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Notch in the Corn Belt: Sanders Overtakes Clinton in Iowa Poll


Notch in the Corn Belt: Sanders Overtakes Clinton in Iowa Poll

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

New polling released Thursday puts Bernie Sanders ahead of Hillary Clinton in the key voting state of Iowa for the first time, marking his continued and growing popularity among voters in the lead-up to the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

The senator from Vermont now has a small edge over Clinton with 41 percent of respondents saying they would vote for him over the former Secretary of State, who polled at 40 percent in the new Quinnipiac survey. Two months ago, Sanders was behind Clinton by 21 points.


How amazing it would be that despite the billions in campaign donations by the oligarchy to Clinton that a people's politician with barely a fraction of that power money can win the White House. Is it possible that all is not lost just because people were sucker punched by Obama and that there is a chance that Americans can retain their democracy in the face of oligarchy's money?

Go Bernie... this time having hope may just count for something later.


A couple months ago, Chris Mathews on Hardball asked Debbie Wasserman Schultz if the Democratic party would allow Bernie speak at the DNC nominating convention in prime time, rather than bury him in a morning speech when no one was listening. Can't wait to see how ol' Motormouth will spin these latest poll results. Democratic establishment insiders have about exhausted all the reasons to dismiss Sanders, but they'll come up with something.


Do you think this will be on the nightly news tonight on ABC, CBS, and NBC?

I don't. I expect it will be buried in a discussion about Hillary, who will get plenty of exposure. Sanders will be mentioned, but maybe only one of the three big networks will actually show a picture of him briefly.

Then they'll spend a long, long time talking about Trump and Huckabee.


The question is, can a man who didn't obsess over being president, become president? Yes.


Its almost laughable how the MSM has finally been forced to give Bernie a little airtime by his astronomical rise in the polls. Hillary may be toast, so the DNC cons are pushing Zionist Wall Street's Biden, who will do or say anything to be President.


The second question is can progressives believe that a progressive can actually win the White House after spending their lives saying voting doesn't matter and after Obama pulled a bait and switch. One could almost think Obama was supposed to make so many promises simply to make all the people who thought he was a liberal so discouraged that they'd never trust a liberal again?

Can progressives believe a progressive politician could even be real after getting shafted by Obama?

Can progressives actually support a candidate that could actually win instead of casting fantasy votes they know will never matter?

Can I stop asking more questions? Lol

Just vote for Bernie... American democracy and the little guy might just do it this one time... for the first time... the only time.

Bernie didn't take the bribe money... that earns my hope.


What is the PPP? South Carolina has been mentioned before. They are talking about the early voting states and supposedly states that determine the elections(?) per media supposedly matters. Just imagine being from the West or Northwest states where they hardly get a hoot about and elections are announced before all our returns are in. We're kind of used to unbalanced media attention.


Hillary and the DNC are now complaining about the lack of " fair and balanced " coverage of " Chicken Hawkin' Hillary " and her history train; which now appears at least 16 coaches long. The train is wobbly, apparently close to going off the rails because every day people, who may caucus in Iowa and know the difference between freight trains and passenger trains, are actually paying attention to what's in the baggage compartments, on Hillary's. And, remember; the DoD still has priority freighting privileges on our U.S. rail system. Bernie would be wise to keep mentioning that tidbit and watch " Smilen Joe "; who may just hop on board Hillary's caboose simply long enough to hand out union flyers, and pass around some more special discounted fares. Caucuses are tricky things. Iowa is a place where players in the field of dreams can find the children, and grandchildren, of the corn, instead. Lots of them, too, as The Trumpster continues to harvest more and more of them in the heartland. The DNC has a right to be worried about scheduling, here. The problem with Hillary is she can't get to the South fast enough on her train without going back East. Where her train resembles The Money Train, pulled by forces no one really knows; possibly not even our own gov't. officials ( " Foundation, what foundation. You talkin 'to me, punk "? ) The real willful ignorance of the 1%, perhaps? And, going West of the Continental Divide will only slow her down more. Chugging over the mountains loaded down with maps, cannons, munitions and other weapons of mass destruction can be a perilous, hard pull. But don't take my word for it; just ask the DoD. It took them a long time to control and civilize those who wandered off the reservation; even resorting to trains to ship those once peaceful folks back South and East for some reeducation on the way this whole thing is supposed to work. " And ( you ) read the situation from the front to the back. Choo, Choo, Cha Boogie! So, take me right back to the track, Jack ". L. Jordan, sort of.


Wow you are really weird. I wasn't quite sure but you are really absurd. I guess you feel that you are fair and balanced though...lol. Reading you has become fun... lol.


It worries me that I understood this...lol


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


I understand she has commandeered the Soul Train and appointed Melissa Harris-Perry as Conductor.


States that neither " Chicken Hawkin " or Bernie or Omalleable, will win, btw. That's the equivalent of getting out a map of the entire U.S., telling everyone you're going out to discover the real America, and then flying from New York to Los Angeles. Who's zooming who, besides Debbie Wasserman Schultz, with that false flag operation? The state of Florida is in play but other than that it's the DNC/DLC selling some of the poor people, iron pyrite.


I didn't expect this pass-out landmark until October. Nice going, all you sign wavers!

So, when does Hillary become nothing but a spoiler candidate?


Poor Melissa. Her last two lengthy policy studies are collecting dust and mold in her garage in New Orleans. That's where college professor's work usually ends up. There, or in the dustbin of history. At least she has options and a garage.


Yup ... can't wait for al the Counterpunchers to come on here and tell about sheepdoggin'! ugh.... the nihilism is quite irritating. It's almost as if they think the FDR era never happened and could not happen again. In fact, statistically, it MUST. It is going to. The people will not stand for business as usual, or we'll end up like any dystopic sci-fi movie you'd like to pick. Ain't gonna happen.....


"Courtesy phone for Kassandrasduplex .... courtesy phone for Kassandrasduplex ... you are needed back at Counterpunch. The nihilism level has dropped to dangerous levels .... "


Except that Bernie has a record that shows that is not true and Bernie did not take the oligarchy money. That really matters that he doesn't owe them any favors...that he couldn't be bought. Besides Obama had no record that is why he could lie all he wanted to just to get elected. There was no record to show if he was lying or not. With Bernie you can see how he votes and he always votes for the little guy not the big guys.


Exactly , History. I think this is one of the most amazing and important aspects of this campaign and his candidacy in particular. I have been a Sanders follower for maybe 18 years, for all of the reasons that most of his "fans" have supported him. Earlier this year when he was still testing the waters of running, he was asked on the Thom Hartmann Show, " will you run , Bernie ?" He would say more then a few times, " well it is not as if I wake up each morning and think to myself, I HAVE to be the President " How much of a contrast is that with nearly or maybe ALL other candidates over the past 2, 3, 4 or more generations ? How many were told by God, that they MUST run for the presidency ? He is so different then any candidate In my lifetime ( now 55 years) Go Bernie !!!!