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'Not Surprising' But 'So Shameful': Ousted by Ocasio-Cortez, Joe Crowley Heads to K Street Lobbying Firm


'Not Surprising' But 'So Shameful': Ousted by Ocasio-Cortez, Joe Crowley Heads to K Street Lobbying Firm

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

After losing a primary race against Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) in what's been called last year's biggest political upset, former Congressman Joe Crowley is headed to one of K Street's largest law and lobbying firms—surprising no one, but garnering a fresh wave of criticism nonetheless.


Why give up a six figure salary when you can get a seven figure salary for doing what you were already doing? Pun intended.


Three branch representative democracy is an old and tired capitalist form of government that was designed to represent capital.

Venezuela has taught us that six or seven branches would be better, if the united states would quit trying to destroy a democracy where housing is a human right and banks serve that goal.


Other than the extreme cases like Billy Tauzin quitting Congress and walking into a $2 million per year pharma K Street gig a week after he pushed Medicare Part D “reform” through in 2003, most of these gigs don’t get much media attention even though this protocol of ousted and retired Congresscritters who pander to corporations having a K Street gig with their name on has been thriving for at least the past quarter century.

In recent years these gigs started at around $1 million per year for single termers, with multi-termers starting at no less than $2 million per year.

Certainly beats the $175k Congressional salary.


You would think we had learned government by money was the same as government by mobsters.


Corporate lobbyists are the downfall of democracy. This deplorable Democrat is simply showing us where the party’s true loyalties lay.


Will Rogers said in the 1930s that we have the best Congress that money can buy. The only thing that has changed is that the price has increased.


Well he had the back of Wall Street throughout his Political career and he cashing in!

As far as the Democratic party is concerned “Life after Politics” is about getting the cushiest job possible on retirement. “Life during Politics” as about ingratiating one as much as possible with the 1 percent so as to get that cushy job.


Finally at his true home and representing his true interest - himself - and not the people. This is an old story repeated over and over again. Ask Rahm Emanuel.


Lobbying as a profession needs to be outlawed. Until that day, we will be ruled by corruption.


So, career is his motive. This is the aim of all corporate captured senators and congress people. We have to remember that “the people” do have a party, in fact it has two: Greens and the Socialists. Time they combined forces because we don’t have a minute to waste to rescue and heal our earth, our people and those across the world.


Crowley opted for the Old Green Deal. Big surprise.


In his case it is also about Israel before his nation.

In These Times has an in depth article on this cretin and the new politics emerging in Chicago.


Ya know the sad fucking thing though? Many, many ordinary folks working at Mcd’s, Wal-Mart, Wendys etc would love to have 175k a year and never look for another job again. Hell man, my wife and I on two S/S checks and my modest Teamster pension make about 68k and we’re as happy as fat ass cats, sitting on our asses the same as Crowley has for 20 yrs or however long he was in Congress. Fuck him and ALL like him.


I’m originally from the Chgo area and this prick is the douchiest of the douchebags, him and his two fucking slimy brothers.


“Many, many ordinary folks working at Mcd’s, Wal-Mart, Wendys etc.” … are dyed in the wool Republicans … we are doomed …

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Exactly so reader! All organized lobbying should be banned, especially by the previously-connected sellout scum who have access others do not!


Really? I’d call them desperate and hungry—certainly not Republicans…

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I guess the list in the story is only resent ex-members of congress. One of my past, worthless, POS Senators (Lott), actually started a lobbying firm when he left congress.
They’re all just money whores, my apologies to any real whores.


Any relation to Alister Crowley?