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Not-So-Veiled Threat of War as John Bolton Says Iran May Not Have 'Many More Anniversaries to Enjoy'


Yup. Hit this wall of willful ignorance of actual historical fact on a constant basis… if you find an approach that finally gets through please let me in on it because I have run out of approaches and angles…


"What a country."


No worries mate.



If there is one lesson from history, it is: every nation eventually gets the war it is trying to avoid. Every nation pursues power (manifested as interest) uncompromisingly. Every nation deludes itself the war of utter defeat can be prevented, limited in scale or even won. History proves this reasoning dangerously flawed. Any attempt at regime change in Iran would destabilize the region and the world. Moscow sees Central Asia as its near-abroad, vital to its own stability – even survival – forcing it into war with the US. The ultimate core interest is survival. If it is threatened and existential threat looms nations go to war. There is no alternative to war, however destructive. All that is left is the fall-back position of nuclear deterrence doctrine: annihilation.



I agree, Bolton is a warmongering, fascist, but so is Trump and Bolton’s superiors; otherwise, Bolton would never have been selected for role in the current administration.


For whose benefit does Bolton want war with Iran?

Certainly not mine, nor I would guess, yours - that is unless you are in the oil or arms manufacture business, or you want so much to serve Netanyahu and company, or the Saudi royal family that you’d be happy to sacrifice US blood and treasure to that end. It would be best for the rest of us if Bolton sought employment with those whose interests he’s serving.


in his high school yearbook he was named “Most Likely To Start World War 3”


head off


One problem. We need to give Guantanamo back to its rightful owner…Cuba. Anyway, a guillotine would be faster and much more efficient.


Probably music of the Third Reich. Hitler liked music that made people feel patriotic and that they would win gloriously…


It appears that so is Trump. I’m sure Netanyahu gave his approval to both Bolton and Pompeo. He probably even picked them out for him.


True, but that was also an option in the 90’s.
Aside from its use as a covert weapon for over well 20 years it is also part of an ongoing global dimming effort, with predictably disastrous results.
Including a massive acceleration of climate change, which now leaves us with years instead of decades, and an increase in autism world wide.


Hi I am glad you are on board against geoengineering. It is very bad on alot of aspects. I hope you listen to the Saturday shows on this website. Alot of people that come in here think this is some kind of conspiracy. Dane who runs this site every week exposes alot of stuff that alot of people on progressive websites will not touch.




In response to a couple of the posts about stubborn, stupid Americans. Well how about the weapons of mass destruction and waking up to a mushroom cloud. That is the feeling we are imprinting Iranians with. Fear.
The other thing here is those same WMD. If you want to mention the stupidest of Americans, just remember Hans Blix I think it was. After double-triple-quadruple findings that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq Bush fires him, the messenger, and hires a lacky instead that would have agreed with Bush that the sky is falling. If you foolishly took that long to understand that Iraq was no threat shame on you. If you still were on board FUCK YOU, you ignorant bastards. That’s likely no one on this site, but there were many enough.


I am familiar with Dane Wigington and with geoengineeringwatch.org.
He is one of the few researchers that have been consistently accurate and reliable in regards to both timetable and effects when warning about global warming this decade.
Most “mainstream” scientists have been ignoring the elephant stampede in the room and have therefore greatly miscalucated our time table with alarming consistency.


I haven’t found one yet with people who are unwilling. There are the people who are ignorant and can be taught. I have done that. But willful, never. The 1st is just lack of knowledge, the 2nd is not wanting to know.
I couldn’t even get through to my own family, on a different subject entirely. They kicked me out and I walked away. I give up trying the impossible. My head hurts too much hitting the wall.
I worry that just like Iraq, they will gin up enough fear to get most people to support a war against Iran. Unfortunately the fear works most times. No matter telling them that Iraq had no nukes, it came down to the smoking mushroom clouds over american cities. Far better than mere facts.


It was created that way. The founders wanted the elites to run the country. They hated and feared the masses of poor people. Their idea was to let only landowners vote. To them only the farmers were the sensible ones.
And yet who are the easiest to lead, the rural people who are led by fear. The suburbans. The system led to them having the power over the cities. Most people live in the cities, but with the districts draw up the way they are, they get way under represented.
When white flight happened, the money fled those cities and for the most part we made ghettos of them. Even the cities that do get money, it is never for the poor.
So what a country. Which is why I feel it will end in violence someday. Sooner or later the poor decide they had enough. And then they get a new country and get preyed on by the new leaders.


Oh sure, he fits right in with Miller, Bannon, and all the others. But sometimes it is better to be the power behind the throne. And he does have power. Trump is their pawn, I feel. He hates like they do, sure. But they push their ideas on him. Trump wants power above all else. And these people tell him how to get it.
Trump has always had others do the dirty work, he lets them do the thinking. He says I want and they get. But they are the ones who have to think of the ways to get. He gathers those around him that desire power and desire to be around power. The brown nosers.


I feel your frustration Skip. I have tried for decades to get through to my and my in-law family as well on a lot of topics as has my spouse.
So many people think their tiny bit of pop knowledge from poor/untrustworthy sources beats fact. You are right though - it’s just beating your head against the wall to try and educate those who do not want to educated.
I guess you are right we just have to try where it might work and let the others go…


Hi my friend – just on another note – I have been thrown off of this website 2 times in the last several years just for posting Dane’s website on geoengineering. The last time because I posted about the fires in calif and how geoengineering contributed to those fires.