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'Not the Kind of Moral Leadership We Need': Critics Pounce After Schumer Refuses to Back Medicare for All


'Not the Kind of Moral Leadership We Need': Critics Pounce After Schumer Refuses to Back Medicare for All

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As Medicare for All advocates gear up for what promises to be a long and brutal fight against the powerful industry interests and corporate Democrats committed to upholding the for-profit status quo, critics accused Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) of siding with the latter camp after he insisted in an interview on Sunday that "there are lots of different rou


In more news that isn’t shocking, d-party leadership once again sides with big corporate donors instead of voters.

Coming soon: 120 House Progressives are told to play nice and let 24 Problem Solvers have their way…


Chuck Schumer, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.


Schumer will never support what his corporate masters want to enhance their own greed and profits; his actions are a direct result of campaign-contributor bribery. Neither schumer’s nor pelosi’s 'leadership" includes supporting Single-Payer or working for millions of Americans to create the Universal, Not-for-profit, Single-Payer health care insurance so critical to millions, and a shift to health care that is based on service to the public, rather than ever increasing obscene costs to enrich the current insurance carriers and for-profit care!

All the entrenched DINO “leadership”, including schumer, pelosi, cuomo, and all the others bribed by health-care robbers, are in collusion with private interests, complicit to the usury and robbery of “ordinary” Americans, and craven in their so-called " compromise" (read: sellout) to financial and corporate interests…along with overt R’Con service to special interests, they also do the bidding of the worst vulture capitalist interests that have learned how to manipulate “elected” officials, pass favorable legislation, and turn representation from the Common Good to private common greed…such is the perfidy and betrayal of chucky schumer, pelosi, and all the others…such is the “system” created to fleece the public…schumer and pelosi all the worse as they are ostensibly “leaders” who make the back-room deals - a charade and farce of criminal proportions!


It is worth noting is our current political context: RE: Medicare for All again.
We have a Senate, White House and Supreme Court (who recently declared the ACA
(Obamacare) Unconstitutional) in the hands of the most right-wing GOP in
history, we have a Democratic leadership who has gone on record saying
that Medicare for All will never happen (See Palosi, Schumer et al). Politically, how viable is the
MfA at this time? I’d say it has a snowball’s chance…

Which leads one to conclude that this latest advancement of single payer is really political posturing to keep progressives on the Democratic hook (Bernie Sanders), and not organizing independently.

This (cynical) carrot dangling by the Dems has a long history: Bill Clinton ran for office promising a Medicare for All program (1992), so did Obama in 2008. Both made sure the programs died an unnatural death in the crib.


I think it is kind of a myth that big business is lined up solidly against single payer health care. For example, recently Berkshire Hathaway - the fifth largest U.S. company - came out in favor of single payer. Most big businesses outside of Big Pharma and Insurance are kind of ambivalent about it - because they operate in single payer countries and know they pay less for medical care in those places than they do in the U.S.
It is also Big Pharma more than Big insurance whose lobbying efforts are most at play as a barrier to getting single payer out of the gate. Any kind of single payer system will not pay the exorbitant prices they are currently charging for drugs in the “whatever the market will bear” economy. Meanwhile, big insurance is fine with systems like our current Medicare where their fastest growing profit center is selling Medicare supplemental policies (they only fear systems like HR676 that are fully single payer).
So where will Big business wield its excessive power in this debate? I believe they will exercise their power in the more technical debate about how the taxes are structured that pay for it.


Dagnabbit! That rankles!

But thanks for nailing it - even if at this point we’re at jump street recognizing that weŕe dealing with a sack of hammers nailing jello to the wall.

Time for what ‘rankles’ to become ‘rank and file’


"Medicare-for-all should be a benchmark for any voter who isn’t sure if the elected official is a corporate sycophant or not. Schummer is clearly a corporate lacky who despises the 99%. Pelosi is another enemy of the 99%. It is time for voters to take advantage of this simple litmus test and possibly ‘clean house’ in the process. To be honest, we need legislation that makes corporate conflicts of interest a felony for all politicians. Instead the current political climate is to criminalize anyone who is not a corporate lacky. Until Americans can remove the servants of the 1% from power, “we the people” will remain powerless.


Schumer is the latest corporate Dem to ignore what is best and most popular amongst the people they claim to but never actually represent. Just like Max Baucus who took single payer off the table and gave us the current corporate system.
Even when the Dems are in power they pretend they are not in order to sell us out.


Time to wrap up Chuck in a blanket, and put him in the landfill.

He’s useless to this nation’s people in his current position.

In the lanfill, he can provide temporary nourishment for the worms.


Oh jeezus effing krist. EVERYONE already has ACCESS to healthcare. Too many simply can’t AFFORD it. And what is worse from this scumbag is that the Senate wouldn’t vote to pass it now anyway so he could jump on board and still be true to his donors. EVERY CORPORATE SENATOR IN 2020 MUST BE PRIMARIED!!


Hey, Jake Johnson–why no mention of HR676? It looks like you’re joining up with the Democrat bait-and-switch to Sanders’ S1804, a clearly inferior bill that Big Insurance/Big Pharma would settle for if forced to.

As to Schumer’s “a bill that can pass,” to borrow from Eugene V. Debs, better to vote for what you want and not get it, than to vote for what you don’t want and get it. HR 676 might fail on the first ballot, and again on the second, but posting it for a vote will do two things: it will attract more support each time, and it will reveal who needs to be primaried.


Single Payer, Universal, Medicare for All are being thrown around by all these politicians. What are single payer and Universal and how are they different. Which plan saves the most for the people of America and drives down costs?

Confusing and a good way of keeping the American people stressed and uninformed.


Schumer, Pelosi: please step down. It’s not too late. We need a complete paradigm shift that is simply not within your comprehension. Give this country a CHANCE.


Did you watch the clip? Schumer said outright some members of the caucus want Medicare for All, some want Medicare buy-in, some want a public option, etc. In other words, his caucus hasn’t yet united behind a proposal and discussions are likely ongoing. We could easily take this as a positive—his caucus is considering the issue, and that includes Medicare for All. I appreciate that Schumer was candid about this and didn’t dump on any one proposal, which he could have done, and maybe would have in the past. Isn’t that good?

Alright, now that I’ve defended his bland statement indicating his caucus hasn’t settled on an option, feel free to skewer me. I’m just a neoliberal sellout thinker who doesn’t rah-rah Schumer-hate enough.


With dems like this, who needs repubs?


This guy–and every Democrat in Congress or state-level legislature who thinks the same–needs to go! As the old saying goes (and I paraphrase) “it’s hard to get a person to see the truth when their income depends on them seeing the contrary,” or words to that effect. Ol’ Chucky-boy is obviously beholden to the corporations making a killing off of taxpayers under the present system.

Go away, Chuck! We don’t want you around any more! Now, shoo!


Schumer is a full fledged member of the the Empire party, neo-con and neoliberal paid and paid again.


Good point. Even single payer advocates in the House and Senate differ in their proposals once you get into the details. This is why I am hopeful John Yarmuth will hold hearings on the issue. We need to get out of the ideas realm, at least a little. I feel like it would benefit everyone.


Lets also remember that both schumer and pelosi are supporters of the anti BDS legislation that would make it a crime to criticize Israel for any Act of depravity or illegal colonization of the Occupied Territories!

They both think its fine to silence critics of Israel. If the BDS movement/action against South African apartheid had been declared “illegal” by racist supporters of the USA where would the world be now? It’s the exact same with both schumer and pelosi! Both supporters of Israeli apartheid racism and crimes against humanity to declare criticism “illegal”…it goes against all America is supposed to stand for, and their actions are complicit to the crimes of racist Israel

Its telling both “leaders” make it almost impossible to get thru to their offices to denounce their betrayals and treasonous service to a foreign racist power!

To silence free speech is anathema to most people except apparently to chuck schumer and nancy pelosi - those two Democratic “leaders”? BS! They are servants of the for-profit health-care interests, and the racist agenda of a foreign power, against all morality and International Law!

The sooner schumer and pelosi, both anti-universal single-payer health-care, and supporters of anti-BDS movement legislation, are voted out of office the better for America and the world! Progressives and Independents are constantly betrayed by the two DINO servants of corporate domination!

BDS against Israeli racist supremacy!