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Not Tough, Not Smart: What Trump Gets Wrong about Vetting and the Justice System

Not Tough, Not Smart: What Trump Gets Wrong about Vetting and the Justice System

Faiza Patel

Knee jerk responses based on prejudice rather than facts aren’t going to keep us safer.

"Beyond its discriminatory impulse, there is no evidence that the U.S. needs to overhaul its vetting procedures. In fact, a recent report by the Brennan Center shows that the U.S. already has one of the world’s most stringent visa vetting systems."
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Nicely put, Ms. Patel. Our “President” has a pattern of over-reacting to incidents involving a foreign-born suspect, and under-reacting to those cases involving native-born suspects, especially if they are White. This leads to much misunderstanding and irrational, misplaced fear among the public at large.

“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”------ Benjamin Franklin

The Donald never, ever lets facts get in the way of his opinions. And straight from his mouth to the sensory receptors of his adoring fans. It’s The Magical Mystery Tour.

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Fat arrogant ignorant rich old white blow hard male --the bane of our country. Trump is blow hard in chief, blathering away his usual vicious nonsense. Sick of him, sick of them.

Yes we need more smiley slime balls such as Hillary and Obama that led us into 7 new and larger past military conflicts.
More philandering ladies darling such as Bill Clinton who in his last 8 months in office dropped more tonnage of bombs upon Iraq than we used against Japan in WWII and destroyed Somalia and then old Yugo Republic.
We do not want to hear and know how many people or nations we f… over, so if Trump would just smile and keep his mouth shut; What the heck difference would it make for the hundreds of brown and black pigmented skin civilians we have for years been killing daily.
You are seeing the product of political manipulations by all manner of government educational financial identity politics ; In actions by armed angry and dangerous ANTIFA and far right evangelical/dominionist pro Israeli movement pro Israel increasingly violent confrontations.
Trump is but the voice of the true america, and it is one dangerous animal without restraints.

The Magical MiseryTour.

Terrorists don’t just happen. They are the guaranteed blowback to US meddling and war mongering all around the world. “Water seeks its own level.” If the USA truly wants to stop terrorism in its tracks, simply STOP BEING A TERRORIST NATION! Break up the Military/Industrial/Education/Communication Complex, or tax it until aggression is no longer profitable, and watch a great increase of peace take hold in our world.