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'Not Today. Not Tomorrow. Not Ever': Indigenous Campaigners Protest As KXL Pipeline Construction Begins Amid Legal Challenges

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/09/not-today-not-tomorrow-not-ever-indigenous-campaigners-protest-kxl-pipeline


We are witnessing the last gasps (pun intended) of the fossil fuel industry. Financing will soon dry up and liability insurance will soon be unavailable for this industry.

So, (to paraphrase Douglas Adams), “So long, and thanks for all the chronic disease!“


Hope someone is alerting the 700 club why we are having this plague. It’s because we installed trump as president.
The 700 club needs a ridiculous claim thrown at them once in a while to wake them up to their absurd claims in other instances, such as 9-11 being punishment for gay marriage etc.

We may need oil, but we don’t need this pipeline.


Justice will truly prevail when Crumpus and Pence contract the virus.

Today, the confirmed new case infection rate in Nebraska is .1002% over the past five days. Today the nation’s highest confirmed new case infection rate is the District of Columbia at .1186% over the past five days. Nebraska is remarkably close in active infectuousness to being the most dangerous hotspot in the USA. I update my stats daily at *ttp://quakerworks .net/statecoronavirusstatistics.htm

Covid-19 is a potent threat to the lives of the First Tribes. Covid-19 is a potent threat to the lives of the construction workers, and they should hear about this danger. Covid-19 is equally a potent threat to the lives of the cops and security personnel guarding the work sites.

If you see the workers being brought onsite packed like sardines into minivans, report it. If you see a crew of workers not practicing social distancing at work or a daily mass assembly for the straw boss’s daily speech, take a telephoto lens picture of it please.

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36 inch diameter. pipe is from India and we should confirm that metalurgy is correct. All these years making lawyers wealthier and it is easy to protect creek and river crossings - yet, never mentioned.
This is double pipe. The outer pipe can be 40 inch diameter or larger. The space between the outer and inner pipes is labeled annulus.
This volume is under a slight vacuum and if the inner pipe leaks, the pressure increases inside the annulus and sets of an alarm, turns off pumps and closes valves.

The Battle Creek, Michigan rupture at the river there many years ago is still not cleaned up.


I know a transatlantic singlehanded sailor. She said that in an emergency mechanical systems survive and electronic systems fail. Do we have the personal assurance of the company’s CEO that this electronic shutdown system will always work and not backfire? If we do, what is that personal assurance actually worth, and why couldn’t Boeing hire this particular magic CEO away to fix their 737 Max problems?

Dear Paul,
Nuthin wrong with redundent systems. Cheaper than cleaning up a disasterous mess.
Yes, electronic systems - in our nuclear generating plants - can fail,

The annulus pressure measuring / alarm would be be backed up by a vertical tube rising up from the annulus on shore that also has a pressure gauge / alarm.

The CEO is a britz and his assurance is worthless because he is in London and reports to the board who reports to the queen.

Our local retail gasoline price has risen $.70 per gallon in three days. I blame BP and Royal Dutch Shell. BP is not in good financial situation last week. Their 2021 planning is at $35.00 / barrel. They do own Houston, Texas. They sold their Alaska pipeline and producing wells a couple months ago for 6.8 billion dollars.

Mechanical to close nearby valve = yup, can do it. Has to be one on both sides of the creek.
with one hand tied behind my back.
The british are not going to like it, but it can be an API standard and state, federal, local requirement.

The last time I looked a barrel of oil was selling for a negative $37.00 per barrel and as an Alaska resident, I CAN TELL YOU there is a glut of oil on the Alaska market, so much they are running out of storage room and the oil tankers are sitting idle full of so much oil they cannot unload. From that fact alone: THE LAST THING WE NEED IS THE KXL PIPELINE!


“This pipeline will not be built.”



Dear Donald Trump:
I have read that your favorite president was Andrew Jackson. He actually said to the indigenous people that he would keep agreements with them , " AS LONG AS GRASS GROWS AN RIVERS RUN."
Maybe it’s time America kept Andrew Jackson’s agreements, don’t you think?
You really need to support Jackson’s statement, because the way that the climate is changing— there won’t be much drinkable running anywhere near where the environment killing KXL pipeline goes!

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The same coin-operated right wing think tanks that have engaged in climate change denialism for decades, like Heartland, are now engaged in denialism about how many people are being killed by this virus. They need to face mass protests.

Dear Stardust:
What do you mean? As your President, I have kept all of Andrew Jackson’s agreements! Quit believing all that fake news!

Your friend, the greatest president in the history of the U.S.A. DJT.

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Let me add South Dakota to the rogues’ gallery of infected states. In the last five days South Dakota had 515 confirmed new cases of coronavirus versus 293 for the previous five days, a 76% acceleration in just five days. South Dakota is now #12 of the fifty states plus DC in terms of immediate threat level, and they could easily break into the top ten this coming week or possibly tomorrow.

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