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Not the 'Heals Act' But the 'Heels Act': GOP Covid-19 Plan Puts Corporate Greed Before Human Need

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/28/not-heals-act-heels-act-gop-covid-19-plan-puts-corporate-greed-human-need


Thom, Thom, Thom, let’s remember that MAGA translates to Reagan which translates to “I got mine now give me yours”, with “I” neither being you nor me. Your suggestion is far too economically sound to ever take wing under a Republican administration post Reagan.


Hi Thom,
Where’s the article about your lauded Dems voting 36 for and 125 against Medicare 4 All.
Tomorrow maybe. I won’t hold my breath, I’m sure that’s the Republicans fault too.


Yeah Thom,
The phucking “New Republican Party” leadership just did the same thing in another form. Stop Shilling for them.

‘History Will Not Judge This Kindly’: DNC Platform Committee Votes Down Medicare for All Amendment

“It’s like opposing the New Deal during the Great Depression. Unforgivable.”


I was wondering if he addressed that one today or simply ignored it

“the Supreme Court legalized corporate bribery of politicians”

The final arbiter of the meaning of the Constitution should not be the majority of 9 political appointees in black robes, even if they are really, really supreme. Thomas Jefferson was right about that.

The final arbiter on a question of interpretation, in a democracy should be the people should they so wish, perhaps by super-majority vote. How can you say they shouldn’t?


Mr. Hartmann: When do we finally pronounce the end of our Kabuki theater (from which pundits derive much of their income), and begin militating for the removal of DT from the U.S.?

If this act passes, how many of the Rethuglicans who voted for it should be required to take responsibility for any company carelessness?

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Just drink more martinis for lunch.

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If we’re serious about not subsidizing corporate interests, why not bypass all the protesting and conflict, which is being framed as terrorism? hit where it actually hurts them, not us. how about refusing to pay taxes? simply refuse to contribute to a system that does not care for us, but wants to transfer all our resources to those who don’t need them? if you subtracted tax revenue from the 99% of us who object to how it’s being used, that would bring plutocracy to a screeching halt. use that money to develop local small businesses to meet our needs, and boycott everything to do with the oppressive corporatocracy.

Yes there are plenty of Washington Generals on this team. However, are you suggesting that you prefer the enemy to your own team? Nazis to Americans?

I am sure Thom understands the difficulties the system has put in place, and in addition pained by such. Thom has also presented many ways to fight the duopoly and the system in how it has complete control. There are so many levels that no matter how many miracles occur we cannot change things under the current system, one that has bulkheads, firewalls, and hurdles in place to stop any outsider.

Remember, in this instance we are talking about Medicare For All, just one drop in the universe of need. But M4A came about as a method not the goal. Universal healthcare was the talk on Thom and Sanders time. Medicare For All the method with the most streamlined approach. Building a better system once in place is easy… Getting universal healthcare pushed through from the outside…

Now should a certain percentage of dems be considered opponents? Sure. What percentage would you say?

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I’d say about 90% of Democrat’s should be considered opponents. Nothing will change until we stop voting for both corrupt parties.

Thom runs his mouth a lot but he firmly supports the elite Dems.
He hung up on a caller wanting to discuss the candidate running against Pelosi. She is a perfect example of corrupt elites who care not for the bulk of citizens of this country.


Buried in the article, he mentions “and even some corporate Democrats”.

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Agree. Accept that there are not two parties. Just the pretend opposition. 10% on our side? Maybe. It truly is the Washington Generals vs The Harlem Globetrotters. With apologies to both teams.
I think Thom does the best possible. Of course the way the system is set up that will never be enough.