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Not So Fast, We the People


Not So Fast, We the People

In another small, telling step away from pesky participatory democracy - and a predecessor who actually kinda believed in it - the cabal of Dear Narcissist has "temporarily" shut down the White House We the People petition site, by which the clamoring masses could speak up and seek change - and get a response if there were 100,000 of them. So far Trump's ignored this year's 17 petitions, but his minions say a swell new site will be up soon and why would we not believe them?


"Oh der fuehrer said, "Ve ist der Master Race!"
Und so ve, “Heil pffft! Heil pffft! Right in der fuehrer’s face.
*I learned that at my mother’s knee in the early forties. And here we go again.


I think Trump’s taxes could be Trump’s achilles heel. Trump is definitely paranoid about his taxes using the bald faced lie that he cannot divulge them because he is under a tax audit. When he knows the real truth is that he is hiding his corruption and nefarious tax evasions.


His sycophantic, hopelessly ignorant base would not be happy to learn that he has not paid a single dime in taxes in more than a decade and a half, which would be exposed were his taxes to be released. Perhaps Bannon could convince Assange to “look into” the possibility of excavating that tax info and then publishing it without prior knowledge of the self-proclaimed evil monarch. Bannon is on the warpath after his embarassment in Alabama (see Vanity Fair piece…https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2017/12/bannon-for-president-trump-kushner-ivanka
and the loose cannon that he is, DJT better tread lightly. When one sleeps with mongrels, there are prices to pay.


We need better tactics obviously. As Richard Wolff wrote recently, "However, the limitation of ‘speaking truth to power’ is and always was that it risks leaving us with the truth and them with the power."


On the contrary, Trump’s base would be thrilled to learn he paid no taxes.

That news would confirm their view of him as shrewd businessman. I recall him bragging about precisely that–outsmarting the IRS at every turn. That’s a badge of honor among the rich, and those temporarily embarrassed millionaires-in-waiting who worship them.


Excellent quote and so very true!