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#NoTarSands Resistance March Draws Thousands in Midwest


#NoTarSands Resistance March Draws Thousands in Midwest

David Goodner

The stories of frontline indigenous communities in the fight against Big Oil pipelines took center stage on Saturday, as more than 200 Great Lakes Indians led a crowd of nearly 3,000 (mostly white) people to the steps of the Minnesota state capitol in what is being called the largest anti-tar sands demonstration in Midwest history.


The chorus here who deride protest should read the words in this article, and the extensive documentation elsewhere, of the people from front-line communities (all around the world!) who are protesting, and who are carrying out other forms of resistance.

Protest is part of the natural and necessary process of social movement formation and development.

Huge props and blessings to all the organizers and participants in the growing movement to block new fossil-fuel infrastructure.