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Not-So-Subtle Establishment Threat? Bloomberg Hints at Presidential Run


Not-So-Subtle Establishment Threat? Bloomberg Hints at Presidential Run

Jon Queally, staff writer

Is the real establishment getting worried?

As news broke Saturday afternoon that billionaire former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is "seriously" considering the idea of a third-party run for president in 2016, some political observers immediately smelled a rat.


And you can't count Albany as foreign policy experience!!


I am not a Bloomberg fan but this guy is great on fighting climate change. He made NYC a world leader in the fight and gave many millions of his own money to help fund the Sierra Club's Beyond Coal Campaign. Considering as Bernie Sanders said climate change is the biggest threat we face a Bloomberg presidency would not be a disaster. But in a politically polarized country I don't see where he could get the votes.


Can he see Europe from the Statue of Liberty?


So Bloomberg gives serious consideration to increasing the risk of a Trump presidency, should Sanders be the Democratic Party nominee.

Just like the DNC: More afraid of a Sanders presidency, than of a Trump presidency.


A dedication to every PR/Ad agency, all the political consultants, as well as all the network and local TV and billboard executives:
The minute you walked in the joint
I could see you were a man of distinction
A real big spender
Good looking, so refined
Say wouldn't you like to know what's going on in my mind?

So let me get right to the point
I don't pop my cork for every guy I see
Hey, big spender!
Spend a little time with me

Such internecine tussling will allow JEB! to come to the Republican convention and do a NIxon pledging to "bring us together". Bwhhahahaha!


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The billionaire boy's club:

Six Former US Presidents Warn About ‘Invisible’ Shadow Government



this feels like 100% hillary. she's the only one that benefits from this threat, as she's the only financial lapdog likely to get into the general and the one candidate Bloom&%&^ won't run against.

Hillary's got the celebrity endorsements, that's for sure. All the wrong ones for us.


The billionaire class are going to do anything to prevent the 99% from having any influence in this great "democracy."

This is the guy who wants to tell you what to eat and drink. He reminds me of the guy who runs Singapore. Maybe he'll bring back caining.


Wouldn't this guy be a whole lot more of a Republican "spoiler"? If the contest is between Sanders and a republican, who the hell is gonna switch their vote from Sanders to Bloomberg? If anything I'd think he'd get undecided repubs. What am I missing here?


From The Revelation:** "The New World"- received by the Messenger, Summers, April 4, 2011.
"In the new world, cooperation will become ever more essential to save the lives of people, to meet ever-increasing emergencies, to respond to the changing environment and the changing conditions of life.
Here the rich must give, or they risk losing everything. Here the poor must be served and must unite to create greater stability beyond the boundaries of culture and religion.
For in war and conflict—the kind of war the new world could create—everyone will suffer, everyone will lose."- MV Summers. The New Message.


If Bloomberg runs for President, that increases the chance of a Bernie victory.


Nothing except the establishment's false wishful thinking that Sanders is unelectable. Bloomberg is solid Wall Street, and should suck in "moderate" Republicans of all stripes over Trump, like David Brooks. He'll also pull in some Wall Street "Democrats" like Paul Krugman, but I'd guess he'd hit Trump harder. NYC "pundits" can't see that, because they don't want to. Bloomberg came from the cradle of big business Republicans, and DLC Democrats, not from the people. He's Republican lite, like Hillary ...


After months of hearing how Bernie wouldn't win over Hillary... this tells us that the oligarchy believes that Hillary won't win..think about the timing of this pseudo announcement. A broadside against Hillary's chances to be sure..the powers that be have the game rigged the way trey want it and are in no mood to risk democracy screwing up the works.

Strange days huh?


Sanders people won't vote for Bloomberg.


I would love to see Bloomberg waste a billion dollars. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg for President, Wow! We won't have those nasty protests in Washington anymore. Bloomberg will have them maced, beat up, and falsely arrested, like he did to Occupy Wall Street people in New York. Bloomberg will solve our national obesity problem by putting the nation an a mandatory health food diet. May be he can ban the sale of large containers of soda pop like he did in New York. He will defiantly be able to bring down crime by stopping and frisking black people,every time they go out on the street, just like he did in New York. He will make a wonderful world for the privileged people like himself. I kind of like Bernie Sanders. I think he would try to make a better world for everybody.


This article claims that a third party candidate has never won the Presidency. What about Abraham Lincoln? At the time the Republican Party was a third party, a spoiler.

I always looked at the modern Republican Party as the mammon-worshiping party, as the ultimate party for sellouts and the utter stooges who follow them around. Wouldn't Bloomberg's entry into the race split the moola-based votes right down the middle?


Hillary money is probably drying up right now. If Hillary has a low chance of delivering the White House and the attendant favors that go with the office, nobody is going to throw good money after her bad campaign.