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Not 'Under My Watch' Claims Trump After Pentagon Push to Destroy Stars and Stripes Happened... Under His Watch

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/04/not-under-my-watch-claims-trump-after-pentagon-push-destroy-stars-and-stripes

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Makings of a set up. Pentagon elects to close (the set up);

Donny Boy comes in on his white horse.


At first I thought the horse was white, then realized precisely who the horse was carrying. All that orange makeup was so bright, anything looked white next to it.

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keep it up orange man and weep as you are thrown out of the people’s house.

The Bleached House has NEVER been the People’s House. It is – and has always been – the Owners’ House, the House of Capital… built by slaves to preserve a global system in which Humanity is Capital, is property, is slave… is disposable.


Just a side note: why is Jack Posobiec, a neo-Nazi troll, being quoted here? Plenty of other quotes to be had on this without giving a right-wing shit-stirrer a platform. Jaysus, this is someone who’s still pushing the Pizzagate nonsense.

If there is a serious idea to scuttle the Stars and Stripes, it wouldn’t generate enough money to do anything but remodel one of their cafeterias.

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And the “prestigious“ Polk Award? Bill O’Reilly has one.

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Nancy sold the People’s House to Goldman Sachs, Raytheon, and United Healthcare et al.


Not that i care whether or not the pentagon shuts down their longest running propaganda rag, but trump’s flock probably equates it to the gospel.
Still, id be surprised if trump actually read the budget proposal that first sought to cut funding.


The Space Force is running on a shoestring budget. They need all the help they can get for their new logo.

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It’s the House of Dark Shadows.

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There is a time to live, and a time to die…

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Perfect move to deflect the Atlantic suckers and losers article. He’s a slippery one.

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Either that, or it’s Trump’s latest bid to lose the election. Let’s see what Biden does to try and top this.

I’m getting a real bad feeling about all this - logic circuits are on hold - reverting to instinct.

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BS trump ordered S&S shut down for writing something donny didn’t like! now his hate for our troops is out! so he is back stepping.

I am the author of this article. I was not aware of who Jack Posobiec is when I was searching for tweets to support this story. I will be removing that tweet and considering this a lesson learned to more carefully vet tweets from unknown sources. Thank you for reading and commenting.

He has not. Matt Meagher and Tim Peek of “Inside Edition” were awarded a Polk Award in 1996. Bill O’Reilly had left the show a year earlier.

As for “prestige,” a Polk Award is indeed considered one of the preeminent journalism honors in the United States, for whatever that’s worth. A look back at past winners over the decades reveals what is mostly a very worthy list of outstanding journalism, even if the corporate outlets in which some of the award-winning work has appeared are themselves questionable.

Thanks for the clarification. He used to claim a Peabody but I thought it was a Polk.