sander's rallies in state after state. So much for turning the problem of runaway corporatist-military-state power into that of citizens watching T.V.

Those of you (and you ARE a convenient majority in these threads) who relentlessly refer to fellow citizens as stupid, ignorant, slobbering sheeple... do you see how your egos are asserting a superiority that aligns with those who break heads under the similar delusion that they--on the basis of muscular force or military prowess--are superior to those they destroy?

And how can this constant battery of fellow citizens contribute to the Solidarity required for any meaningful Shift in Power?

Also, the citizenry is bifurcated into two camps:

One consists of advocates for old school formations of society where Latinos stayed on the other side of the border (pay no attention to those earlier wars that stole lands from this ilk), and women and Blacks know "their places." This group loves guns, war, and thinks freedom means granting to corporations the right to ceaseless plunder of a living Earth that, in spite of so much climatic anomalies, is NOT undergoing any form of climate change.

And then there are those who want a sharing-based society with equality spread around. Those of US who want fair laws and intelligent taxes and a government that makes war unnecessary (by spreading justice) rather than inevitable.

As Edgar Cayce long ago stated, Atlantis fell both due to technologies that proved such an insult to Life Forces that their continent actually radically shifted, and also due to a rift amid the population. For there, too, existed citizens who only lived to fulfill personal gains, goals, and ambitions--without the remotest regard for others. They stood in contrast with those who understood and respected "The Law of One."

Contrary to the patriarchal mindset, time is not linear. The count of time--in the form of ostensible years--is based on our earth traveling an orbit AROUND the sun. These circular cycles symbolize what's also true of history.

To mystics, Atlantis is repeating.

The frame WE for instance, clouds over the ideological division that separates those who understand Spiritual law and its long-term ramifications from those who only live for ego-profit-personal power.

It is possible to raise the consciousness of enough persons to toss off the old ways like a yoke that no longer CAN hold back the progress that too many hold in their hearts and know to be possible.

With so much wealth engineered into so few hands while refugees die daily running from poverty, privation, the ruins of spreading wars, and climate changes... there is PLENTY of money to give these people homes. But the very rich don't want that. They want to engineer a vast reduction IN the population.

They are sliding in unhealthy products--prime among them, the growing family of gen-tech biological monstrosities and demand protection under the presumption of innocence. Their lawyers, like those hired by Big Pharma recognize that there will be many profitable years of disbursing their products before any chain of legal accountability can be proven. Then, like banks that manipulate LIBOR rates or bypass any sane regulatory frameworks, fees are paid as a cost of doing business. And the deranged " beat goes on" like so much oil drilling and fracking when almost every week another major ecological disaster ensues.

MANY people are dedicating themselves to all sorts of actions, boycotts, campaigns, and organized protests... if you want to talk about those content with football games define them as a specific demographic rather than falling back into the fallacy that this ilk represents all persons.

Too many of you make dissent, and all that opposes the Status Quo as invisible as do the media players who pretend that Sanders isn't rousing crowds. (So is Trump, but he symbolizes the ego-profit-driven Belial--from Atlantis--crowd).

Perhaps you're paid by the same sources.


The Deep State players trust the Clinton and Bush "brand names" since these families are neck-deep in corruption and know where "all the bodies are buried." Like Mafia consiglieres they are in too deep to ever get out.

That's why as you stated, tons of $ will back them.

If propaganda and lies told often didn't work, rich men would not buy--and through their purchases--monopolize media messaging.

I'm stating the above to show how the likes of Monsanto manages to use its "Paid Word" dominance in mass media to convince enough financially-struggling families that labeling bio-tech food would add to their costs at the supermarket. That's a time-tested meme and it works. No matter that these same families will pay up the kazoo when the health "benefits" of all this dangerous genetic manipulation fully hit home.

Message saturation--given the FACT that there's seldom equal time allotted to exposing all of its false Talking Points--does win for its donors the positions sought. Not always, but provably against the odds.

Old Money wants Hillary or Jeb. Essentially, the same major policies (freedom for corporations, subjugation for The People, profitable wars for the 1%, suffering for The People) will remain in place until perturbation happens.

I like tuning into a very astute guy named Dutch Sinse. Using elaborate geological maps, he shows where any quakes above 3.5 are occurring and plots lines of tension. He points out that often there will be minor shaking before any major release. The same is true for that great political inferno with so much pressure building up beneath the surface. We see a perturbation here or there, but so far, the thing has not "blown." But that release is as inevitable as the collapse of the global financial system. In both instances, the same criminals are behind both the deliberate delinquency towards moderating climate chaos and that of placating hungry, jobless populations through sharing the wealth it confiscated as a direct result of the HEIST of 2008 (see: Bank bailouts... direct result of deregulation of this industry several years prior).

On multiple planes, expect a whole lotta shaking to be going on.


There is a population out there intending to vote for Bernie Sanders. What will that population do if Bernie does not make it past the primaries? It will most likely vote the way it would have voted had Bernie not run, whatever that may be, leaving the Sheep Dogs and Judas Goats wandering on the lea. Siouxrose, this was not intended to be posted to your post, but I'll leave it anyway. Thanks.


What's your point?

Unless the people organize and work to elect people like Senator Sanders, it won't matter.

So what are you doing to effect change?


No, Mr. Atchenson's analysis is completely incorrect here. They know very well what is happening, but are applying the tried-and-true rules of consent manufacture called the "Propaganda Model" by Herman and Chomsky in Manufacturing Consent - The Political Economy of the Mass Media - the term "manufacturing consent" itself having been invented by Edward Bernays in the 1920s.

The device used is simple - avoid mentioning in any kind of public media any ideas or political movements you want to extinguish - and make sure everyone in the newsroom knows what ideas are permissible and what ideas will get the journalist fired. With the media owned or controlled by just a handful of powerful capitalist interests - either directly or through dependency on advertising or in the case of NPR, so-called "underwriters", enforcing these iron rules is easy.

None of these aspects of the mass media media are new - why do we need to explain the problem over and over again?


With all due respect to Senator Sanders, the whores in the MSM that use pejoratives when mentioning his name like: " he is not a serious candidate" BLAH,BLAH,BLAH, tells me Bernie has no chance of the democratic nomination. That nomination is reserved for the dishonorable, the corrupt and the faithless, deceitful, Wall Street whores.


"This is where Bernie comes in..." Ah, yes, Bernie the Sheep Dog--not.


You mention "message saturation." Yes, that is going on but even more effective is the technique of "message silence." The six corporations that own the mass media never report that meat consumption is twice as dangerous as cigarette smoking, for example. (600,000 annual heart attack deaths vs. 300,000 lung cancer deaths). That's just one example; what they don't report is just as important as the stuff they do. As you know, detecting what's missing, i.e., ignored, is more difficult than detecting falsehoods in that which is reported. The majority of issues important to progressives are simply ignored by the mass media and that's why they ignore or belittle Sen. Sanders. They understand the awesome power of silence.


There comes a time when a population has had too many insults. It won't stay put inside the corrals.

It's fascinating to listen to the right wing types like Alex Jones and friends. He totally gets it about govt. overreach, yet the Libertarian stance is as married to its pro business views as it is its gun views. What I hear this ilk saying is that they resent CRONY capitalism and the centralization of power. That's important. But I also infer that they just want to make the same system of plunder available to the "little guy."

They argue that this is not a racist country since (tokens like) Obama, Eric Holder, Condi Rice, and Clarence Thomas hold high status. As if that explains the racist nature of the entire criminal justice system which thrives upon the War on Drugs in a manner synchronous with the way that the entire military apparatus feeds on the War on Terror/ism. Frauds, both; and frauds designed to brutalize those with the least power within existing political hierarchies.

Sooner or later permutation happens.

We can't entirely predict the future on the basis of what was true in the past. I believe in a core spiritual parallel to biological evolution, and I understand that specific qualities are facts of specific time periods. There IS an approaching demarcation point that promises Transition on an unprecedented scale.

Back in l990 when Ted Turner sponsored a contest asking writers to submit new visions for humanity's future, I did so. And this work truly was channeled. All through its transmission, reference was made to "After the Transition." I didn't inwardly inquire what that meant as I thought its mystery would be compelling to my narrative's structure. In that work I introduce the Universal Time bank which turns every person's hour of service into equivalent collateral. (I truly had never heard of the premise before and now see that it also "came to" a few other people.)

In any case, Transition IS happening... and once the full measure of this "genii" gets out of its restraining bottle, no one can predict how vastly things will alter. Earth Mother has certainly acted as catalyst... and still is doing so.


Manufacturing Consent phrase coined by Walter Lippman. Aside from that quibble, yes.


Very true, and something will have to give.


Unfortunately, no matter how precisely I clarify my position, you and the other shock jocks revert to your own idiom (as in idiot).

I will try again... hopefully for the last time!

There is a VAST difference between categorizing a particular group of people--say of the type that likes Donald Trump and his kinder, gentler "for entertainment purposes, mostly" fascism--as discerned from the WHOLE of the citizenry.

Over and over again, the witness of the right wing FEW is taken to represent the diverse views, positions, beliefs, acts, intentions, etc. of the many.

I have NO objection to painting portraits that are accurate and specify their subjects. For instance, WE did not bomb Iraq. A military under hire to political, corporate, and MIC donors did so. Whether they had the consent of the governed is CERTAINLY arguable, and an argument made far stronger when the role played by lies told often and propaganda come into the equation.

There of course are ignorant people. Do you honestly think I ever said otherwise? The mistake--which strikes me by turns as ignorance, purposeful disinformation, or a deliberate framing used to assign blame to the least empowered figures (in the same way that military command chains look for "a few bad apples," as do police departments covering up for their rabid dog-types)--is taking this group as an accurate depiction of the entire U.S. population.

THAT is the kind of meme tossed around HERE Daily. And what it does is make the acts and beliefs of GOOD PEOPLE, activists, environmentalists, social justice advocates, and all sorts of decent folks protesting all sorts of insults to our society... invisible, irrelevant, and not worthy of mention.

Like the LORAX speaking up for the trees in that business-only ambiance envisioned by Dr. Seuss' classic, I speak for those voices too readily discounted. Since it is chiefly the trafficking in limited frames that makes dissent invisible and feigns conformity to an orthodoxy that is no longer respected by vast numbers of people.

YOU make THEM invisible by pushing YOUR version of WE/All/U.S. citizens/ America/Americans, etc. AD NAUSEUM!