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'Not Tactics... Just Seemed Like a Gang': Navy Veteran Speaks Out After Attack by Secret Police in Viral Video Viewed Nearly 10 Million Times

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/20/not-tactics-just-seemed-gang-navy-veteran-speaks-out-after-attack-secret-police


The End is near… Those countries are now us!
We have always had this secret unit but kept it secret. Rump is losing it and throwing everything in his power to make his nightmare go away. Every one in his circle has become “Yes men” without question. Lucifer must be stopped!


If we do not remove all of those responsible for what David and many others had to endure, we are the ones to blame.

As the Boy Scouts always said, "Be Prepared."


Sorry folks, there’s a difference between being non-violent protestors and being a punching bag, these punks need the ass beating of their lives.


Posted again:

This is what this fascist is up to–just in from Huff Post:

Trump Prepping To Dispatch Federal Squads To More Democratic Cities, Warns Mark Meadows

The president claims violence is up in “Democrat-run” cities. “They are liberally run, they are stupidly run,” he said in an interview.



Every swing of their batons reveals the fear and impotence of Asshole Numero Uno.


Their SOP seems to be attack first, talk later. This is hardly law enforcement when the very people assigned to maintain peace and uphold the law behave like criminals.


Has Pelosi said anything? Seriously I want to know.



With Pelosi’s history of enabling criminals like Cheney, his puppet Dubya, Condi Rice, Henry K. and others why would anybody expect to hear from her ?


From the video footage I’ve seen Portland cops are either doing nothing or working with the goon squad. I’ve also seen footage of these same local cops beating the crap out of protesters prior to the goons arrival. In one incident a guy on a bicycle was rammed into a lamppost with a flying tackle when he could have easily been apprehended without violence.


Cult members don’t need no stinkin oath of office.


Actually she has …


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Pelosi’s part of the RESISTANCE don’t you know. Of course she’ll come to our rescue. Oh, I forgot, she and her Dem cohorts are too busy looking for Russians under their beds to address any real problems.


This is the deep state and Trump controls it now … resistance is critical.


These Federal Guys seem pretty lean and fit. They must be young too. They seem to enjoy the work. We need to know who they are and were they were trained. Are they Proud Boys?


As I have said a number of times, these guys are trained to act this way.
that is the state of our training these days, in too many units.

When the authoritarian gangs attack the Veterans, standing their ground peacefully, it truly becomes a case for forceable removal from office.

They are attacking their own people, literally department against department, branch against branch, all sanctioned and initiated by Trump.

Its clear that the President is unable to perform his duties “legally”

“within twenty-one days after Congress is required to assemble, determines by two-thirds vote of both Houses that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall continue to discharge the same”

The States must muster their individual National Guards to protect their citizens from Federal Authorities.

Someone is going to get seriously injured if not killed.


Sadly, I work in the marketing industry.
That said, from my vantage point, the protestors in Portland are winning the polling contest.

I just talked to a conservative friend in my industry who in one conversation said he believed that what happened to George Floyd was clearly wrong, that he would favor spending more public money in communities of color, and that he’d even entertain the concept of reallocating funding that is currently directed toward policing. Yet, in true FoxNews addiction, he said the “violent anarchists” and “looters” were being counterproductive.

I said if their being counterproductive had led to him taking three liberal stances in one conversation, then I was very much in favor of more counterproductive protests. Then I asked if video footage like the kind this navy veteran appears in helps Trump or the protestors – he admitted that it was the latter. Then I told him that it sounded to me like he had misidentified the counterproductive behavior in these confrontations.

Here, have some mainstream media:



Fuck that. The second or third most powerful politician in the goddam country can do a bit more than “condemn” this civil war (i.e. treason). If she doesn’t do whatever she can–impeach, write a bill to completely defund the agencies involved, then “condemnation” is nothing more than saying, “Democrats are the good guys–vote for us and we won’t do anything the next time it happens, either.”

Oregon’s governor would be within rights to call in the National Guard.


Speaking of Proud Boys


Only fools believe when Biden is elected things will be better, it will get worse because the news media will disappear, and all the resistance will be crushed by the same group