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'Not Your Firewall': Minority Voters Refuse To Be Token in Clinton Strategy Map



My Headline.



Clearly the Clinton campaign wants to focus on a state where they hope to highlight their minority support. The Nevada caucus comes first, yet all the attention has been focused on SC. The Democrats stand a good chance of winning Nevada in November. They don't have a prayer of winning SC in November. So, why is the Clinton campaign (and corporate media) putting all of their emphasis on the Democrat's efforts in a state they can't possibly win in the General election? Because the establishment candidate thinks she has wrapped up the state for the primary, and can use that to change the narrative and finish off Sanders' insurgency. It is up to Bernie, and the rest of us to neutralize that narrative in the next two weeks.


Finally, undeniable proof that Monsanto's GMOs are toxic.
(Hillary was on the board of directors of both Monsanto and Walmart.)


"... artful smear..." is reminiscent of "We came, we saw, he died..."

Not in my name.

Regardless of whether this was an idea from Hillary Clinton herself, or campaign advisers, I am reminded that in the slinging of mud, the words spoken reflect the mind set and choices of the speaker. I am learning a lot from Hillary Clinton despite the sheer scale of what she tries to hide - or perhaps because of it. .


More than the rhythms of biological life are influenced by the dances between the sun and moon.

Essentially, once every 29 days the sun and moon (which I view as a Yang-Yin "Marriage of the Lights") meet for new moon. From Astrology's perspective, New Moon sets the tempo for the 29 days to follow.

The most recent New moon fell on February 8 and it's the only annual new moon in the sign of Aquarius. Each sign has one singular issue it focalizes, and for Aquarius, that's TRUTH.

Meanwhile, 90-degrees away (this angle is known as the square in Astrology and it indicate the most inflamed dynamic possible) is Mars transiting Hillary's sign, Scorpio. Scorpio is known for secrecy and by extension, spying, covert power, and decisions reached in covert manners.

I felt the need to mention this as the Bernie campaign--in exposing Truths that are very inconvenient for Hillary and her secretive (Scorpio) nature--is playing out a drama that in every way reflects the "As above, so below" causal relationship.

Eventually, Truth wins.

I also think that Mars' transit of Scorpio is inflaming Hillary and when people are driven by anger (or rage) they make major tactical mistakes.


Her Royal Clintoness needs to pack it up and go home to--let's see, just where is her home? Illinois? Arkansas? DC? New York? Hypocrisyland?


Did your senator get arrested for desegregation?


My headline >>> Shantiananda finally admits that Bernie can win!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just rubbing it in a little lol.

Catchy headline about Hillary.


Here's what Julian Assange thinks of Ms. Clinton after reading thousands of her State Department cables:


In June 2014, during a speech she gave to a GMO cartel convention in San Diego, Hillary admonished attendees to put a new spin on GMOs to get young voters to embrace them.

Judging from the New Hampshire stats it looks like the GMO cartel's efforts have not succeeded.


Too bad Leslie Gore passed away last year. We could have all chipped in and paid her to perform ITS MY PARTY AND I'LL CRY IF I WANT TO at Hillary's crash and burn party.


It does appear that vitriol has recently been Clinton's tactic of choice, or perhaps the only remaining tool in the campaign tool box ?


When I posted about Bernie not winning I probably failed to make myself clear because I never doubted Bernie could win POTUS but what I was referring to was the Democratic nomination for POTUS.

My friend, that is what we have to wait and see what happens at the Democratic Convention, because Bernie is a good guy but in a very corrupt party. And Wall Street, HRC, Biden among others, will do everything in their power to deny Bernie the nomination. But if I am proved wrong ( which I would love to be!) even though I have supported third party candidates in the past, Bernie will have my support in the election of 2016.


Shillary knows she is losing, Her pompous veneer is starting to crack and peel, you can see it in her eyes, and hear it in her voice, she is mired in the quicksand of her own dishonesty and it is sucking her down, I'd say it's past her knees now and she is starting to struggle, which will just hasten the process.


Hillary for Drug War and Mass Incarceration of People of Color. But she loves you...


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Bernie needs to make the income inequality issue connect with the African-American community.

How about this:

Think of every African-American you know. Now think of every African-American you have ever laid eyes on in your life. Now think of every African-American in America, including the athletes, musicians, and the two African-Americans who are on the Forbes 400 list (Oprah and Robert Smith).

That is 42 million African-American folks.

How much money do those 42 million African-Americans own?


(As a new user, I can't include a link to the Mother Jones article from 2015 entitled "America's 100 Richest People Control More Wealth Than the Entire Black Population." But you can Google it.)


Bernie sanders has lived a long life of continued ethics, integrity and dedication to the social cause and the inherent commitment to the suppressed and under privileged.

He marched with Martin Luther King, he was arrested while demonstrating for desegregated public schools in Chicago, and has supported minorities ever since.
Does a man of 74 suddenly change? If you ask me, another old geezer, the answer is ”NO!”

This message has to be conveyed to all of those Blacks, Hispanics, Asians and yes, Muslims, who still might think that Hillary is the cat’s meow.


The whole firewall idea is just more of the "entitled" attitude Hillary and her campaign have. They truly believe she can rest on her history and the erroneous story that the Clinton's have always fought for the black people. It's simply not true and they need to realize the public has moved on and we don't feel she has earned the presidency like she does.
Of course they are so out of touch they actually think there's something wrong with us for not sharing her idea of herself. Lol