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'Not Surprising' But 'So Shameful': Ousted by Ocasio-Cortez, Joe Crowley Heads to K Street Lobbying Firm


Had an argument with a wall mart employee once who was violently angry about a proposal to increase estate taxes…
Would not surprise me in the least to find out that the majority of republican voters were “temporarily embarrassed millionaires” working at McDonald and the like.


That was my first thought as well.


Just another example of legalized corruption on Capitol Hill. Money is free $peech, how much can you buy?


When you put your income ahead of the wants and needs of your fellow man your name will likely end up on someones to-do list.


Great wealth appears to erode the moral core, and is no respecter of gender or party.


Bill Maher had Emanuel on his show last Friday; kept it on “mute” until the segment was over. It’s possible that one of the reasons that Maher frequently has sh*theels as guests is that he is as rich or richer than them. Just like in Congress, the wealth of its Members unites them more than their politics might divide them.


Yes, and we need term limits as well!


Angry about increase? Then WTF was this person doing at Wally world?


You should not call real “whores” whores period.


time to have a minimum 5 year ban on elected federal officials becoming lobbyists. lifetime ban would be better.


So what do you like Marie? Ladies of the night? Prostitutes? It’s an honest profession, I don’t have a problem with it, hence my apologies in my post for comparing their profession to ex-members of congress.

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Sorry, these “dyed in the wool Republicans” were once solid Democrats when the Dems actually supported working & poor people AND would be again if the policies advanced by Sanders, Cortez and other liberal/progressives were instituted. Why the fuck do you think the Dems held national power so long from 1932-1968?


See my reply to Dkshaw, it applies to you also.

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If I were Jeff I would get away from this guy fast. The optics are horrendous. So far Amazon is winning, but this dude is really an anchor.


Why mention it at all? Just post about this piece of crap and leave the ladies out of it!


These are the reasons I boycott Maher.


We knew Joe Crowley was an unethical POS.


We MUST close this revolving door, aggressively and permanently. It might require that 28th Amendment that makes money not speech and corporations not people to do it, but we must do this if we are to ever get a handle on controlling politics in this country for The People. It needs to be illegal to EVER become a lobbyist after you have either been an officeholder or legislative staff - at any level. Thank you for your service, now go get a real job. Really, we need to do away with paid lobbying at any level either, mostly by making it illegal for corporations to ever participate in politics at any level. I want to see K St. become a ghost town.


That’s the issue. Not a Crowley or any other individual.

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Hell, is anybody surprised by this? This son of a bitch probably sends Cortez flowers every day, thanking her for getting him a seven figure job.
BTW, Crowley may be gone, but his clintonian scum brethren still cling to power in the party. Face it, as long as Nancy, Chuck, and Tom Perez still run the DNC, the democrats will be betholden to K street and Wall Street.
Think about that when Harris, Klobuchar and their ilk tell you that single payer and expanded social security benefits are “pie in the sky” ideas.