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'Not the Leadership This Moment Calls For': Green Groups Slam Pelosi for Pushing 'Weak' Climate Panel Over Green New Deal Committee


'Not the Leadership This Moment Calls For': Green Groups Slam Pelosi for Pushing 'Weak' Climate Panel Over Green New Deal Committee

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Following presumptive House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's (D-Calif.) official announcement on Friday that Rep. Kathy Castor (D-Fla.) will chair the new Select Committee on the Climate Crisis, progressives accused the Democratic leadership of moving ahead with a "weak" congressional panel instead of listening to grassroots demands for a more bold and visionary Green New Deal Select Committee.


Anything less than a “green New Deal” will not move us one centimeter toward a cleaner environment and higher employment. Pelosi and her ilk know that just as well as we do. Behind the scenes (protected by the corporate veil) are the mega-corporations, a/k/a the asteroids that “the collective we” have created.


Nancy wants to nudge and coax. That’s all.

Nudging and coaxing California wildfires, mudslides, and seacoast erosion ain’t gonna work, sweetheart.


The Green New Deal is not enough.


Memo to D incumbents and reps-elect:

Vote for this foul organism to again be “Speaker of the House” and watch how fast you get primaried. A O-C for Speaker, seniority be damned.


Well who didn’t see this coming, besides our Dem apologists ?
Expect more, lots more.


As much as I liked Bernie Sanders when he was running for president, I just can’t believe that he thinks this democratic party is something he can work with. I changed my registration to democrat for the first time in over 30 years to vote for Bernie, I changed back to the progressive party right after the election and will never again vote for a democrat for president.


What do you NEED to know? … THEY (DNC-banker-led Dems) are the ENEMY! Isn’t that CLEAR yet??

Oh, they definitely appear “not so bad” as the Republicans …

But … in FACT, THEY are the ones who SILENCE any serious progressive thinking — which, when it occurs at all in the Duopoly, appears in the margins of the DP.

So the DP does MORE DAMAGE to progressive causes & thinking that any other group!!


My view is activist focus should be on states and local communities not the federal government. But with Democrats now controlling the House there is a need to work toward climate legislation that could play a role in the 2020 election and maybe even get passed in 2021 if things fall into place. As I remember the previous climate committee did not really accomplish anything, at least I can’t remember anything. It seems safe to assume that Nancy Pelosi will take a pragmatic position. I would guess that she views the New Green Deal as too far left and it could cost votes. She probably wants to steer things so that the centrist and progressive members of the House can find some climate program they can agree on. That may take some doing. I don’t believe she will give in to members on the left that appear uncompromising. I think she is looking for people who will compromise. But at least for two years the real action on the ground will be at the state and local levels. What happens there really matters and with Democrats gaining additional power at the state level that is where the biggest gains should be expected.


Which is an observation of how out of touch with reality she really is. She, like you, sees the world through the prism of triangulation, but it’s a completely distorted view of the world. The public supports progressive positions. It costs votes to not embrace those positions.

I think she is looking for people who are compromised, the same as she is.


It is too late for compromising on climate change. Time to be bold or human life on this planet is doomed.


Chris Hedges provides an overview of the consequences of the neo-liberal delusions on societal equilibrium - of both each and all. The corporate coup d’etat does meet with a legacy of clear and crisp critique that needs to be made central to narrative.


Shocking! Shocking! :slight_smile:


Pragmatic for who? Her, the planet, her grandchildren, the donors, the general public, the base in her party, working people, Mother Nature? All would define pragmatism differently. Like, you and she would define pragmatic in ways that the collapse in human civilization is guaranteed.

Thank GOD! I hate solutions. And are those people on the left less demanding than the lobbyists she meets with and gets lots of bribes from? You know, the ones paying her to not try and save human civilization?

I agree with you on one thing though. As long as people like her are leading your party, and as long as the Republicans are what they are, don’t expect dick as the planet burns. These old people will not be here when the shit hits the fan and they don’t care to properly deal with the scale of the problem. Complete and absolute lack of leadership and moral responsibility.


This should surprise nobody. Pelosi doesn’t want to do anything which would negatively impact the profits of her corporate leash holders.


"House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Thursday [Dec. 13, 2018] the term limits deal she struck with her detractors will still allow her to stay a “long time.” "

This is a J. Wellington Wimpy deal: “I’ll gladly retire on Tuesday [in some distant future] if you make me Speaker today”

Type “Pelosi term limit” into your favorite search engine for more news reports on this.


Ach!, this again!

What sort of dysfunctional dynamic is at play with voters and the dems, when time after time they pull this crap?

And from Waleed Shadid’s tweet . . . “The party of resistance…” Really?! What friggin’ resistance might he be alluding, one wonders.


“the party of the resistance” lol.

good christ, you’d think some of these people would just listen and get the ridiculousness of what they say.

The only thing this Democratic party resists is progressive change. Democrats deserve this rancid party (lemme borrow this one back, Solnit). The rest of us, sadly, don’t.


Oh, I know! Resistance to:

  • Progressive policies
  • Solutions for the climate crisis
  • Single payer Medicare for All
  • Anything else that the public supports but her donors oppose


I wouldn’t call anything short of permanently eliminating Pelosi from american politics, (or worse), a “slam”. I would even suggest that the damage to our country may be more a result of the diffusion of progressive political initiative by the right wing democratic leadership than it is the result of republican right wing excesses. It is at the very least the reason republican radicals have run roughshod and unchecked over all previous progressive gains for several decades now.