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'Not Safe to Consume': Insiders Blow Whistle on Pork Inspection Regime


'Not Safe to Consume': Insiders Blow Whistle on Pork Inspection Regime

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Damning undercover video footage, combined with new affidavits from U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) whistleblowers, reveals disturbing food safety issues and animal abuse at Hormel's largest pork processing plant, one of five in the country to employ a controversial high-speed slaughter program.


Good on ya! I gave up red meat (pork is included on the list) a couple years ago. I have felt much better for it. After reading this article I am so grateful that I did give it up! I am not quite a veggie (eat fowl, occasional fish, eggs and dairy, but I try to buy organics for all) but it would not be hard to go completely vegetarian.

Ironically, I do sometimes miss the bacon. Wouldn't eat it if you paid me to now, however.


Vegan for 3 years now. Three movies that will give you the inspiration and knowledge to make the transition: Earthlings, Forks Over Knives, and Cowspiracy.

In brief, every animal values its life and doesn't wish to suffer. There really is no such thing as compassionate killing. Terms like "free range", "organic", "humane" obscure the fact these animals always suffer and die.

I was a vegetarian for 25 years before I realized that cheese and meat also involves killing. Only females are valued. Males are generally killed at birth (veal calves), or just shredded (chicks). Female cows and goats must be kept continually pregnant in order to produce milk. The impgregnation by workers is brutal and is akin to rape. We legitimize it in our minds because of mythical ideas that man has "dominion" over animals. But if you set aside your holy books and look another creature in the eye, it's impossible to rationalize killing in this way.

We don't need to eat animals. But what about protein you say? We've been lied to by the cattle industry and their lobbyists. There is plenty of protein in vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts, etc. Ever seen a healthy gorilla, elephant, rhinoceros, giraffe. Protein in abundance.

If that's not enough by itself to make you go vegan, consider the fact that the meat-dairy intensive diet is literally killing people via an epidemic of heart and circulatory diseases, cancer, obesity, diabetes, and other diseases.

Finally, a meat centered diet (including fish) is killing the planet. The resources required for our earth to feed and graze the billions of cattle are literally responsible for children starving in Africa (countries export food crops for cattle instead of feeding their own hungry due to national debt/colonial oppression still ongoing. The last rain forests are falling (and burning right now in Indonesia)...much due to palm oil, but cattle also involved.

Then there is green house gases. Conservatively 18% of human caused green house gases are directly attributable to cattle (FAO study). That study has been critiqued though and many put the number at 50%.

Then there is water - depletion of water, pollution of water. The cattle foot print (death print) is outsized in every category.

Earthlings, Forks over Knives, Cowspiracy. You have your homework. Thanks for caring.


Although its great to see this article, none of it is news, Read Pigtales by Barry Estabrook...way more than you want to know.


Heading that direction myself. Make sure to get complete proteins by consuming grains and legumes, along with B12, calcium, and iron if you are going vegan.


Excellent and effective argument without attacking those who you are trying to persuade. Kudos.


Anyone with common sense should be able to state speeding up the line, cutting back on inspectors does not make the food safer, but it does guarantee contaminants and unsafe working conditions. It also increases the likelihood of inhumane treatment of those being slaughtered. This video is proof of all of that. The meat processing centers are all about profits, not safety for the worker or the consumer. What they do want are no inspectors and anyone who blows the whistle being charged as a felon. This has been in the works for decades. As horrible as Hormel is, Smithfield is no better. Many articles and videos have been made public about the inhumane conditions at the chicken slaughterhouses, so none of these places are exempt.


Many self-proclaimed progressives ignore articles like this and continue their meat consumption unless someone points out their hypocrisy. Then they declare themselves under attack and use that as an excuse to ignore the message. They eventually realize that they are hypocrites and they adjust their food choices accordingly. Every environmentalist who eats meat while making no attempt to change is a hypocrite and we help them engage in introspection by holding that fact up for them to see. Many people fail to see their hypocrisy unless someone points it out to them. Failure to point out such hypocrisy is a disservice to them, to the animals, and to the earth.


SHellNo manages to make your argument without being obnoxious, arrogant, and rude. Try harder.


I will be as obnoxious, arrogant and rude as I choose to be. Most of the commenters here are that way when they express their contempt for vegetarianism so I throw it right back at them. I was a lawyer from May 1974 until February 2015 so I am quite comfortable with conflict. I do not treat phony progressives with respect and I do not end my posts with "Thank you for caring" because I know the majority here does not care about the vegetarian movement. My early comments here were neutral in tone; I became obnoxious, arrogant and rude after reading the obnoxious, arrogant and rude comments by the huge meat-eating community on this site who gleefully mocked my comments. So I have taken the gloves off and I am not trying to win any popularity contest. I will point out the hypocrisy of phony progressives whenever I feel like it.


Please post one instance where someone on this forum attacked you simply because you are a vegetarian. Instance being the full context of the particular thread it has supposedly occurred.