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Not Yet a Strike But a 'Work Stoppage Nonetheless': Unpaid TSA Agents Calling Out at Unsustainable Rates


Not Yet a Strike But a 'Work Stoppage Nonetheless': Unpaid TSA Agents Calling Out at Unsustainable Rates

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Amid continued calls for Transportation Security Administration (TSA) workers to go on strike and with hundreds of thousands of federal employees set to miss their second paycheck on Friday if the government is not reopened before then, the TSA announced that a record 10 percent of its 51,000 employees did not show up for work on Sunday, with many citing economic restrictions and hardship caused by the ongoing shutdown.



This has the potential to crack the TSA model completely, who will fill the slots of agents that have quit, for no pay? I cheer at the possibility of a crack in the police state armor. TSA personnel, please, find new employment that is fulfilling and has meaning.
No Alex Kotch, not having TSA is not a national security risk, they were never needed in the first place.



TSA, if you’re out there listening, I hope you find the 51,000 employees that could bring Trump to his knees.



I cannot blame the TSA workers or the Air Traffic Controllers for not abandoning their legal obligation to stay on the Job even if they are not getting paid.

I am sure they are all familiar with the episode in the 1980’s when Reagan fired all the Air Traffic Controllers when they went out on Strike.

These laws forcing government workers to stay on the job no matter what, is in my opinion, Unconstitutional and depriving people of their right to protest.

This is the Weak underbelly of this Shutdown, if these government employees working at the Airports go on Leave, let’s not call it a Strike, they can bring the Nation to its knees.

We cannot allow this Gangster President to use government employees as hostages in the negotiation process.

He refuses to acknowledge that he has lost a major branch of the government as his ally.

Speaker Ryan was the perfect puppet, genuflecting to the Prez whenever he was ordered to comply with the Bigots demands.

The Tax giveaway to the Super-Rich was a major catastrophe, which forced the Middle and Lower Class to pay higher taxes to cover the shortfall in Tax Revenue since the Super-Rich are no longer paying their fair share.

Nancy do not give an inch to this Greedy Heartless Xenophobic Racist Bastard.



I’d love to see the TSA go away. That said, it’s a good time for everyone to strike at this point. Between climate change and every other major injustice threatening the live of most of the planet’s people, it’s now or never. Everyone needs to just stop cooperating. Now.



So what happens when Trump’s shutdown results in the next 9/11 because somebody with a bomb realizes that TSA agents are just showing up to show up and are letting everyone pass through security because, “to hell with it–they don’t pay me, I don’t care about my work”.

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The TSA agents need to step up and confront Trump on behalf of the people of the United States. He needs the maximum pressure placed upon him. Also, why do we the people have to continue making federal tax payments and withholdings when the federal government is not doing its job? Taxes should be diverted from the federal government to the states who must then take over paying food stamps and other essentials which people need to survive. Trump is an enemy of the people of the United States and the world. We know he needs to leave. He just doesn’t have the intellect to get the message.



The flying public can have a tremendous impact on the situation by simply opting out from passing through the high tech scanners. Be a break against the machine! Trump and his mob could care less about your inconvenience but if the public uses its power to cost Trumps suck-ups hard cash by gumming up the workings of predatory capitalism…



To be forced to work without just compensation is just another form of slavery. Should not be tolerated for a moment.



If there are any TSA workers reading this, I’ve been hearing that the construction industry is looking for people. Just wanted to let you know there are other options out there. Why stay at a job where you are treated so terribly.

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No kidding. After the Arabs got a free pass to fly home right after 9-11, there was no need for heightened security. Bush/Cheney knew it but, well the rest is just cheap whiskey.



What would they do if they weren’t able to play the “fear/terror” angle? They need illegitimate ways of getting control and power.



This is it folks. The catalyst to start the revolution.



Our own Coast Guard, ( active and retired) are not getting paid! This is a crime. Working without pay I think is in violation of the consitution. Call and write your reps, and papers and expose this for what it is. Also, all members of congress and the admin are getting paid. Continue to expose this hypocrisy for what it is.



Yes- and let’s stop fear from getting in the way.

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In the mean time- this is also illegal and a violation of our own constitution which has been hand rung and hung out to dry!



Some of the brightest and best are already gone to private and are not coming back. Enough already. They have networked out. Even those that are still getting paid are looking for the front door. You can’t fill the dinner plates on patriotism and dedication.

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Cute. And I suppose you have no deals with gov. employees? And you are not building TSA a hotel to live in when their homes are foreclosed on?



Trump talks about a voyage to Mars, I guess using the money that would have been paid to gov. employees. Hey Donny-little-hands, do you have any jobs on Mars? We 800,00 applicants waiting for you.