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Not Without Us – Organizing Our Way to Solve the Cllimate Crisis

Not Without Us – Organizing Our Way to Solve the Cllimate Crisis

Mark Decena

On December 12th, 2015, when the halls of the Bourget erupted in applause with the signing of the United Nations Climate Change Accords in Paris, climate justice activists recognized a different reality.

Earth Justice is fielding letters on 22 specific issues. Persons interested in going on record through writing letters might find these useful

Particularly given the disasters of policy being revealed by DN this morning in Houston, these administrators must be deluged with public responses to regulation, policy and practices.

It is hard to maintain hope but here is some good news from nine northeastern states to help keep going.

Zero Population Growth … anyone?
Nope … foolish humans can’t think about that …

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Paris wasn’t a stepping stone

But a brick in the wall

Talk about “solving” the global warming problem is just plain foolish! This article (http://arctic-news.blogspot.com/2017/05/abrupt-warming-how-much-and-how-fast.html), posted in May of this year asserts:

With little or no action taken on global warming, it appears that the Anthropocene will lead to extinction of the very human beings after which the era is named, with the Anthropocene possibly running from 1950 to 2021, i.e. a mere 71 years and much too short to constitute an era. In that case a better name for the period would be the Sixth Extinction Event . . . .

Most of Europe, North America and many other portions of the world are in negative population growth, even Iran. The solution to that is to empower women and girls. Educated women have less than replacement rate children. In Iran there are more women than men at the universities and the education is free. Even Komeinis can learn from the Bahai. A woman striving for an advanced degree is less likely to bear children and is less likely to have more than one. Even in Ecuador, a mysoginistic country, where I live one and two child families are more common than the four or five children families of a generation ago. At a local law school the enrollment is 60% women.even though it is not free.
A simple effective ethical and constructive method of birth control is universal free education and health care. Noone has to be coerced.

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Big Oil has been controlling politics, education, medicine, science and agriculture for more than a hundred years. They can not be expected to not try to control the climate talks. An interesting and concise history of their control is

A partial solution to global warming is to convert from petroleum to alcohol. Sustainably produced alcohol, not the grain belt kind, is a replacement fuel that Henry Ford predicted was the fuel of the future because any vegetable matter can be turned into alcohol. Before Prohibition, funded by John D., half the cars in the US ran on alcohol. The problem with alcohol is that it can be made in the local community, the local farm or even you back yard and doesn’t require massive capital investment. That people could by pass the oiligarchs, leads to many sleepless nights on Wall Street and among board members and CEOs.