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Not the Right Thing, But the Right-Wing Thing: On John McCain, Death, and Dishonor


Not the Right Thing, But the Right-Wing Thing: On John McCain, Death, and Dishonor

Peter Dreier

In July 2008, just over a month after surgery for brain cancer and still in the middle of chemotherapy treatments, Senator Ted Kennedy returned to the Senate floor to help the Democrats break the deadlock and end a Republican filibuster on a bill to destroy Medicare.


Too bad Obama didn’t follow Kennedy’s advice and fight harder to create Medicare for all. A single-payer system would have much, too much support to even think of “repealing and replacing”!


Courage, Cowardice, and John McCain



That about sums it up.


He voted to allow debate. Isn’t that a good idea? Won’t that reveal how unsympathetic the politicians are to disadvantaged folks when it comes to health care while they have tax payer health care for life (I think) and excellent coverage at that? Won’t the debate at least be a forward movement?


It would have been much more productive to instead use his speech to clearly make the points you just made. But to favour constituents’ benefit/desires in this instance would mean breaking party ranks and would have required a maverick, as Mr. Dreier has pointed out.

To quote from the link provided by cyberbrook: Unfortunately, when it counts, he is neither independent nor courageous. When it comes to real courage, McCain is missing in action.

Edited to add:
From Crooks and Liars - John McCain Just Voted For A Bill He Could Not Support 6 Hours Ago

Yep, that’s courage…


I spit on John McCain. I spit on his Vietnam war “heroism” (the only Vietnam vets I respect are the ones who just shut the f*** up about that bullshit travesty). I hope his cancer comes back in a way that causes him nearly intolerable pain for a long time before he dies. Once he’s dead, I’ll spit on his memory. To hell with John McCain!


You do know, don’t you, that Agnes Bojaxhiu (aka “Mother Teresa”) was a despicable, fundamentalist Catholic who would not even provide analgesics to terminally ill patients. She said their pain consisted of the “kisses of Jesus,” and left them to suffer and die because it suited her purposes to do so. Mother Teresa was every bit as repugnant and disingenuous as John McCain is now.


Fight harder??? Surely you jest.

Obama’s job was to make sure Single Payer never saw the light of day!


Be that as it my, it doesn’t excuse McCain’s behavior.


He voted to continue the process that will deny his own people the care that he’s recieving.

Plain and simple- so don’t try to bullsh!t us, Ticki.


In practical terms, he voted to give his party–whose priorities always come before the country’s–a hollow victory.

Then he added insult to injury by speechifying up a hollow deathbed mea culpa.

The pathetic legacy of John McCain: adultery, warmongering, the S&L scandal, Caribou Barbie, gambling.


Time to go back to a 2008 article in Rolling Stone. It is long but comprehensive. McCain has never been a maverick or a hero and he’s voted against the welfare of his constituents more than once.
Here’s the link: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/make-believe-maverick-20081016

His high-sounding talk this time back is just his typical cover for his low-end votes, first voting for the GOP “health” kill act and then voting to keep on debating and considering a non-disclosed unknown “lesser” act.
He has never deserved the respect he’s been given. He has always been a privileged mess.

There is no honor here.


Only the good die young …


McCain could be a democrat------all the high sounding rhetoric then voting for the MIC and all the other corporate interests.


If it was debate about fixing the ACA sure.
But it is most certainly NOT debate about fixing the ACA.
So, No, debate is NOT good.


But he never intended to let single payer see the light of day.


Where the hell did that come from. I’ve been around a long time and never heard shit like that. This comment seems Imbued with a great deal of hate.


I hope he dies soon to minimize how much more pain he can cause his constituents.


Too bad John McCain didn’t deal with this cancer, before The Vietnam War.